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Global X Vehicles Create Some Seriously Overkill Rigs And We Love It

Here at The Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by Four Wheel Campers, we’ve been able to see some off road trucks that would make amazing tiny homes for anyone embarking on an off grid adventure this summer. Today we’re going to look at the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles. If you’re travelling in a […]

Inside Sync Van’s Off Grid Mercedes Sprinter Conversion

Were here at the Overland Expo West, sponsored by the mighty Four Wheel Campers, and we’ve had the chance to check out so many amazing vans and overlanders. But sometimes, the best way to go is a custom build. If you’re looking at a modified campervan, then this article will be right up your street. […]

The $100’000 EarthCruiser Truck Camper Is A Digtal ​Nomads Dream!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another post on the greatest camper event of the year; Overland Expo West 2019! One thing that we’re learning from this year’s event is that truck life is such a huge part of the off grid adventure movement here in the United States. Living the van life might be all […]

Inside The $500,000 Expedition Truck

When you think about van life, it’s likely that a compact camper van, pop up campers or small travel trailers will come to mind. Well, while checking out the Overland Expo West, sponsored by Four Wheel Campers, we came across some epic off road trucks that certainly take the compact out of camper van. In […]

TouRig Campers Take Luxury Off Roaders To A Whole New Level

Welcome, Ladies and Gentle-vans (see what I did there…) to another action-packed article on the sights, sounds, and vans here at Overland Expo West. We’ve been here with our sponsors, Four Wheel Campers, checking out all of the amazing campervan conversions, off road trucks and small travel trailers that have turned up to tempt the […]

Outside Van Campers Created The Ultimate Vehicle For Adrenaline Junkies

Choosing what kind of layout you should have for your camper conversion is always tricky, which is why we at Van Clan try to cover as many different styles, makes and models that we can to help give you a better choice when it comes to picking your dream vehicle. But with so many affordable […]

Storyteller Overland Is The Latest Conversion Company On The Block

When it comes to Mercedes Sprinter conversions, we like to think that we’ve seen enough to know what works and what doesn’t. Open up your Van Life Instagram feed, and the chances are that 90% of the vehicles on there will be Sprinters, and it’s not hard to see why! They are the go-to choice […]

Meet The $200,000 Adventure Truck Made For Global Expeditions

Can you remember that feeling of walking into a toy store when you were younger and being overwhelmed by all of the fantastic toys crammed onto the shelves? The sights and sounds of all of the different games and figurines left us wanting one of everything, even though we knew that our pocket money wouldn’t […]

$500,000 Earthroamer Camper Is A Luxury Hotel On Wheels

Can you feel the earth quaking underneath your feet? A goliath has moved into town, and it’s our job to introduce you to it! We’ve been able to check out some amazing tiny homes and off grid trucks here at the Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by the mighty Four Wheel Campers. Today we’re going […]

10 Best Off Road Trucks To Tackle The Wilderness In

When it comes to off-roading through the wilderness and conquering the toughest terrain, nothing beats a gnarly truck camper. Whether you’re exploring California’s National Forests or heading up a mountain in France, off road trucks are the only way to travel, getting you from A to B in a monster camper that makes micro campers […]

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