Meet the concept “car” by Hemisferio Criativo named ‘Nimbus’, inspired by the VW Bus it has been developed to make your off-road trails that little bit more scenic.

It was built to go places the VW Bus couldn’t while keeping its comfortable, loveable form and it hass done just that. It’s powered by a 180hp electric engine and lithium-ion battery to get around efficiently, and features solar panels to charge simultaneously. It’s panoramic windows gives you a 360 view of your surroundings, completely changing the way you take your next road trip.

Inside the five doors it boasts stadium seats, climate control and a top of the line entertainment system keeping your pals in the back entertained when on the road. On one charge they say it can go up to 200 miles, it can hit a max speed of 100mph with a speed of 0 to 60 in a slow, but chilled 13 seconds.

Overall we think this is a cute looking vehicle for the urban hipster who wants an electric van/car hybrid that can tackle any routes their hearts desire! We are not against electric vehicles, in fact we love them, but we can’t imagine trusting this to get us home when we’ve been recking havoc off-road all day. But hey, it’s a concept, so you we may never see one!