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How to Deal With Condensation in a Van

Living in a van is 90% incredible. The other 10% of it is a little more complicated than that. This, I know from 3 years of first-hand experience. One thing that gets overlooked quite often when building and living in a van is the dreaded topic of condensation.  When I first started planning my build, […]

How to Find Free Camping Near Me in the US & Canada

So, you want to go camping, enjoy the outdoors and not spend a cent? Me too. Lucky for you, free camping has become an area of expertise for me. After spending 3+ years living from my self converted van, I can say with confidence that spending time in the most beautiful landscapes doesn’t have to […]

Van Life Cost: How Much Does Living In a Van Cost? (Monthly Expenses)

So, you want to live in a van but aren’t sure how much your monthly expenses will add up to? Well, I am going to share all of the numbers to help you decide if the cost of living in a van is for you. From insurance to gas and everything in between. I have […]

Van Shower: Best 7 Camper Shower Ideas to Inspire For Your Build

“But, how do you shower?” That’s probably the top question that anyone living in a van is asked. When I began planning to convert and live in my van, everyone around me couldn’t quite comprehend just how I would stay showered. And, I get it, how do you manage to carry around enough water to […]

Couple Purchases Dodge Sprinter Van and Uniquely Converts it for Full-time Living

I love stepping into a van conversion that emanates the feeling of home. Cozy lighting, lots of pillows, and intuitive space designed for everyday life. There is nothing like a tiny home on wheels that fills all the gaps between stationary life and feeling like a free spirit out on an adventure. That is the […]

Camper Van Must Haves – What are They and How to Choose Them

When I began thinking about converting a van into a ‘tiny-home-on-wheels’ the term “must haves” popped up quite a bit through my research. It felt like an elusive term used to get people to buy more products they don’t need for a lifestyle that was supposed to leave all that extra stuff behind.  After doing […]

Top 10 Campervan Interior Ideas – Inspiration For Your Next Build

Deciding on the layout of your camper conversion is a big commitment, once you’ve spent hours building your tiny home you don’t want to be disappointed with the result. Today we’re going to show you what’s possible with some serious camper van interior inspiration. We’re going to be looking at some Mercedes Sprinter conversions, DIY […]

Bulletproof Sprinter Can “Withstand Nearly Any Threat” – Redefining VanLife Safety

“I wonder if the van will make it,” words said many times on our journeys. I imagine there are many other “I wonder if’s” for travelers with Sprinters. Like, what if you’re a High-Profile person just trying to drive out of a sticky situation? I have a feeling you won’t need to worry about VanLife […]

What Is Walmart Overnight Parking Like And Is It Permitted?

When you think of living the #vanlife Walmart overnight parking isn’t exactly the dream. However, it can be pretty handy and an easy, safe place to stop for the night in between long drives. After all, it can’t all be beautiful beaches or mountain top vistas.  But are you actually allowed to sleep at Walmart? […]

How To Secure A Yosemite Camping Spot and What To Do If You Don’t

Securing a Yosemite camping spot can be tricky, it’s the fifth most popular park in the USA and campgrounds fill up quickly. If you’re not from the USA, or if you’re new to camping, knowing how the National Park campgrounds work can be confusing. We’re here today to tell you everything there is to know […]

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