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Neuron EV Electric Truck Could Be The Camper Of The Future

Carmakers everywhere are being looked upon by ‘the people’ to come up with innovative designs that will save our planet, which is why we’re coming across more and more designs for amazing eco campervans like this Neuron EV Electric Truck. From the Tesla Truck Camper to the Rivian Electric Truck, campervan conversions of all shapes […]

Rivian Electric Truck Could Change Off-Roading Forever

Many vandwellers come to be living in a van through their hobbies. They are outdoorsy people who love to hike, climb and surf and living off grid in the wilderness has become more appealing than city living. Those living the van life also have love and respect for the environments that they explore and call […]

Top 10 Off Road Campers That’ll Blow Your Mind

The off road camper is forever changing, back many years ago, it was simply off road tyres and a surfboard. But now the demand for more expensive, and more homely rigs is forever growing. Growing so much in fact that there are million dollar rigs out there that are selling… and well. This list is […]

Living In A Four Wheel Camper – The Perfect Vehicle For Full Time Vanlife

Choosing to pursue alternative living by living in a van is a big step; it means breaking away from the crowd and doing something unconventional. But, living off the grid in a tiny home can bring so much freedom and joy, if done right. Van life costs are lower than the price of living in […]

Project M Review Four Wheel Camper’s Latest Pop Up Truck

Campervans need to be as rugged as the adventures that people take them on. They need to be ready for whatever the elements might throw at them, and they also need to be able to accommodate all of the owner’s needs. We see a lot of stealth campers that have been created purely with the […]

The Best Pop Up Truck Campers Start At Just $10,000

If you follow Van Clan’s very own Van Life Instagram channel, then you may have noticed that we’ve been on an international adventure with our friends Four Wheel Campers over the past couple of weeks. Never content with just travelling around Europe to find out more about the Van life movement and the world’s greatest […]

VW Atlas Basecamp Is Ready To Take On The Overlanding World

It would probably be fair to say that the Volkswagen Bus Camper is one of the most iconic campers of our time. There’s just something about this classic camper conversion that makes us far too excited, and with the arrival of the VW Electric Campervan just around the corner, the German automotive giants look as […]

Off Road Mercedes Is An Overland Castle On Wheels

Living in a van has never been so popular. Every day vandwellers of all ages are hitting the road and trying their hand at alternative living, finding the best van life travel spots all over the globe and documenting their travels on their Van Life Instagram accounts. But for some people, living the van life […]

Toyota Tundra Camper With Pop Up Top Is The Ultimate Off Road Rig!

One of the best things about living the van life, truck life, or trailer life, is being able to meet people who are doing the same thing as you. It might be that they are on the same journey, or perhaps just looking for a way to break free from the norm and express their […]

Nomad Vanz Created One Of The Neatest Mercedes Sprinter Campers On Earth

It’s not often that you get to spend three days in an off grid adventure paradise, but that’s exactly where we’ve been while hanging out at Overland Expo West 2019! Our sponsors, Four Wheel Campers, invited us over so that we could document the entire thing for our readers at home, and it was an […]

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