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The Soul Solar Scroll Portable Solar Charger Is The Ultimate Off Grid Accessory

Digital nomad’s are always looking for a way to power their devices when they’re out on an adventure. A lot of power banks are bulky and weigh your pack down when you’re out on the trail, plus they rely on you charging them up from the grid before you set off on your adventures. The […]

Top Cooking Accessories For The Ultimate Van Life Feast

If there’s one thing on this earth that we love above anything else it’s food. It doesn’t matter whether we’re eating it, smelling it or watching videos of it in Instagram, we love checking out new dishes and stuffing our faces whenever we get the chance. Living in a van doesn’t mean that you have to […]

Owl Car Cam Is The Only Gadget You Need To Protect Your Camper

Have you ever wished that you had a security feed to your camper van when you weren’t in it? Do you worry about people breaking into your van and stealing your valuables? If you’re vandwellers then the answer to both of these questions is probably yes, and luckily for you we have the answer. We’ve found […]

Titan Underwater Drone Is Your Next Adventure Gadget

We love a Kickstarter project here at Van Clan, and we also get over excited when we start talking about drones. So imagine the party that we threw at Van Clan HQ when we discovered the Titan Underwater Drone, one of the hottest new gadgets to hit the adventure world. Capable of working up to 150m […]

Tesalate Sand Free Towel – Why Every Beach Bum Needs One

Last year the incredible people over at Tesalate Australia sent us their pride and glory – a Tesalate Sand Free Towel. It was a little bit cold over Winter to be testing it out (we didn’t fancy the 4 degree celsius temperatures in Hunmanby Gap), but now that we’re experiencing a British heatwave we took […]

Parrot ANAFI Is The Travel Drone You’ve Always Wanted

The Parrot ANAFI is the latest travel drone on the block, and it’s ready to cause a ruckus. We’ll admit it might be a little late to the party but trust us, it packs some new features and a more affordable price tag compared to other competitors in its category. If you’ve never heard of […]

The BioLite CampStove Should Be Next On Your Buy List

If we told you that you could own a device that lets you create free fuel, free heat and free electricity at the same time, you’d probably laugh at us or call us voodoo wizards. Well, get ready to have your mind well and truly blown, because the BioLite CampStove does all of this and more, […]

iKamper EatOut Is The Ultimate Weekend Warriors Kitchen

The iKamper Eatout is another great product to add to your van life essentials list. Some of you clan members may not have the privilege of owning a kitchen in your pop up campers or weekend getaway vehicles, so this little addition will help you with just that by turning this portable box into a […]

BioLite Fire Pit Is Your New Best Camping Gadget

See fire, not smoke with the new BioLite Fire Pit. It’s a catchy line, and one that has captured the interest of wild campers everywhere. Have you ever felt the need for night time warmth and songs around the campfire, or maybe you’ve been chased by Ring Wraiths and wanted to cook up some sausages […]

Vintage Camper Bird House Is The Only Garden Ornament You Need

What better way to treat your garden friends, than buying them a brand new Vintage Camper Bird House? This adorable birdhouse has been handmade by a seller on Etsy, and has taken inspiration from a 1974 Scotty Camper Trailer which undoubtedly looks like the beloved classic VW Bus.The little windows are the right size to […]

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