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This Luxury Trailer Features A Floating Queen Size Bed

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan, and you must do too if you’ve clicked onto this article! So far we’ve shown you small travel trailers, pop up campers and even a towable tiny house, but now it’s time for a luxury trailer! Trailers are often thought of as the more budget-friendly version […]

Finally, An Electric Trailer That Can Be Towed By Your Electric Camper

Many vandwellers, weekend warriors or alternative living advocates are outdoorsy and eco-conscious. So, at the back of every vanlifers mind is the amount of fuel their heavy adventure bus guzzles and the impact this has on the environment they love so much. Imagine being able to tow your off grid trailer using an electric campervan! […]

BMW Teams Up With North Face To Reveal A New Off Grid Camper

CES 2019 is in full swing and to our amazement it’s revealed a North Face Camper designed by BMW. That’s right, BMW the world renowned automotive company who aren’t necessarily in the consumer overlanding market, has teamed up with North Face to reveal an all new camper for van life enthusiasts and adventure seekers to […]

Vintage Camper Lets You Relive The Memories of ‘The Summer Of Love’.

Do you ever wish that you could jump into a vintage camper and drive off into the sunset? It’s the ultimate dream; saying goodbye to all of life’s troubles and setting off on an adventure, living the van life in quirky campers just like the Beach Boys did back in the Summer Of Love. Well, if […]

This Expanding Trailer Is The Perfect Off Grid Party Pad

Do you ever step inside your teardrop camper or off road trailer and wish that you had a little bit more room to move, or perhaps even throw a huge party for you and your friends? The average camper trailer is big enough for one or two people to sleep comfortably, but you couldn’t exactly […]

Escapod Trailer Is The Perfect Tiny Home For The Weekend Warrior

What is it that defines a good tiny trailer? Does it need to be an off grid trailer, or does it merely have to be a stealth camper built for the ultimate weekend warrior? If you’re into small travel trailers as much as we are, then you’re bound to know that the sight that makes most […]

This Tiny Trailer Has Its Own Wifi For The Digital Nomad On The Go

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan; from the space age travel trailer to the reliable off road trailer, we’re fascinated by how much you can fit into a tiny home and how they can adapt to so many different situations.  Today we’re going to talk about the latest tiny trailer on the […]

Meet The Travel Trailer That Can Transform Into A Tiny Off Grid Cabin

We like to think that we’re experts when it comes to picking the right tools for living off the grid. From tiny homes to small travel trailers, we’ve scrolled the internet in search of every off road trailer and adventure bus to keep you in the know. It would be safe to say that we […]

Meet The Trackabout Trailer Built For Darth Vader Himself

All vandwellers have their weapon of choice, so to speak. If you’re a weekend warrior, then you might go for the eco-conscious electric campervan, and if you’re an adventurer that’s more interested in an off grid home then perhaps you might prefer these classic Mercedes Sprinter conversions. It also stands to reason that if you’re a Sith Lord […]

Meet The All Terrain Camper That’s Taking On The Airstream Trailer

“Excuse me, sir, do you have any small travel trailers that look like the Iron Giant?”. That’s how all first sentences should start, especially if you’re in the market for the Bowlus Road Chief All Terrain Camper. When it comes to trailers, we like to think that we know a thing or two about what’s good, […]

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