How to Build a Camper E-Book

Female uni student saves £1000s a year on rent living in a van

These days student accommodation is extremely overpriced and it’s usually not a place where you can truly escape from all of the stress and surroundings that the lifestyle throws at you. Every year we are seeing more and more students moving to different types of accommodation, one of the more popular choices is moving into a van.

Hannah here lives full-time in her converted Renault Master van whilst studying at University and teaching yoga. She’s pimped it out with a full size bed and a wooden kitchen to match, she even houses her pet dog too! ? This saves her thousands of pounds a year but not only that it’s a place to truly call your own, she can park in most places around the city but chooses to stay close to the beach which allows her to surf, meet people and enjoy a coastline walk with her bestie!

With a cheap student gym membership this allows her to take a shower whenever she pleases, plus it gives her an excuse to go to the gym! What a lot of students take for granted is the fact the university has many places to stay warm, get food, clean yourself and meet people allowing her to have both the power to drive her home wherever she pleases and to call Uni her place for getting stuff done.

How to Build a Camper E-Book


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