Travelling in a Tiny ‘Home From Home’

There are so many different rolling homes out there that we often lose count of the amazing contraptions on our roads. But travelling doesn’t always have to mean rocking up in a camper van or pitching a tent. For those of you that like exploring the outdoors but still need a 9-5 vehicle to take you around, this teardrop trailer from Homegrown Trailers could be the perfect solution.

Travelling Home

This trailer brings tears of joy to our eyes

This trailer features an inviting, large wooden door and three windows. It’s also eco-conscious. The Timberline uses recycled plastics, a composting toilet that requires no chemicals, and energy efficient lighting.

The most eyecatching thing about this incredible little trailer is the wooden exterior. The wood is all sustainably sourced, and it gives an elegant finish that the metal models just cant compete with. It also looks a lot more at home in the depths of a forest, or on the edge of a mountain glade.

Travelling Home - Teardrop Trailer Inside 1

The official specs state that this can fit up to 6 people. That seems a little cramped to me, (I wouldn’t fancy sharing one of those bunk beds whilst travelling with some of my mates!) but it looks as though it could comfortably hold a family of four without too much trouble.

Theres a shower, a full sink and a fridge inside, and plenty of space for cooking and storage. It’s got everything you would need for a stop off in the wilderness, and is perfect if you’re going on a biking holiday or if you just want to get away from it all. And thanks to the solar panels you can go completly off grid; no more worries about your boss being able to find you!Travelling Home - Teardrop Trailer Inside 2

Some of you are probably thinking, ‘So what, I can get all that in a standard camper’, and you’re completely right. But what you get with this Teradrop trailer is something that no amount of money can buy – that cosy feeling that you get from a handbuilt tiny home.

It feels (and looks) like a log cabin, and thats part of the enjoyment. It’s a different kind of camping; in some ways it feels a lot more static than an RV or a VW, and I like the simplicity. Plus it’s got a giant wooden door; whats not to love?Travelling Home - Teardrop Trailer Outside

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Written by Seb @vincentvanlife