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15 Best Pop Up Campers For Weekend Adventures

We’ve had the pleasure of checking out a lot of pop up campers over the years, having seen many different shapes, sizes, and styles of these clever space-saving vehicles. If you don’t have a lot of space on your drive, or simply don’t have the extra capital to purchase another vehicle, then pop up campers […]

Top 10 Best Camper Trailers Of 2023

Camper trailers are an increasingly popular way to get rolling with the van life. After all, they’re a great way to get a tonne of space where you can rest, eat, and wash–without splashing the cash for an expensive campervan conversion. So we’ve put together a list of our top 10 camper trailers of 2020. Our […]

Happier Camper Traveller Is The Most Adaptive Trailer Of 2023

When it comes to exploring the world in a tiny trailer, nothing beats hitting the open road in the Happier Camper Traveller. We’ve covered so many trailers here at Van Clan over the years (we could probably start ‘Trailer Tribe’ with all of the info that we have stored away!) and few have impressed us […]

10 Best Trailer Accessories For Campers

It’s no secret that we love a trailer here at Van Clan, so it’s about time that we made a list of the best trailer accessories to accompany our unhealthy obsession. In a world where being a digital nomad has never been easier, more and more people are looking to purchase affordable tiny homes in […]

10 Best Travel Trailers Of 2023

The need for the best travel trailers is forever becoming a more demanding request and with 2020 already here customers want to know what’s the best tiny home on wheels that they can attach to their vehicle. Do you want a large trailer that’s primarily static to be apart of your van life off-grid home? Or are […]

10 Best Teardrop Campers For The Trailer Addict

I spend countless hours searching the web for the best teardrop campers every week. You might be thinking that is a bit of a weird thing to do, especially considering that I am living the van life full time instead of cruising through the world in an off grid trailer. The truth is, I love […]

10 Best Tent Trailers For Compact Road Explorers

Living off grid has become the new ‘dream lifestyle’, and tent trailers are helping people to live this dream all over the world. Where once we might have sat in offices thinking about living on a superyacht or buying a million-pound mansion overlooking a stunning cityscape, we now find ourselves doodling designs for campervan conversions […]

Cricket Camper Is The Off Grid Adventure Trailer You’ve Been Waiting For

The Cricket Camper has everything under one nifty pop-top roof. Whether you’re a digital nomad in need of a spacious place to work on the go, or you’re just looking for an affordable entry point to the tiny home lifestyle, Cricket might just be the best way to hop into adventure. Trailer Life is becoming […]

Carapate Adventure Is A Modern Take On The Classic Teardrop Trailer

If you’re new to Van Clan, then you won’t already know about our unhealthy obsession with small travel trailers. While we love off road trucks, Four Wheel Campers, and pretty much all of the campervan conversions that we find on our travels through the internet, there’s just something about trailer life that we find very […]

Best Lightweight Trailer Camper Weighs Under 300lbs & Sleeps Four

What is it about small travel trailers that we find so downright appealing? Is it the fact that they come in so many different shapes and styles, or do we just love the immediate portability and having the ability to set off on an off grid adventure at a moments notice? Whatever the reason, micro […]

Timberleaf Trailer Is The Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Adventures

When it comes to living the trailer life, there are so many different options to choose from. Small travel trailers come in all different shapes and styles; from the best teardrop trailers on the market to a luxury trailer with a floating bed, there are a myriad of different ways that you can enjoy alternative […]

Could This SylvanSport Trailer Replace The Airstream?

One of the best things about living in a van and finding those best van life travel spots is the sense of freedom that comes with carving your own path through life. It allows you to travel at a much slower pace, to see things that you might have never experienced if you hadn’t been […]

Top 10 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $25,000

If you’re a regular reader of our articles and can brush past the insane tangents and constant references to Star Wars, then you’ll know how much we love small travel trailers here at Van Clan. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an off road trailer, a luxury trailer, an electric trailer, or an expanding trailer, if […]

The Top Ten Best Caravans For Your Next Holiday

Don’t worry, you haven’t clicked onto the wrong page by accident, and I haven’t been visited by three camping ghosts in the middle of the night in an attempt to make me forget about van life. The truth of the matter is this; we talk so much about tiny trailers, small travel trailers, and all […]

This Lotus Caravan Is Perfect For The Most Adventurous Off Grid Addicts

Small travel trailers are the future of off grid living; it’s a bold statement, but we’re sticking to it. Whether you’re a weekend warrior who likes to get out when the weather is nice or a full time off grid adventure expert, the tiny trailer provides an excellent solution for living off the grid. The compact […]

World’s First Carbon Fiber Caravan Is Like Something Out Of Star Wars

Have you ever stopped to wonder what supervillains do when they take a little bit of time off from being evil? Does Thanos like to take a monster camper to a nice quiet corner of the universe? Is Voldemort a fan of small travel trailers and partial to an off grid adventure with his Death […]

This Base Camp Trailer Is Designed For Off Grid Adventurers

We’ve brought you the off road camper trailer, an expanding trailer, a vintage camper and an electric trailer but today we’re going to be looking at the latest travel trailer for any outdoorsy person: the Base Camp Trailer is the perfect tiny home for any weekend warrior who wants a tiny trailer to be able […]

This High-Tech Off Road Camper Trailer Is A Hotel Room On Wheels

Have you ever looked at a sturdy, army grade jerrycan and wondered what it would be like if you built a travel trailer out of it? That’s exactly what Romanian-Bucharest based company ‘FIM Caravans’ have done with this brand spanking new Off Road Camper Trailer. We cover many rolling tiny homes here at Van Clan, […]

Pop Up Trailer Can Expand Into A Outdoor Party In Just 30 Seconds

The travel trailer comes in all shapes and sizes; from the tiny trailer to the adventurous off road trailer, and from the spacious off grid trailer to super-fancy tiny homes like this luxury trailer with a floating double bed. Whichever way you look at it, Trailer Life is becoming a huge movement and an affordable way […]

Trailer Life – How One Woman Travelled The World In A Tiny Trailer

If you have spent any amount of time living the van life or travelling in a van, then you’ll know the incredible sense of freedom that comes with the digital nomad lifestyle. Every day we get more and more comments from people who are desperate to get off the grid, to leave their mundane 9 […]

This Luxury Trailer Features A Floating Queen Size Bed

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan, and you must do too if you’ve clicked onto this article! So far we’ve shown you small travel trailers, pop up campers and even a towable tiny house, but now it’s time for a luxury trailer! Trailers are often thought of as the more budget-friendly version […]

Finally, An Electric Trailer That Can Be Towed By Your Electric Camper

Many vandwellers, weekend warriors or alternative living advocates are outdoorsy and eco-conscious. So, at the back of every vanlifers mind is the amount of fuel their heavy adventure bus guzzles and the impact this has on the environment they love so much. Imagine being able to tow your off grid trailer using an electric campervan! […]

BMW Teams Up With North Face To Reveal A New Off Grid Camper

CES 2019 is in full swing and to our amazement it’s revealed a North Face Camper designed by BMW. That’s right, BMW the world renowned automotive company who aren’t necessarily in the consumer overlanding market, has teamed up with North Face to reveal an all new camper for van life enthusiasts and adventure seekers to […]

Vintage Camper Lets You Relive The Memories of ‘The Summer Of Love’.

Do you ever wish that you could jump into a vintage camper and drive off into the sunset? It’s the ultimate dream; saying goodbye to all of life’s troubles and setting off on an adventure, living the van life in quirky campers just like the Beach Boys did back in the Summer Of Love. Well, if […]

This Expanding Trailer Is The Perfect Off Grid Party Pad

Do you ever step inside your teardrop camper or off road trailer and wish that you had a little bit more room to move, or perhaps even throw a huge party for you and your friends? The average camper trailer is big enough for one or two people to sleep comfortably, but you couldn’t exactly […]

Escapod Trailer Is The Perfect Tiny Home For The Weekend Warrior

What is it that defines a good tiny trailer? Does it need to be an off grid trailer, or does it merely have to be a stealth camper built for the ultimate weekend warrior? If you’re into small travel trailers as much as we are, then you’re bound to know that the sight that makes most […]

This Tiny Trailer Has Its Own Wifi For The Digital Nomad On The Go

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan; from the space age travel trailer to the reliable off road trailer, we’re fascinated by how much you can fit into a tiny home and how they can adapt to so many different situations.  Today we’re going to talk about the latest tiny trailer on the […]

Meet The Travel Trailer That Can Transform Into A Tiny Off Grid Cabin

We like to think that we’re experts when it comes to picking the right tools for living off the grid. From tiny homes to small travel trailers, we’ve scrolled the internet in search of every off road trailer and adventure bus to keep you in the know. It would be safe to say that we […]

Meet The Trackabout Trailer Built For Darth Vader Himself

All vandwellers have their weapon of choice, so to speak. If you’re a weekend warrior, then you might go for the eco-conscious electric campervan, and if you’re an adventurer that’s more interested in an off grid home then perhaps you might prefer these classic Mercedes Sprinter conversions. It also stands to reason that if you’re a Sith Lord […]

Meet The All Terrain Camper That’s Taking On The Airstream Trailer

“Excuse me, sir, do you have any small travel trailers that look like the Iron Giant?”. That’s how all first sentences should start, especially if you’re in the market for the Bowlus Road Chief All Terrain Camper. When it comes to trailers, we like to think that we know a thing or two about what’s good, […]

Meet The Futuristic Off Road Trailer That’s Conquered The Camping World

Did you ever stop to think about what might have happened with all of those broken X-Wings from the Star Wars movies? Once ol’ Darth Vader had thrown the angry wizard guy off the Death Star there wasn’t much need to repair them anymore, unless someone had the bright idea of turning them into campers of […]

Meet The Ultimate Compact Camper Trailer Named TigerMoth

What’s the one thing that makes campers and campervan conversions so great? It’s the ability to set off on an off grid living adventure at a moments notice without a care in the world! But if you live in a house that doesn’t have a lot of parking space or just don’t like the thought of […]

10 Best Small Travel Trailers For Your Next Off Grid Trip Away

We love our small travel trailers here at Van Clan, but sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back and think about all of choices that we so fortunately have. We love the freedom, the space, the noise of nature, and cooking outdoors underneath the stars with some of our top cooking accessories (everyone loves […]

Sherpa Trailer Is Half Off Road Camper Half Transformer

If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know that we love a good off road camper, and the Sherpa Trailer here is just that, but with more pow! Designed in Australia by the legends BRS Offroad this camper trailer is built to tackle any off road course, and 3 meal course you can think […]

This Tiny Off Grid Trailer Is The Lightest Camper On The Market!

Are you looking for a lightweight and low expensive trailer for off grid living? If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place. The Timberleaf Pika Trailer is the lightest off grid trailer on the market, and comes with a price tag that won’t make your eyes water. This article is sponsored […]

Airstream Basecamp Is The Newest Trailer On The Block

We’re no stranger to the iconic Airstream Trailer here at Van Clan; from the full millionaires mansion to the the humble 70s airstream conversion, we’ve seen this classic trailer camper come in all sorts of designs and sizes (but always the same shape!) Now the leaders in towable metal houses have brought out a new pimped-up upgrade […]

Bear Teardrop Trailers Are Built To Explore The Unexplored

Mark Weseloh launched Bear Teardrop Trailers with a specific mission in mind. He wanted to build a teardrop camper that made it possible for anyone to get out and explore regardless of their skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the road for a long stretch or camping for a weekend at your local […]

This Expandable Trailer Can Triple Its Size In Seconds!

They say that good things come in small packages, and the Tipoon Expandable Trailer certainly makes us think that whoever ‘they’ is that made up that saying is probably right! This genius bit of kit can grow up to three times it’s size at the push of a button. We love a neat bit of […]

Best Teardrop Camper For Your Next Off-Grid Adventure

What we’re about to show you is not for the faint hearted. If you like campers that are plain and safe then look away now, because this teardrop camper is like a swiss army knife on wheels. They call it the FronTear, and it’s an absolute off-road monster! The World’s Best Teardrop Camper? You’d be […]

Meet The Ultimate Airstream Trailer Built For Millionaires

Vanlife isn’t for everyone, and thats a fact that we accept (although with some difficulty it has to be said!) But we don’t judge here at Van Clan, so for those that like to take the kitchen sink the matching toaster, and the whole street on holiday with them, we’ve got a Classic Airstream Trailer […]

The Terradrop Is The Perfect Partner For Your Off-Road Camper

So you have your perfect camper but you need some extra space, either for your gear, yourself or family members that you wish to bring along on your adventures. You can’t sale your camper because you’re attached to it, almost like a loved one, but what you can do with that loved one is buy […]

The Ultimate Off Road Teardrop Camper Trailer Of Your Dreams

We’ve love a good off road camper trailer here at Van Clan, as we feel that they don’t get as much kudos as they duly deserve. We’ve looked at this Classic Teardrop Trailer, the Retro Airstream, and more modern builds like the Mantis Adventure Trailer. But none are as gnarly or as eye waveringly amazing as this […]

This Taxa Mantis Trailer Is The Ultimate Adventure Camper

Get Wild With The Mantis Trailer Last week we covered a great little teardrop trailer, and it got us looking into the different versions of what I like to call ‘ the cars best friend’ that are out currently out there on the market. We found ourselves wishing for an off-grid trailer that looked great but could […]