The Ford Transit Camper Of Your Dreams

When it comes to camper conversions Mercedes Sprinters usually take all of the glory. Everyone seems to forget about the poor old Ford Transit, but that’s all about to change.

This Ford Transit Camper from @fitetravels will completely blow you away!

Lets take a look!

The Ford Transit Camper Of Your Dreams

Ford Transit Camper - Fites

Meet The Fite family; Mars, Ash & Emily (and don’t forget their pup Beirut) a family of  three vandwellers who live full time in their converted Ford Transit Camper.

They’re pretty well known in the Van Life world, having featured on  HGTV’s ‘Tiny House, Big Living’, and have racked up quite a social following from their adventures — when you look at the pictures below it’s not hard to see why!

Ford Transit Camper - Mirror Ford Transit Camper - Bunks

What’s Inside?

The Fite’s have made an amazing rolling home in their Ford Transit Camper, with all of the mod cons that you need for life on the road.

From a cozy sleeping bunk for their daughter Everly right down to nifty fold out cutting boards for extra kitchen space, every inch of their design has been well thought out to make maximum use of the available living space.
Ford Transit Camper - KitchenFord Transit Camper - Everly

There’s plenty of storage too, with space underneath the bed at the back for keeping shoes and clothes in.

The Fite’s have even come up with handy bike storage too for Everly’s bike – every girl needs her freedom on the road!
Ford Transit Camper - Ash

For us, it’s the little details in this Ford Transit Camper that make it so cool.

The funky fabric on the back doors makes a great addition as ‘vanlife curtains’, and the mirrors in the bedroom really help to break up the space whilst making the whole room feel bigger. Ford Transit Camper - Drone

The roof rack is a sight to behold, and can probably hold a heck off a lot too!

Cleverly built around the roof vent, the 14′ long aluminium rack is great for storing bikes, extra roof case storage, tools and solar panels. We wouldn’t like to have been the ones putting that up there!Ford Transit Camper - Living room

The Fite’s have got their priorities right in this Ford Transit Camper – comfy bed, built-in coffee percolator, and a sound system that will reach Vanlifers in the next county.

The whole build is super light and airy, and the overhead storage blends so seamlessly into the walls that we hardy noticed it was there!

What more could you need whilst Living In A Van?Ford Transit Camper - Ash Roof Ford Transit Camper - Mars roof

Final Thoughts

We’ve let the pictures do the talking in this article because they look so darn good.

This van has everything that you might need to live a comfortable off grid lifestyle whilst trekking around the globe, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a lot more of The Fite family on your computer screen real soon!

For more information about their adventures and their Ford Transit Camper, visit their Instagram @fitetravels, and check out their website. Ford Transit Camper - The Fites and coJoin the Van Clan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to check out some of the other Best Camper Vans on the planet!

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