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Pillowpak Review – The Ultimate Storage Solution For Vanlifers And Adventurers Alike

Living in a small space comes with its own set of challenges. One of those being, storage. When we first moved into our van it felt like it was a perpetual disaster. Clothing shoved into random cupboards. Odd items sitting on the countertop with no real home. Blankets always shuffling from the bed to the […]

RV Leveling Blocks: The Best Leveling Solutions For Your Home

After a long day of travel, you want to get right to sleep. But you forgot the RV leveling blocks, only to realize you are rolling across your bed because the spot you chose to park is not entirely level. Although this can be such a small detail – if you’re like me – this […]

Best Camper Van Awnings For Summer Adventures – 8 Models Reviewed

Camper van awnings have the potential to almost double the living space of your van conversion. We guarantee that extra space will be put to good use, too. Whether it’s fleshing out your cooking area, providing cover for an outdoor shower, or just a place to stretch your legs in the shade, camper awnings make […]

Best RV Toilet (Reviews) in 2021 | Buyers Guide

People love to learn about your RV toilet. I’ve been travelling in my van for three years and always get asked about the bathroom! While it may seem like one of life’s mysteries to those who don’t own a campervan, there are many RV toilets to choose from. Today we’re going to help you navigate […]

Camping Tent Heater: 5 Best Heaters for Tent Camping and Alternative Options

Getting a good camping tent heater can make your trip much more enjoyable, there’s nothing worse than a cold and miserable night in a tent. Something that’ll keep you warm and toasty, in a safe way, is an essential accessory for any avid camper. Having one means you can head out even in more extreme […]

5 Coolers Like YETI But Cheaper – Find The Perfect Yeti Alternative

If you’re a regular vanlifer or camping enthusiast, then you’ll know that everyone wants coolers like YETI. YETI hard coolers are, to use a technical term, the bee’s knees. But they’re also pretty damn expensive too, putting them out of the reach of many people who simply can’t afford to shell out $400 on an […]

Yeti Hard Coolers – The Ultimate Review On Vanlifes Most Loved Brand

If you’re struggling to pick the best ice chest or drinks cooler for off-grid campervan travel, then I have three important words for you – Yeti hard coolers. When it comes to purchasing a camper van or RV, we tend to stick to the names that we know and trust. Mercedes, Hymer, Airstream; these brands […]

5 Best Truck Bed Air Mattress For Impromptu Off-Grid Adventures

If you like getting off-grid at a moments notice, then you should consider picking up a truck bed air mattress for impromptu adventures. We like to cover every style of off-grid camping here at Van Clan; from truck life to the best RVs money can buy, there are so many ways that you can get […]

Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent Weighs 80lbs & Works With Any Vehicle

Day campers rejoice – we’ve found the lightest hardshell rooftop tent on the market, and it’s available to order right now! The worst thing that we’ve found about installing a rooftop tent is how fiddly they are. Ok, that’s the second worst thing. The worst thing is having to install them on your own. Unless […]

Campervan Electrics Made Easy With The PPT Vehicle Power Hub

Campervan electrics have finally been revolutionised thanks to the Vehicle Power Hub from Portable Power Technology, a new all-in-one electrical solution for any adventure. If you’ve checked out our eBook on how to build a campervan, then you’ll know just how complicated an electrical set up can be. I dedicated something like 100 pages of […]

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