STX Eila Edition One: The Toy Hauling Mercedes Motorhome of Your Dreams

This unbelievable, road mansion has rewritten the motorhome tales of the past for a modern story. Its sleek design is quite obviously inspired by both motorsport and luxury-yacht living. And the Eila One is setting course for a new meaning of the ‘Home on Wheels’, through ‘Luxury Adventure’.

The 26-ton flagship has every feature you would find in your luxury home and 5-star get-away. It features a fully equipped kitchen that ensures no limits to cooking, a living space that doubles as a lounge or private cinema. And, a bathroom that would rival the most critically-acclaimed spa getaways. The ‘STX’ is making waves for rival motorhomes, with their Luxury Adventure STX Eila Edition One.

Designed in collaboration with Italian Yacht designer, Vittorio Pieroni

A beautifully designed Motorhome built for Luxury Adventure

It doesn’t go unnoticed that this “lottery-dream” is far beyond the reach of many of us. However, this exaggerated traveling home is of the type that all of us would vicariously watch to those passing by. Or, those who show up flaunting at a local travel event.

Needless to say, it’s worth a deep look just for the Design, Enginuety, and Detail.

So, what’s behind this sleek design of a motorhome? 

For one, its four slide-outs transform the interior into a 35m squared (376 sq/ft) floor plan that could entertain all your friends. Luxury living is a staple of this design and all components are beautifully planned into the space.

From a dishwasher, microwave, cooktop, espresso machine, washer/dryer, and large rain shower, to a 43” TV. You’ll find the entrance midway down the length of the motorhome, and are immediately introduced to an impressive amount of seating. No comfort was left out of this space, meant to relax from the voyage of the day, or watch the latest releases in VIP cinema style.

Inside the STX living spaceThe large luxury bedroom with a king-sized bed.


You’ll find the kitchen is seamlessly designed into the living space, across from tons of seating. Being the largest area of the motorhome, this space and is lit by two large skylights overhead. As well as, all of the hidden lighting that can be controlled for any desired atmosphere. 

The kitchen slides out to offer more floor space.

Large cushioned seating wraps the space in an embrace to make a comfortable and inviting area. A feature for the children of us is hidden above the couch separating the cab and living space. It’s an electronically controlled bunk bed that floats down. And can be tucked away again via a switch, as if it were never there.

The couch spaces wrap around huge banquet, overlooking the TV.


Sliding a door back that separates the next room reveals a bathroom and bench area. Equally delicately designed in soft white, and engineered hardwood for visual comfort.

The bathroom features a large rain shower that even taller folks, like myself, could stand-in. And provides lots of storage for toiletries like any large home.

In addition, there is a small bench across from the washroom, the type you might sit upon to put on boots before a good hike. And makes possible the disappearing of many pieces of gear for the changing seasons, with the below storage.

This is where I imagine slipping on hiking boots would affirm the beginning of a luxury adventure.

A look at the luxurious bathroom. The white sink and back light mirrorBench seat across from bathroom


As we enter the final room, we find the most important space for any van lifer, city dweller, or country folk alike. It is the spacious bedroom, where the king-sized bed fits comfortably in the space without cramping the paths between walls.

Book storage and lighting is found next to the bed running up the wall, where you can fill the spaces as we all do. And three windows including a skylight make for comfortable, cozy, light.

At the very back of the motorhome, a ceiling height closet can house every item the inhabitant can desire. And a hidden TV emerges from the top of the desk, across from the foot of the bed.

Luxury kind sized bed



You might be wondering like we are, what powers all that equipment when you’re parked up? Well, the simple answer is that it’s a combination, stored neatly away.

The ‘STX’ houses a Fischer Panda Generator with 6.4kW of energy capacity. Along with the 2 x 320W Victron Solar panels on the roof, and 6 x 12v – 260Ah Gell Batteries. Needless to say, you’re not going to worry about power at any time, rain or shine.

The motorhome features a 230V interior socket and an exterior to match, for plugging-in shore power to run the air conditioners. On top of that, you are kept warm by hybrid heating and domestic hot water from the Kabola KB40.

Birds eye view of solor panels and motorhome



So, how are 26 tons of premium metals and materials lugged around? Well, it effortlessly follows behind the Mercedes Benz logo thanks to the incredible six-cylinder diesel – A 450 Horsepower german machine of beast and beauty.

Most of us in ‘VanLife’ can recognize the same logo – puttering around our Van’s contents and lifestyles. Although, no doubt this model has a bit more pep in its step. Moreover, its content sits on an acclaimed Mercedes Benz Actros GigaSpace chassis in case you want to get geeky over it.

Cabinets under motorhome open

How could it get any more ‘luxury adventure’ than this…

Well, the STX can continue to pull even more weight, made possible by the 12-speed automatic transmission. And, can make the ride feel even smoother than new silk bed sheets.

A Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV – or as some of us like to say, the G-Wagon – acts as an assisting icon. It is towed on a trailer behind the behemoth of a motorhome and is an unending statement of luxury.

Motorhome towing G-Class Mercedes

A comfort cab for long roads

Upfront, we find the cockpit, designed to make you feel confident steering 12 meters and 26 tons for many hours at a time. It features all the latest technology, designed to make your life easier.

Including rearview cameras, active distance assist, emergency brake assist, and the more common of our age: cruise control and GPS navigation.

I imagine this is where I would spend the majority of my time, drawn to the gadgets and gizmos that effortlessly help this german powered vehicle slide across the streets. 

Front cab of motorhome Drivers seat of motorhome

Italian luxury yacht design

Designed in collaboration with Italian Yacht designer Vittorio Pieroni and STX Motorhomes, it’s obvious that the ‘STX Eila Edition One’ is looking to make waves. And why not, put a new motorhome on the map.

See the detailed floorplan of the STX Eila Edition One below. In case you feel inspired and you’d like to build one yourself, we’d love to see what you came up with 🙂

A floor plan of the STX Eila Edition One


Is this the future of adventure?

We’ve come far from the 1949 – 1 ton – VW Bus roaming the countryside, to the modern – 26 ton – Luxury Adventure Street-Yacht of 2020. And many might say that we have lost something along the way. But, here at VanClan, I would say that this isn’t a one-way street.

This is a highway with many avenues and exits, only ever-growing.

360-degree tour of luxury

You can find a 360-degree virtual tour of the STX Eila Edition One here. And more information on the STX Motorhomes website.

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