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Jeep Camper Becomes The Ultimate Rock Crawling Adventure Vehicle

A jeep camper is something that doesn’t really drift onto our radar that often, but this is an adventure vehicle we couldn’t help but feature here on Van Clan. First off, if you’re new to a Jeep Wrangler, it’s one of Jeep’s most popular automobiles and targets drivers who are mainly interested in off-roading and […]

Meet The World’s Biggest Truck Camper – Action Mobil Global XR 7200

Happy with the power of your motorhome? Feel as though it’s adequate for your needs? If yes, then this truck camper is for you. But if you lay awake at night thinking ‘I wish I owned a giant Camper Truck’, then read on my friends, because we have a treat in store for you! Meet […]

The Toyota Hilux Camper Is A Expedition Truck On Steroids

Ever wondered what a pick up truck would look like if it got bitten by a radioactive spider and turned into a super intense off-road camper that knows no boundaries? Enter the Toyota Hilux Camper; camping isn’t going to know what’s hit it. Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper This modified monster was built by photographer Stefan Forster, […]

Peugeot Just Revealed Its All New Heroic 4×4 Rifter Adventure Van

More and more car manufactures are jumping on the adventure van trend lately and we couldn’t be more happy, we’ll be honest with you, we didn’t think French automakers Peugeot would do it this well. This is the Rifter 4X4, a heavily modified version of it’s casual family van, Rifter. Welcome to the off-road camper life […]

VW Crafter Atacama Is A 4WD Land Ship of Your Dreams

If Van Clan needed a mobile office (which we do), the VW Crafter Atacama Concept would no doubt be in the top 5 of our dream campers. It’s stunning, hi-tech and looks like something out of Star Wars. In Wolfsburg Germany, the VW factory has designed and developed a crazy Crafter van titled the ‘Atacama’. It […]

Meet The Overland Nissan Titan XD – The God Of Off Road Adventuring

Remember how the different Zords in Power Rangers morphed together into one Mega Zord? That’s the best way that we can describe the mighty beast that is the Overland Nissan Titan XD. Overland Nissan Titan XD 4×4 Any vehicle that closely resembles BumbleBee from Transformers is always going to be a powerful monster, and the Overland […]

Patriot Campers LC79 Is The Off-Road Transformer Of Your Dreams

Patriot Campers – Anything But Standard by Seb @vincentvanlife Have you ever seen anything as awesome as this Patriot Campers LC79 Super Tourer? Half tie fighter, half off road behemoth, this custom camper is the one of the few things that could survive an apocalypse. Based on a very capable offroad platform with V8 turbo diesel power, […]

Westfalia’s Amundsen 540D Off Road Camper Combines Luxury With Versatility

Westfalia is renowned for their incredible campers, and we’ve seen the Fiat Ducato really kicking up a storm lately, so it was only a matter of time before they clashed into something incredible. This is the AMUNDSEN 540D with a Fiat Ducato as its base designed and created by Westfalia. Our good friends at The Indie […]

Meet The EarthRoamer – The Most Expensive Camper On Earth

Conquer The Earth With The ‘EarthRoamer’ by Seb @vincentvanlife The mother of all Camper Van’s has finally arrived, and it comes with the biggest price tag we’ve ever seen! Enter the aptly named ‘EarthRoamer’, a vehicle that you could easily use to reach the far corners of the globe. It has even got a world map […]

The Best School Bus Conversion You’ll Ever Set Eyes On

Vandwellers know their stuff when it comes to building affordable tiny homes. From small travel trailers to the ever-popular Sprinter Camper Van, the amount of unique and interesting builds that we come across on our travels through the internet and on our Van Life Instagram feed is astounding. There really is a lot of scope […]

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