20 Campervan Interior Inspirations For Your Next Conversion

Designing your campervan interior can be a tough job. There is a lot to consider- layout, style, colour scheme. If you’re struggling to make any decisions, looking at other vans is a great way to gain some ideas.

This list of 20 vans includes some of my favourite builds that inspired me when I was getting started with vanlife. Hopefully, you’ll find some great features that will inspire you too. 

The Best Of Campervan Interior Design

1. Camper Vibe

Blue kitchen campervan interior

@camper_vibe has got a bright and vibrant campervan interior, with the deep blue kitchen catching your eye. I love the way the wooden countertops and cupboard doors pop against the blue backdrop. This kitchen also features an oven, a real luxury in a van!

Imaginative touches make this van unique, such as the hessian coffee bean sacks and blackboard cupboard faces. The layout of this van creates a spacious area, with plenty of room to move around, cook and relax.  

2. Sweet Vanlife

Heart bulkhead campervan interior

@sweetvanlife is a beautiful blue bus with a stunning and very homey campervan interior. The sizeable U-shaped sofa converts into a bed for use at night. I love the use of convertible bench seats as it creates a great space for chilling, and even entertaining others inside your tiny home. 

It’s the personal touches that complete this van and give it some personality. The hanging lamp, heat shaped chalkboard and the patterned divider between seat and kitchen all stand out. 

3. Two Dogs And A Van

white and wooden campervan interior

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next van conversion and are looking for a sophisticated build, then @twodogsandavan is for you. This campervan interior is sleek and stylish with contemporary white tiling behind the kitchen and dark wood on the ceiling. 

I love the combination of wood and white inside this camper as the neutral tones make it a peaceful home. 

4. Noel Russ

Noel sat on bed in campervan interior

Up next is one of my personal favourites, @noel_russ. While Nöel’s van may be small, it is mighty and has enough room for everything you’d need for an epic road trip. A small kitchen at the front and a large double bed with storage take up most of the space inside. Sometimes simple is best. 

I love the open clothes storage in this campervan interior as you will always be able to see what you have available. The natural wood cladding creates a warm and inviting space and somewhere you would want to spend time. 

5. Our Venturing Van

woman sat on bed in wooden campervan interior

@our_venturing_van have a created a cosy but minimal space to travel the world in. This campervan interior is another example of how a smaller van can still be the perfect tiny home. The bed may take up most of the space inside, but it looks comfortable and works with the van’s layout. 

I love the use of reclaimed woods throughout this camper. A mixture of deconstructed pallets, OSB and plywood, creates a rustic space. These different wood tones give a warm feeling to the van that is exacerbated by the pretty fairy lights adorning the walls. 

6. Vincent Vanlife

campervan interior with bright drawers

Now, I may be biased as @vincentvanlife is my travelling home, but I think it’s got an excellent campervan interior! My favourite feature of my camper has to be the geometric pattern on the drawers under the bed. This fun feature is reflected on a strip in the kitchen, tying both areas together. 

The layout is open plan, with more floor space than a lot of vans. This decision works well for us and means I even have enough room to roll out a yoga mat for some indoor practice. 

7. Nikki Bigger

white and wooden cmapervan interior

@Nikkibigger’s rolling home is beautiful. The unity of the colours throughout van is so thought out it almost seems impossible to recreate. Even the hand towel matches the bench seat! It’s little touches like this, as well as the white painted wall to the same height as the kitchen cabinets opposite that tie the campervan interior together.

Nikki’s campervan has heaps of storage. It’s under the bed, under the bench seat, in the kitchen cabinets and overhead. This would give you enough space for everything you need for full-time vanlife. 

8. Freedom Vans

campervan interior with brick effect wall

This next build by @freedomvans, a company specialising in custom van conversions, stood out to me because of the faux brick wall. I have never seen anything like this in a campervan interior before, and it gives a rugged, edgy look. 

The dark colours, next to the brick wallpaper and throughout the van, create a moody, but fashionable, space. I love the unique cupboard door below the sink, the stripes stand out and are another example of how you can personalise a small space to reflect your taste. 

9. Project Van Rambo

rustic campervan interior

@project_van_rambo is a great example of a campervan interior reflecting the owner’s taste. This camper is unique to her, and her personality is evident in the design choices. I love the mixture of different colours in the converted ambulance because it feels like a patchwork quilt, all perfectly stitched together. 

The space inside feels huge, thanks to the boxy shape of an ambulance and the layout chosen. This layout benefits from plenty of seating, as well as a separate bathroom and kitchen area. 

10. Always The Road

bright, spacious campervan interior

@alwaystheroad will forever be one of my favourite campers and was one that inspired my journey. This converted sprinter van looks huge on the inside, with enough room to make it a comfortable full-time home. 

I love the bench seats found in this campervan interior. The tilt on them makes them look as though they would be comfortable, more like a sofa than a bench. The denim blue colour of the cushions contrasts beautifully with the orange curtains, which creates a bright space. 

11. The Indie Projects

wooden van with vintage kitchen

@theindieprojects have created a stunning hand-built home together, not forgetting their super cute kitty! This campervan interior is large enough to have a full-sized bed and an L-shaped sofa. Having both a bed and a seating area is such a luxury in a van, and it works well in this layout. 

Another standout element in this van is the country cottage bulkhead kitchen. The kitchen that is upcycled from an old dresser is unique and makes such a stunning feature. It is also practical with plenty of storage, a fridge and an oven!

12. Our Van Quest

white van

If you appreciate a white campervan interior, then @ourvanquest is going to be the inspiration for you. This tiny home is full of bright white cabinetry, walls and ceiling, creating a bright and fresh space to live in. 

I love the mixture of different materials that creates this all-white finish. The tiled splash-back, white sink, white cladding and white wood of the cupboards all work together for a calm interior. I love the industrial style, over-sized tap, the black striking against the white. 

13. Wanda Van

blue van

Up next is @wanda_van, a van with a striking campervan interior. This camper stands out from the crowd with colourful walls and cupboards. The different shades of blue on each are bold and bright and meld together to create a happy and vibrant space. 

The rustic wooden floor contrasts with the crisp blue paints, adding another layer to this conversion. I love this floor and think it is a great way to create something a bit different. 

14. Slow N Steady Livin 

earth coloured van

@slownsteadylivin have recently converted their third home on wheels, and it has a gorgeous campervan interior. This space is well considered with a functional but beautiful layout, including two rooms! 

The cab in this camper is sectioned off to create an extra seating area and workspace. The separate room means that this camper has a proper front door into it, which is a stunning feature. Through the curved door is a haven, a beautiful, wooden cabin with everything you need for a comfortable life. 

15. Three Vanlifers

van with u-shaped sofa

@three_vanlifers have created an amazing space, full of light and warmth. This sprinter van conversion has loads of windows, as well as a huge skylight, to flood the area with natural light. Light is so essential in a small space as it opens it up and makes it feel bigger than it is. 

This van has room for a double bed as well as a U-shaped sofa, which I love. To create a design with enough room for both is a great skill. This van is like a tiny apartment. 

16. Vansteading

unique van with curved shelving

@vansteading has one of the most stunning campervan interiors that I have ever seen. This creative space is not only unique and beautiful but also functional as a tiny home. The curved structure around the bed is a fantastic feature but also doubles as clothes storage. 

This shelving isn’t the only stand out element in this van as the rest of the interior is also carefully crafted. The kitchen with hanging spices and grains is again beautiful yet functional. In such a small space, it is easy to choose function over aesthetics; this van teaches you to strive for both. 

17. Cragga Van

crisp camper

@craggavan’s campervan interior seems to shine with the possibilities of adventure. Or it could be the shiny worktops that I’m looking at… I love the way the worktops and table glisten, reflecting their surroundings. It makes the camper look like a super clean space. 

The rest of the van works nicely with the countertops. The white cabinets stand out against them and the wooden ceiling and floor. The walls of this van are lined with windows; it looks like there is more glass than wall. The windows allow light to flood the space, and bring the outside in. 

18. From Rust To Road Trip

rustic camper

@fromrusttoroadtrip’s home on wheels is a cosy space that has weathered the test of many years of road tripping. The functional layout inside is perfect for full-time vanlife and features a massive kitchen with plenty of storage. 

I love the dark, moody feel of this campervan interior with many different kinds of wood working together to create a homey space. The reclaimed and upcycled feel of this home stands out. It can be challenging to create a beautiful area with a mix of materials, but these guys have managed it.  

19. Where’s Our Home Now

van with bamboo ceiling

@wheresourhomenow stood out to me because of the unique ceiling. The bamboo ceiling creates a beach hut vibe in this campervan interior. A little slice of the tropics no matter where you take your home. 

This small camper’s design uses the space available well, with a static bed as well as a seating area. The interior kitchen gives you space to cook inside if the weather isn’t so great or if you’re trying to stealth camp. 

20. The Road Unexplored

orange and white camper

The last campervan interior that we’re looking at today is @theroadunexplored. This is a beautifully clean van, with everything needed for life on the road. 

I love the colour scheme running through the campervan. The earthy, natural tones reflect the environments you are free to explore in a van and the places you could go to. The orange of the curtain, cushions and blanket mirror the wooden ceiling, tying the design together. 


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