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This Harry Potter House House Was Made For Die-Hard Potter Fans

If you’re a certified Potter-head, then you’re going to love this tiny Harry Potter House. It may be a tiny home, but it’s not made for house elves; it’s a fully functional home that can sleep up to five muggles — two in the Ravenclaw loft, one opposite in the smaller Slytherin loft, and two […]

Alternative Living Inside The Escher Tiny House

Are you looking for a permanent solution for living off the grid? If yes then we have two words for you – Tiny Homes. They’re the new alternative living solution for the modern day homeowner and they are absolutely out of this world! If you like your home comforts but don’t want to be tied […]

Conquer The Land Or The Sea With The Caravanboat

Living off the grid just got even more interesting! So Caravans aren’t usually something that we cover here at Van Clan; we talk about top tiny homes and terrific trailers, but the closest thing that we’ve got to a caravan has been the Airstream Trailer which is like comparing Star Wars with Star Trek (completely different right!). But […]

Converting A School Bus Has Never Looked So Freaking Good

Just by looking at it, you will notice that the Mayes School Bus conversion is more than just an old school bus conversion reformed and rebranded. It’s basically a work of art and among some of the best ways to customise a bus the way you want to. The Mayes family managed to create a […]

Tiny Eco House Is The Greenest Off Grid Home On The Market

If you’re looking for a Tiny Eco House to start your off grid dreams then the Leaf House could be your new dream home. It’s got a tiny footprint, it provides an eco friendly way of living, and it’s named after something that helps to gives us oxygen – everyone loves leaves! So without further […]

16 Best Tiny Homes To Live In Off The Grid

We love every single type, style, method and choice of tiny homes here at Van Clan, and with housing prices at an all time high there really is no better time than now to think about downsizing into a tiny home. It doesn’t matter if you tow it, climb up into it or parachute down […]

Meet The Tiny Home Fit For James Bond Himself

This week at Van Clan we’re delving into the world of the Tiny House, exploring the different shapes, sizes and options out there for those that want to leave the city and live their lives in a tiny home. As you’ll see from this next example of small alternative living, having a tiny home doesn’t mean […]

Tiny House On Wheels Is A Luxury Weekend Paradise

Over the past year we’ve covered everything from the Ford Transit Camper right the way through to the mighty EarthRoamer. We’ve drooled over many a retro Volkswagen Bus and chewed the fat over Truck Campers. But one thing that we haven’t covered in great detail is the concept of a tiny house, one of the giants of […]

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