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10 Best DIY Camper Conversions to Inspire Your Next Build

One of the best things about van life is always having your home with you. There is nothing like travelling in a van that has everything you could possibly need; wherever you are you have your bed, kitchen and chilling space. But there’s something else aside from the essentials that turn a van into a tiny […]

Making Money While Travelling

There’s nothing quite like packing up a van and driving off into your next big adventure. The thrill of the unknown is an undeniable pull that many of us feel at some point or another, and van living is the perfect way to experience it. Whether you’re already on the road or planning your trip, […]

This Off Grid Girl Shows You How To Be A Vanlifer In The UK!

Meet UK female vanlifer George who is a currently living in her second van in the UK. George is a seasoned traveler and has been dipping in and out of vanlife for the past three years. George’s van has an amazing layout including a murphy bed, a balcony and a bath- all things I’ve never […]

The 10 Best Travel Accessories For Women On The Road

No matter where in the world you’re planning on traveling, it’s always far more enjoyable when you have the right travel accessories for women, the best vanlife socks, and epic travel gadgets with you! After five years of traveling the world full-time, both traditionally, and as a vanlifer – I decided that now is the […]

GSHOCK’s GA700UC-5A Is The Perfect Watch For Van Lifers

Living the van life can be tough at times, and sometimes you just need time to be on your side. Whether you’re busy adventuring your way across the globe or just living the 9-5 lifestyle in your rolling home, you need a watch that can withstand the scratches and bangs that you might pick up […]

The VW Camper That You Never Knew Existed!

We recently caught wind of some sad news; the VW Beetle has once again been confirmed dead. This is the second time that the mighty VW have pronounced the end of this iconic motor, and it looks as though they really mean it this time. So, in homage to the trusty Beetle that we all […]

Best Socks That You Need For Living The Van Life

Everyone needs them, and they’re often taken for granted. No, I’m not talking about parents or takeaway menus, I’m talking about socks. They’re the little cotton wonders that keep our feet warm on the road, and they deserve their spot in the Van Clan limelight. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Socks for […]

Best Outdoor Jackets For Living The Van Life

Picking the best outdoor jackets are so important for keeping you warm on your treks through the wilderness. Here at Van Clan, we understand that you want to look fashionable all year round, and not like Bear Grylls in the arctic covered in freshly plucked goose feathers. Here’s a list of our Best Outdoor Jackets for […]

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