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Unveiling 20 Hidden Gems: Epic Van Life Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Embracing the allure of van travel is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle dedicated to the discovery of untapped splendor. We’ve guided you through the ultimate road trip escapades and shared the secrets of mastering van life weekends. Now, we’re delving deeper, revealing 20 uncharted, breathtaking van life destinations that are […]

What Is a Class B RV? A Detailed Guide to Camper Vans

Are you on the hunt for a motorhome and wondering whether a Class B RV is right for you?  Class B RVs are the smallest vehicles in the RV classification system, smaller than a Class A or a Class C RV. They’re also an excellent choice for anyone wishing to live a compact vanlife, without splurging […]

12 Best Shipping Container Homes Under $100K

If you're looking for an eco-friendly tiny home that's as kind to your bank account as it is to the environment, then check out these affordable shipping container homes.

Top 10 Campervan Interior Ideas – Inspiration For Your Next Build

Deciding on the layout of your camper conversion is a big commitment, once you’ve spent hours building your tiny home you don’t want to be disappointed with the result. Today we’re going to show you what’s possible with some serious camper van interior inspiration. We’re going to be looking at some Mercedes Sprinter conversions, DIY […]

Why Micro Campers Are Becoming So Popular With Adventurers

Micro Campers are the natural evolution of the tiny home ethos, applied to van life. And in a materialistic world where the price of literally everything is rising, a dash of minimalism really helps to further justify the leap to an alternative lifestyle. Today, we’re taking a look at this hot new trend of building […]

10 Best Adventure Vans Of 2023

If you’re nursing a bite by the wanderlust bug, the best home base for your wanderings might just be an adventure bus. After all, the only thing better than a road trip is doing it with the comforts of home in tow! Today, we’re taking a close look at ten of the best adventure vans […]

Best Camper Van Awnings For Summer Adventures – 8 Models Reviewed

Camper van awnings have the potential to almost double the living space of your van conversion. We guarantee that extra space will be put to good use, too. Whether it’s fleshing out your cooking area, providing cover for an outdoor shower, or just a place to stretch your legs in the shade, camper awnings make […]

30 Best Custom Vans Ideas from Creative Peeps

There are so many amazing custom van ideas out there, so today we’re here to bring you a bit of inspiration for your future camper conversion. Van life travel is one of the best ways to see the world. You get to explore new places without sacrificing the comforts of home. Living in a tiny […]

Best RV Toilet (Reviews) in 2023 | Buyers Guide

People love to learn about your RV toilet. I’ve been travelling in my van for three years and always get asked about the bathroom! While it may seem like one of life’s mysteries to those who don’t own a campervan, there are many RV toilets to choose from. Today we’re going to help you navigate […]

Camping Tent Heater: 5 Best Heaters for Tent Camping and Alternative Options

Getting a good camping tent heater can make your trip much more enjoyable, there’s nothing worse than a cold and miserable night in a tent. Something that’ll keep you warm and toasty, in a safe way, is an essential accessory for any avid camper. Having one means you can head out even in more extreme […]

What Is Walmart Overnight Parking Like And Is It Permitted?

When you think of living the #vanlife Walmart overnight parking isn’t exactly the dream. However, it can be pretty handy and an easy, safe place to stop for the night in between long drives. After all, it can’t all be beautiful beaches or mountain top vistas.  But are you actually allowed to sleep at Walmart? […]

What Is A Class C RV? Everything You Need To Know

A Class C RV is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a bit of extra space but doesn’t fancy driving something huge. If you’re on the hunt for a motorhome, then you may have encountered the RV class system, which is a bit confusing. Class C RVs that we’re looking at today are bigger […]

Skoolie Conversion Inspiration For Your Next Build

There comes a time in most vanlifers journey when their camper starts to feel a bit small. One way to combat this is a skoolie conversion. School busses make great tiny homes as they’re spacious, giving you the ability to spread out and even have separate rooms. But, most importantly, for any traveller, they can […]

Top 15 Custom Conversion Vans to Draw Inspiration From

There are so many beautiful custom conversion vans out there, and they are a fantastic source of inspiration if you’re looking to build your own. The best thing about a custom conversion is that you can create a camper van that is unique to YOU. You can get the exact layout, colour scheme and items […]

Fantastic Fan RV Roof Vent (Review): Is It The Best Campervan Roof Vent?

If you’re planning to hit the road this summer then a roof vent, like the Fantastic Fan, is an essential piece of kit to add to your campervan. A roof vent helps keeps air flowing through your tiny home, and being able to create a breeze inside is such a relief on hot days. If […]

Meet Faith, The Custom Built Sprinter Camper That Will Make You Want Your Own

Today we’re looking at a stunning custom built camper — Faith — built by UK based conversion specialists Supertramped Co. This van is a masterpiece with a unique interior that would be the perfect base for any road-trip. In fact, you’ll be wishing for a rainy day so you can stay inside and admire your tiny […]

How To Secure A Yosemite Camping Spot and What To Do If You Don’t

Securing a Yosemite camping spot can be tricky, it’s the fifth most popular park in the USA and campgrounds fill up quickly. If you’re not from the USA, or if you’re new to camping, knowing how the National Park campgrounds work can be confusing. We’re here today to tell you everything there is to know […]

Van Insulation Tips For Your Campervan Conversion

Van insulation may sound like a boring topic, but if you’re converting a camper yourself, then it is one of the most important things to do correctly. Choosing the wrong type of insulation, or not using it correctly, can lead to uncomfortable temperatures inside your rolling home. Being too hot or too cold is annoying […]

A Comprehensive Guide To Shipping Your Van From The UK to America

Shipping your van from the UK to America is a dream for so many. After all, the USA is the birthing place of the mighty road trip. If you have already spent time and money building you perfect campervan, the thought of starting from scratch in a different country, with a new van, often feels […]

Best Camper Van Sinks For Your Tiny Home Kitchen

It’s my philosophy that when converting a van, everything should be either beautiful or practical, and preferably both. Everything is always on show in an RV, the chances are that you’re going to be able to see the sink from your bed, so you want to be happy with the way it looks. More important […]

How to Find the Best Hammock (Stand Included) for Van Life

Van life and hammocks go together like cheese and wine; there is nothing better than enjoying a sunny afternoon relaxing in a hammock. With your camper, you can make this experience even better by taking your hammock to beautiful locations. But, it can get frustrating searching for the perfect trees to hang your hammock on […]

Is Sportsmobile The Campervan For You

Sportsmobile have been around for over fifty years, and they have an eye for design, luxury and practicality. Finding the right campervan for you is so important, you want something that will blend perfectly with your way of life and enhance your road trip adventures. Could a Sportsmobile camper be the one for you? Who […]

Joshua Tree Camping Tips And How To Secure The Best Spots

Joshua Tree camping has seen a massive rise in popularity in the past five years, with the park greeting three million visitors in 2019. This amount of visitors ranks it eleventh most popular, out of 419 National Parks. The influx in guests means you need to plan ahead to secure a good camping spot. Today […]

Skoolie Life What To Consider Before Living In A School Bus

A skoolie, or converted school bus, has been an icon of American road life for many years, since the age of flower power and old school hippies. But living in a school bus has taken the leap into the 21st century. Gone are the days of a makeshift interior and a bright, hand-painted exterior; skoolies […]

5 Best Campervan Roof Racks And What To Look For

If you’re craving some extra storage for your camper, then you’ve come to the right place, as today we’re looking at the best campervan roof racks. Adding a roof rack to your set up allows you to carry more gear with you when you’re travelling. This extra space means you can take everything you need […]

Cassette Toilet: Your Awkward Questions Answered

Living or travelling in a van does come with some downsides, with a huge one being the cassette toilet. There is no way around it, emptying a toilet is never going to be a pleasant process, but if you want a loo in your van, there is no alternative. So, today we’re going to answer […]

15 Useful Accessories For Vanlifers

Living the van life is a little unconventional, and it does come with some unique obstacles, related to living in a small space without many of the day to day amenities that are often taken for granted. However, there are some great accessories for vanlifers that can make life a bit easier for those on […]

SUV Camper Conversion Kit That Turns Your Car Into A Camper

Buying a motorhome can be a huge investment which is why an SUV camper conversion kit is a great alternative. Purchasing an SUV kit still allows you to hit the open road but keeps the initial cost of your trip to a minimum. Today we’re going to be looking at The FlatBox from QUQUQ, a […]

7 Best Portable Speakers For Your Next Roadtrip

Today we’re looking at the best portable speakers for vanlife because living in a van is all about having fun, and everything is better with music. I’ve seen vans with full surround sound systems, but in a space so small, a wireless speaker is just as good. These compact speakers will fill your tiny home […]

Living In A Camper: What It’s Really Like From Someone Who’s Done It

Living in a camper and living tiny has become a massive movement in the last few years. With the help of Instagram and #vanlife, this lifestyle has become a dream for many. It is a way to escape a tedious office job and see the world. Because living in a camper is all beaches and […]

Van Camping: 10 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Tent Camping

If you’ve been both van camping and tent camping, then you’ll probably agree that the campervan wins every time. Sure, tents have their uses, if you’re going on a backpacking trip, for example, or want cheap accommodation. However, if you get out there every weekend, then a van is much more convenient and comfortable.  For […]

What To Bring On A Hike: An Essential Guide And Kit List

It can be difficult to know what to bring on a hike, especially if you’re new to the activity. Vanlife goes hand in hand with hiking as you can drive straight to a trailhead and plan these spots into your road trip. Often, you can arrive at the base of your walk the night before […]

10 Best Places To Visit In UK For Your Camper Trip

There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK, whether it’s your home country or you’re travelling from abroad. Once you’re out of London, travelling by camper is the perfect way to take in the sights, as many of the UK’s most beautiful locations are off the beaten track. There are plenty of […]

How to Make a Small RV Functional for Long Trips (10 Things to Consider)

Owning a small RV has it’s benefits; they’re easy to drive, cheaper to run and can park anywhere but they are, well, small. Making a tiny space work isn’t too difficult for a weekend get-away, after all, you have a home to return to. However, things get a little trickier when you want to go […]

Van Home: 10 Tips On How To Make Your Camper Feel Like Home

Making your van home feel cosy and inviting is super important, whether you’re going to be hitting the road full-time or just at the weekends. You want your camper to feel like home so that when you return after a day of exploring, you feel relaxed. A relaxed environment makes for a less stressful experience, […]

Camping With Dogs Everything You Need To Know

If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll know that camping with dogs can be so much fun. When you go on holiday, you shouldn’t have to have to leave your fur baby behind in the kennels, but so many hotels don’t allow pets. Camping is an excellent solution as many campgrounds allow you to bring […]

Sequoia National Park Camping and Kings Canyon Camping Guide

Sequoia National Park camping - view of river and mountains

Sprinter Van Conversion: Take a Look at Strata From Outside Van

Here at Van Clan, we love a good Sprinter van conversion, which is why we’re going to be taking a look at one of latest custom builds from Outside Van. Why Choose a Sprinter Van? A Sprinter van makes an excellent base for a custom camper van conversion. They’re versatile vehicles that give you enough […]

Van Dwelling – Ten Things To Get Used To If You Want To Live In A Van

Van Dwelling has become heavily romanticised through #vanlife on Instagram. This hashtag depicts a dreamy lifestyle, where every day is an awesome adventure, and your horizon is ever-changing. Living in a van is like that sometimes, but the reality is that life can’t be perfect all the time.  I’ve lived in my van for almost […]

Camper Van With Bathroom: The Pros, Cons And Alternatives

If you’re designing your own van conversion then deciding whether to build a camper van with bathroom or not is a huge decision. Moving from a house to a mobile home is a big deal, your space is suddenly much smaller, and you will probably have to compromise on your wish list. For some, a […]

Best Camper Mattress To Make Your Van Road Trip A Dream

If you’re wondering what makes a perfect camper mattress, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re looking at the different types of mattress and how to customise one to fit your van. Some people worry that they won’t sleep well in a van as many factors can be more challenging to control than […]

School Bus Camper That Could Make Your Dream Road Trip A Reality

Taking on a school bus camper conversion project is a big commitment. It’s easy to dream about the finished project, but you need to prepare for months and months of building. Before you can begin to travel in your bus, there’s the repairs, the welding, the insulating, the joinery, the wiring, the plumbing, the painting… […]

Small Pop Up Campers: The Ultimate Guide

There is something magical about small pop up campers. Maybe it’s the way they unfold to reveal a surprising amount of space. Or perhaps it’s the adventures that happen in them. Either way, pop up campers are a great way to travel, they’re compact and lightweight and have everything you need for an epic road […]

Best Camping Water Dispenser For Your Next Off-Grid Adventure

Getting the right camping water dispenser can make your vanlife experience much more enjoyable. Having enough water on board avoids chasing water sources. Plus it’s a terrible feeling when you’re always worrying about running out of water. There’s nothing more annoying than having to prematurely leave a beautiful spot you chanced upon because you don’t […]

20 Campervan Interior Inspirations For Your Next Conversion

Designing your campervan interior can be a tough job. There is a lot to consider- layout, style, colour scheme. If you’re struggling to make any decisions, looking at other vans is a great way to gain some ideas. This list of 20 vans includes some of my favourite builds that inspired me when I was […]

Five Crazy Campervans You Have Got To See

Crazy Campervans are cool to look and dream about owning; they often stretch the boundaries of design and strive to make the impossible possible. Having a camper is all about getting out there and exploring the wild, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Today we’re looking at five of the weirdest campers that we’ve […]

10 Best Campervan Campsites in the UK

The UK has some fantastic areas of natural beauty that are undoubtedly worth exploring; however, wild camping can be tricky, which is why today we are going to look at the ten best campervan campsites UK. These spots are great whether you’re a weekend warrior or if you are living in a van for a […]

10 Campervan Bed Ideas and Styles to Inspire Your Next Build

If you’ve never travelled in a van before, then it can be challenging to know how to use the small area most effectively. Especially when it comes to working out what type of bed to choose. Therefore, getting the right campervan bed is essential to enjoying life on the road; nothing is fun if you […]

Free Camping: How to Finding Places to Wild Camp (US vs Europe)

Free camping is an amazing way to see the world; it often takes you to remote, beautiful locations that you wouldn’t come across if you were staying in hotels, or even in paid campsites. But what exactly is free camping? The clue is in the name, free camping is when you can camp for free. […]

Top Ten Best RVs To Live In Full Time

More and more people are choosing to live in a camper van full time, but which are the best RVs to live in? While van life travel isn’t about the rig that you choose to road trip in but about the experiences you have and the people you meet along the way, having a good […]

5 Best Camper Van Roof Vents For Your Conversion

If you’re looking at how to build a campervan and wondering what the best products are for your conversion then this is an article for you, as today we’re going to be discovering the best camper van roof vent for you camper conversion. While these van life essentials, and roof vents, may not be a […]

10 Best RV Accessories Every Vanlifer Needs

If you are planning on going on one of the world’s top road trips or are busy planning your own route, then you might be wondering what the best RV accessories are to make living in a compact camper van a little bit easier. Well, today we are going to be looking at ten items, […]

10 Best DIY Camper Van Conversions

There is nothing we love more, here at Van Clan than DIY camper van conversions, they are all so unique to their owner and make beautiful tiny homes to see the world from. As living the van life grows in popularity, so many van life influencers and vanlife blogs are sharing their off grid home […]

5 Best Solar Panels For Your Camper Van

Today we are going to discover the five best solar panels for your camper van to make living off the grid so much easier. Living the van life has seen a massive boom in popularity recently, and we can see why. The sense of freedom it brings and ability to travel endlessly is a dream… […]

Mercedes Metris Weekender Camper Wants To Compete With VW

If you’re looking for a Mercedes camper but think the sprinter van life isn’t for you, then you’re in luck as Mercedes has just announced their first factory-built pop top camper, since 2003, the Mercedes Metris Weekender. Pop up campers are a great way to travel in a van as you have plenty of internal […]

How To Sound Deaden A Camper Van

If you’re thinking about living the van life, then you’ll need to know how to sound deaden a camper van. Anyone that has spent time travelling in a van, especially a modified camper or in DIY camper conversions will know that it can get pretty noisy when on the road. Living in a van should […]

10 Best Camping Chairs For Chilling Off The Grid

At Van Clan we always try and bring you the best gear and van life essentials. Since no one likes sitting on wet grass which is why we’ve made a list of the top ten best camping chairs. We’ve already looked at the best campervan heaters, best portable showers, best camper van awnings and travel […]

10 Best Small RV’s For Van Lifers

Van life travel is a great way to see the world and explore nature; travelling in a van allows you to see places that regular holidaymakers wouldn’t visit and to discover areas off of the tourist track. Living the van life in a compact camper van allows you to travel to places that may be […]

10 Best Camping Flasks For Adventurers

When I first completed my camper conversion, I wanted every item that I put into my tiny house to be just as beautiful as the off grid home I had built. My compact camper van is a small space, so I didn’t want anything ugly on display all of the time. One thing that I […]

Best Composting Toilet For RV and Camper Life

Van life travel comes with several challenges, one of which is where to go to the toilet. A toilet is one of the van life essentials that people don’t like to think about, after all emptying your own waste instead of merely flushing it down the drain isn’t a very appealing thought. However, if done […]

Rivian Electric Truck Could Change Off-Roading Forever

Many vandwellers come to be living in a van through their hobbies. They are outdoorsy people who love to hike, climb and surf and living off grid in the wilderness has become more appealing than city living. Those living the van life also have love and respect for the environments that they explore and call […]

Which RV Washing Machine Is The Best For Your Tiny Home?

Travel in a van can bring a sense of freedom to life, with nothing but the open road and outdoorsy adventures ahead of you, what’s not to love? But with independence from the daily grind living the van life can bring some unexpected obstacles such as how to do your clothes washing. Today we’re going […]

How To Turn Your Shed House Into A Tiny Home

Living in a tiny house is rising in popularity, so many people are ditching the white picket fenced, old fashioned dream for a slightly different way of life. Alternative living in tiny homes has become an affordable way to own your own home, live independently from family and to stop paying rent. There is one […]

Top 10 School Bus Conversions That Feel Like Home

Skoolie Life is growing almost as fast as the vanlife movement and converting a school bus is an excellent alternative if you want slightly more space inside your tiny home. Many vandwellers will make the move from camper conversions to school bus conversions as their family grows or when they decide to live a more […]

10 Van Camper Life Tips Before Hitting The Road Full Time

Travelling in a van is a great way to see the world on a shoestring budget, so it’s no wonder that living the van life has taken off and become such a popular lifestyle choice. The booming number of vandwellers has been helped along the way by many vanlife blogs and van life influencers. However, […]

Why The VW Caddy Camper Is The Most Underrated Micro Camper Ever

Sprinter van life is very fashionable right now; there are so many insta-perfect images out there of people travelling to beautiful places in their beautiful camper conversion that it can be easy to lose sight of the real joy of van life travel. Travelling in a van is about seeing new places, experiencing new things […]

10 Best Custom Vans Perfect For Your Next Road Trip

It can be hard to find the perfect van for the ultimate road trip and, if you’re going to be living in it, you want it to be right. There are so many different van life ideas and opinions from van life influencers and vandwellers that even knowing where to start looking for your tiny […]

10 Easy Campervan Recipes To Cook On The Road

Living the van life doesn’t have to mean that you’re condemned to eat pasta pesto for the duration of your off grid adventure. Not that there is anything wrong with pasta pesto, it’s just good to be able to branch out, even if you’re living or travelling in a compact camper van with a small […]

Meet The Folding Kayak That Is Perfect For Your Next Van Life Adventure

One of the best things about living the van life and travelling in a van is being able to get out in nature more often. When living in a van, the whole world becomes your garden and playground, and the outdoorsy adventure possibilities are endless. The only thing limiting your adventures is the amount of […]

Living In A Four Wheel Camper – The Perfect Vehicle For Full Time Vanlife

Choosing to pursue alternative living by living in a van is a big step; it means breaking away from the crowd and doing something unconventional. But, living off the grid in a tiny home can bring so much freedom and joy, if done right. Van life costs are lower than the price of living in […]

Tiny House YouTube Channels – The Top Ten To Watch

For some vandwellers, the natural progression from living in a van is to living in a tiny house.  By living in a tiny home, you can stay connected to nature, minimise your carbon footprint by living off the grid and continue, or begin, your alternative living adventure. A great way to gain inspiration for your […]

Best Campervan Gear and Van Life Tools (Of 2023)

If you’re about to start living the van life or are planning to travel in a van then it’s time to start thinking about the van life essentials that you’ll need when living in a van. It’s important to be space conscious when kitting out a compact camper van and to think about what items […]

How To Live Off The Grid In A Van – The Ultimate Guide

If you are interested in living the van life or travelling in a van then you’re probably wondering how to live off the grid in a van. Living off the grid has so many advantages when it comes to living an outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyle as it means you can disconnect for longer and explore the wilderness […]

How To Build A Camper – The Ultimate DIY Conversion Guide

If you’re asking yourself how to build a camper, then you most likely either have a van, or you’re thinking of buying one. And we here at Van Clan could not be more excited for you, this is a big part of your life! It’s up there with having a child… okay maybe not but […]

The Ford Transit Nugget Is The Latest Compact Camper To Check Out

When it comes to choosing the best van to live in for your van life off grid adventure, there are so many factors to consider, with one of the main decisions being the size of the vehicle. While having a large monster camper van has the benefit of coming with more interior space, there are […]

10 Best DIY Camper Conversions to Inspire Your Next Build

One of the best things about van life is always having your home with you. There is nothing like travelling in a van that has everything you could possibly need; wherever you are you have your bed, kitchen and chilling space. But there’s something else aside from the essentials that turn a van into a tiny […]

Amphibious Camper Takes Off Grid Living To A New Level

Today we’re looking at an off road camper trailer that takes the meaning ‘off road’ to a whole new level. After a life on the road, many vandwellers find themselves dreaming of a life on the water and of a different type of off grid living. Well, this electric trailer does both so if you’re […]

What’s The Best Van For Short & Long Term Travel?

Travelling on a budget can be tough, sometimes you just want your own space, a comfortable and consistent bed, and a big, healthy meal that doesn’t cost the earth. This is where travel in a van comes in: the budget equivalent of a five-star hotel. By travelling in a van, you can afford certain luxuries […]

VSSL Is The Vanlife Survival Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

We’ve been in Arizona, USA at The Overland Expo West for the last couple of days, hosted by the amazing Four Wheel Campers. Here we’ve been immersed in everything van life and have seen so many amazing professional campervan conversions perfect for an off grid adventure.  We haven’t only been checking out all the awesome […]

Global X Vehicles Create Some Seriously Overkill Rigs And We Love It

Here at The Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by Four Wheel Campers, we’ve been able to see some off road trucks that would make amazing tiny homes for anyone embarking on an off grid adventure this summer. Today we’re going to look at the Adventure XT from Global X Vehicles. If you’re travelling in a […]

Inside Sync Van’s Off Grid Mercedes Sprinter Conversion

Were here at the Overland Expo West, sponsored by the mighty Four Wheel Campers, and we’ve had the chance to check out so many amazing vans and overlanders. But sometimes, the best way to go is a custom build. If you’re looking at a modified campervan, then this article will be right up your street. […]

Inside The $500,000 Expedition Truck

When you think about van life, it’s likely that a compact camper van, pop up campers or small travel trailers will come to mind. Well, while checking out the Overland Expo West, sponsored by Four Wheel Campers, we came across some epic off road trucks that certainly take the compact out of camper van. In […]

Why The Pop Up Camper Is Becomming Such A Great Buy

If you’re looking to take the plunge into van life but want a compact camper van, not a monstrous RV, then a pop up camper could be right for you. Pop up campers make spending time in small campers and micro campers much more luxurious, allowing you room to stretch out and even sleep the […]

8 Best Campervan Fridges For Your Next Conversion

If you’ve never ventured into the world of van life travel before then, you probably won’t know that fridges are a bit of a hot topic (or should I say cold topic?!). There is just SO much choice and, if you’re a complete beginner, then it can be challenging to know where to start. For […]

$500,000 Earthroamer Camper Is A Luxury Hotel On Wheels

Can you feel the earth quaking underneath your feet? A goliath has moved into town, and it’s our job to introduce you to it! We’ve been able to check out some amazing tiny homes and off grid trucks here at the Overland Expo West 2019, sponsored by the mighty Four Wheel Campers. Today we’re going […]

Why Are Vandwellers Choosing The Sprinter Camper Van?

More and more full-time vandwellers, people living the weekend warrior life and outdoorsy people are choosing the sprinter camper van as their adventure bus. And we can see why, we’ve already shown you some amazing Mercedes sprinter conversions such as the Mercedes Benz Sawtooth conversion, the sprinter conversion moving house and the Sith-style conversion that […]

Rent A Campervan – The Next Big Way For Vanlifers To Earn Extra Money

For most people, being a full time van life aficionado is only a temporary thing. There usually comes a point where the pull of a hot bath, a flushing toilet and enough room for more than two people becomes the dream. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sell your adventure bus and give up […]

Sprinter Van Life – Why A Sprinter Van Makes The Perfect Camper

The world of van life is so popular right now; all you need to do is open Instagram and enter the world of van life influencers to be inspired to get a tiny home of your own. So many vandwellers are rejecting the old fashioned camper van which can be big, clunky, poorly designed and slow, […]

The Best Rooftop Tents That Lets You Camp Anywhere You Want

Rooftop tents are a great, affordable option for camping and off grid living. They provide more protection from the elements as they are raised off the ground- no more waking up in a puddle after some unexpected rainfall! Rooftop tents are a fantastic option for the weekend warrior who wants a little more comfort than […]

10 Organisational Tips To Stay Tidy While Living Off Grid

Off grid living can get real messy, real quick. Messiness is heightened further when you’re living in a tiny house and even more so when you’re constantly on the move by travelling in a van. A tidy atmosphere is essential for comfortable living off grid and waking up to an organised space is a stress-free […]

This Base Camp Trailer Is Designed For Off Grid Adventurers

We’ve brought you the off road camper trailer, an expanding trailer, a vintage camper and an electric trailer but today we’re going to be looking at the latest travel trailer for any outdoorsy person: the Base Camp Trailer is the perfect tiny home for any weekend warrior who wants a tiny trailer to be able […]

25 Van Life Ideas For Your Next Campervan Conversion

Looking for van life ideas to create the perfect camper conversion? We’ve assembled this list of 25 inspirational van builds to help you out. Whether you’re starting a new build or renovating your old van, be sure to give this article a read, first. From electronic beds to a log cabin on wheels, we’ve scoured […]

Meet The Nike Hiking Shoe For Adventurous Vanlifers

Hiking goes hand in hand with living the van life, and there is some really cool van life clothing out there, including travel backpacks and other van life essentials that should definitely be in your clothes drawer. Hiking and getting out on the trail is more fashionable than ever, with more and more young people and vandwellers […]

11 Of The Best Tips On How To Build A Campervan Yourself 

Are you desperate to live the van life but hate Formica worktops and beige walls? Well, maybe you should complete your own camper conversion. By building your own campervan you can add anything you can dream of into your own tiny home– wood cladding, Moroccan style tiling, all white everything, multicoloured everything, fixed bed, log burner, […]

Get RHINO Ready With The Best Campervan Survival Kit On The Market

Van life and extreme adventuring go hand in hand. A van can take you to destinations way off the regular tourist track, to remote and amazing places. This is one of the best things about living in a van and travelling in a van– treading a path that others are yet to find. But, what […]

10 Tips On Becoming The Ultimate Weekend Warrior

If you love the thought of travelling in a van but are not sure that living in a van full time is quite your style, then perhaps you’re destined to be a weekend warrior. There is so much to be gained from a weekend away, and owning a camper means that you can make these […]

This Luxury Trailer Features A Floating Queen Size Bed

We love a good trailer here at Van Clan, and you must do too if you’ve clicked onto this article! So far we’ve shown you small travel trailers, pop up campers and even a towable tiny house, but now it’s time for a luxury trailer! Trailers are often thought of as the more budget-friendly version […]

Finally, An Electric Trailer That Can Be Towed By Your Electric Camper

Many vandwellers, weekend warriors or alternative living advocates are outdoorsy and eco-conscious. So, at the back of every vanlifers mind is the amount of fuel their heavy adventure bus guzzles and the impact this has on the environment they love so much. Imagine being able to tow your off grid trailer using an electric campervan! […]

20 Vanlife Blogs you should be following in 2019!

Blogs are coming back in a big way, so why not add some vanlife blogs to your read list this January. Wanderlust is spreading all over the world, and more and more people are taking the plunge and becoming vandwellers. Travelling in a van should be definitely on your to-do list this year, but you […]

10 Things To Consider When Planning Your Camper Conversion 

 There are hundreds of different things to consider when embarking on your camper conversion and there are many factors that contribute to these decisions. I’ve been living in a van for 15 months now, and after completing my own camper conversion I feel (semi) qualified to address some of these options. In this article, I’m […]

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