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VW Buzz: The Iconic Camper’s Futuristic Evolution for the Modern Vanlife Enthusiast

Everyone knows that VW are the kings of the camper world; take their California XXL for example. Their brand is classic and iconic, you don’t need to be a van fan to recognise that they are truly beautiful machines. But now the vanlife pioneers have an ‘out of this world’ new revamp of their legendary camper; […]

Meet The Monstrous Flying Huntsman 6×6 Pick Up

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that a 4×4 isn’t giving you enough power, or that to be the world’s greatest adventurer you need to somehow scale mountains that even deer can’t climb? If you answered yes to either of those scenarios, then you need the Flying Huntsman 6×6 Pick Up. The Flying […]

12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000

If you're ready to dive into life on the road but don't have a huge budget, a small camper van is the way to go.

15 Best Pop Up Campers For Weekend Adventures

We’ve had the pleasure of checking out a lot of pop up campers over the years, having seen many different shapes, sizes, and styles of these clever space-saving vehicles. If you don’t have a lot of space on your drive, or simply don’t have the extra capital to purchase another vehicle, then pop up campers […]

The Minivan Camper Is Becoming A Popular Choice For Vanlifers

It might be hard to believe, but the humble minivan is now one of the best ways to experience the van life. Of course, we’re not talking about the workhorses trapped in the carpool line; we’re talking about souped-up luxury minivan campers! If the open road has been calling to you, this is a sensible […]

Best Ford Campers Reviewed – 12 Practical Campervan Conversions

Truth is, you don’t see a lot of finely crafted lists of the best Ford Campers. Seriously, ask anyone about their favourite campervan conversions, and they’ll inevitably point to workhorses like the Mercedes Sprinter, or even the classic Volkswagen Bus Camper. In the van life world, the Ford Camper just doesn’t seem to scream ‘cool van’ […]

5 Coolers Like YETI But Cheaper – Find The Perfect Yeti Alternative

If you’re a regular vanlifer or camping enthusiast, then you’ll know that everyone wants coolers like YETI. YETI hard coolers are, to use a technical term, the bee’s knees. But they’re also pretty damn expensive too, putting them out of the reach of many people who simply can’t afford to shell out $400 on an […]

Yeti Hard Coolers – The Ultimate Review On Vanlifes Most Loved Brand

If you’re struggling to pick the best ice chest or drinks cooler for off-grid campervan travel, then I have three important words for you – Yeti hard coolers. When it comes to purchasing a camper van or RV, we tend to stick to the names that we know and trust. Mercedes, Hymer, Airstream; these brands […]

5 Best Truck Bed Air Mattress For Impromptu Off-Grid Adventures

If you like getting off-grid at a moments notice, then you should consider picking up a truck bed air mattress for impromptu adventures. We like to cover every style of off-grid camping here at Van Clan; from truck life to the best RVs money can buy, there are so many ways that you can get […]

Lightest Hardshell Rooftop Tent Weighs 80lbs & Works With Any Vehicle

Day campers rejoice – we’ve found the lightest hardshell rooftop tent on the market, and it’s available to order right now! The worst thing that we’ve found about installing a rooftop tent is how fiddly they are. Ok, that’s the second worst thing. The worst thing is having to install them on your own. Unless […]

Campervan Electrics Made Easy With The PPT Vehicle Power Hub

Campervan electrics have finally been revolutionised thanks to the Vehicle Power Hub from Portable Power Technology, a new all-in-one electrical solution for any adventure. If you’ve checked out our eBook on how to build a campervan, then you’ll know just how complicated an electrical set up can be. I dedicated something like 100 pages of […]

Poweroak Bluetti AC50 Power Pack Review

We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting products to help digital nomads on the road, and the Poweroak Bluetti AC50 has most definitely caught our eye. In an age where people are throwing caution to the wind, stepping out of their office-shaped comfort zones and plying their trade off grid or on the […]

10 Best Electric Campervans For The Futuristic Vandweller

Electric campervans are making tracks on the vanlife scene in a big way. This is in no small part due to rise nomads and tiny home aficionados, who often list sustainability as a driving cause for their alternative lifestyles. But eco-friendly doesn’t just mean guilt free; there are practical reasons to opt for an electric […]

12 Best Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions On Planet Earth

The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular conversation bases for good reason. Its cavernous interior allows plenty of creative room for untold numbers of builds and themes. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the same classic vibe as the Volkswagen Bus Camper. But for sheer versatility and customisation, nothing rivals the Sprinter. Whether you […]

Handcrafted Rustic Campervan Is A Work Of Art On Wheels

If you’ve read any of my articles before, then you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of original handcrafted rustic campervan conversions. There’s nothing better than starting with a bare metal shell and putting your heart and soul into a campervan build, whether it’s for yourself or a potential client. Some converters see a common-old-garden […]

The Wildside Campervan Tarp Is Built For Adventurous Vanlifers

We’ve been searching for a weatherproof awning for our own campervan for years, and we’ve finally found the solution; the Wildside campervan tarp. What do you do if you can’t find the perfect awning for your campervan? Tape bin bags together? Hold up an umbrella and hope for the best? No; you crack out the […]

4×4 RV Showhauler Is Our Vehicle Of Choice For The Zombie Apocalypse

When the fatal virus drops and the zombies come running, there’s only one 4×4 RV that we’ll be spending our hard-earned cash on. It’s called the Showhauler, and it’s going to blow your mind! We try out best to cover RVs that can be used all year round here at Van Clan. We pride ourselves […]

Slab City – A Campers Paradise Or An Off-Grid Bandit Town

If you’re a vanlifer or have spent any time living off the grid, then you’re bound to have heard of the fabled Slab City. It’s like the wild west of campervan park ups, a motorhome Valhalla if you will. Picture the scene. You’re in California, trundling through the Sonoran desert (which sounds as though it’s […]

Eccotemp L5 Tankless Water Heater Makes Off Grid Showering A Breeze

If you’re planning your first van conversion and are worried about keeping clean on the go, then you need the Eccotemp L5 in your life! Too often we see people planning massive shower systems in their campers, integrating huge tanks that weigh down their build and take up much precious space. There are lots of […]

Bivy Stick Blue: Smallest Satellite Communication Device In The World

If you like adventuring off the beaten track, then the Bivy Stick could stop you from getting into a whole host of sticky situations. It’s a satellite communication device designed to fit into your pocket, and It’s keeping vanlifers safe on their adventures. For many people, trundling down to the campsite or the local beach […]

Mercedes Campervan Smart Series Could Reinvent Alternative Living

Few vehicles are as popular as the Mercedes Campervan when it comes to picking the best van to live in. It’s a well-known brand loved by camper enthusiasts the world over. They last a long time, and the designs are super easy to convert. Mercedes recently launched plans for a new range of smart Mercedes […]

Best RV Sewer Hose For You RV Or Campervan

Sitting down and having a chat about picking the best RV sewer hose is never going to be something that comes up on your bucket list. It’s not a particularly nice topic, and it’s certainly not the kind of thing that will make you any friends at a party. Nevertheless, for some people, this is […]

10 Best Camper Van Windows For Customising Your New Travelling Home

When it comes to thinking about installing camper van windows into your tiny home build, there are lots of different routes that you can go down. There’s no right or wrong choice, though whichever design you go for may ultimately give a lot away about your character. Do you like the appeal of a massive […]

Pop Top Truck Camper Is The Latest Off-Grid Essential

If you’re short on space but still want a camper that you can use all year round, then this Pop-Top Truck Camper pod from Alu-Cab provides the perfect off-grid solution. We’ve seen tonnes of pop up campers over the years. Luckily for us, we’ve also had the pleasure of spending a lot of time travelling […]

Natures Head Composting Toilet Is The Ultimate Off Grid Companion (REVIEW)

The Natures Head composting toilet has been providing off grid enthusiasts with a comfortable and eco-friendly place to do their ‘business’ for decades. Instead of heading out into the woods while trying to juggle an umbrella, a shovel, a torch, and trying to keep a roll of toilet paper dry, this simple but effective toilet […]

Topper EZ Lift Turns Any Pick Up Truck Into an Adventure-Ready Camper

If you’re looking to turn your pick-up truck into a camper at a moment’s notice, then you need the Topper EZ Lift. It’s a simple bit of kit that not only transforms your truck, it also provides you with a cheap way of getting off-grid. We cover a lot of campervan conversions and RVs here […]

MaxTrax Recovery Boards Rescue Your Camper From Sticky Situations (REVIEW 2023)

When it comes to stocking up with the best gear for an adventure, you should never leave home without a set of MaxTrax recovery boards. If you’re the kind of person that likes to adventure off the beaten track, then the chances are you’re going to find yourself in a sticky situation sooner rather than […]

A Frame Camper – Complete Guide to Buying a New Tiny Home

If you’re interested in tiny trailers and affordable tiny homes, then you should consider buying an A frame camper. Not everyone can afford or has the space to stick a mammoth RV outside their house, and some pop up campers require a beastly off-road truck to be able to cope with their size and weight. […]

Buying An RV – Everything You Need To Know And Look Out For

Buying an RV isn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. In many ways, a campervan is an extension of your personality. If you like off-roading, then you’re more likely to go for a truck camper or a 4×4 goliath. If beach holidays are more your thing, then a VW California 6 or […]

10 Best Stealth Campers To Live In Off Grid

Stealth campers offer a way around one of the most pervasive challenges facing van-lifers: parking. Simply put, many neighborhoods and businesses don’t want people obviously camping out in public spaces; they may run you and your gorgeous-but-obvious Volkswagen Bus Camper off after a few nights. But what if they had no idea about your alternative […]

Toyota Tacoma Camper Offers Customised Off-Grid Living

We’re here at Overland Expo West with our sponsors Four Wheel Campers, reminiscing over the very vehicle that took me to the top of Yosemite; the shore of Lake Tahoe; and along the sweet roads of Highway 1. It’s been almost a year since I drove a Toyota Tacoma Camper a thousand miles across California, […]

How To Plan A Road Trip – Tips For The Ultimate Adventure

After being locked down for months during the Covid19 pandemic, people around the world are putting their heads together and figuring out how to plan a road trip. There’s still plenty of Summer fun left (unless you’re reading this in the Winter, then it’s all gone) and now is the perfect time to plan a […]

RV Storage – How To Store Your Camper, RV, Trailer, Or Bus

RV Storage comes in many different forms. The first thing you need to ask yourself is ‘what is an RV?’ We all know it’s a recreational vehicle, but that could be anything from a self-converted mini camper to a gargantuan fifth-wheel trailer or a truck camper. One thing is for certain no matter what type […]

RV Lock Is the Perfect Security System For Your Camper

If you’re looking for a modern RV Lock security system for your camper, trailer, or RV, then look no further. The aptly named RVLock is an incredible bit of kit that will give any vanlifers greater peace of mind when they leave their travelling tiny homes to go for a walk or explore the wilderness. […]

Electric Camper Van Has 10 Different Functions And Charges By Solar

With the world showing signs of healing itself during the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus has never been greater on our need for electric vehicles and electric camper van models. Gas-guzzling travel needs to become a thing of the past, and thankfully, more and more of the best RV brands are starting to […]

Best 12V TV For RV Or Camper Van Owners

Full-time vanlifers know that you can’t always be outside hanging around in nature, which is why I’ve made this list to help find the best 12V TV for RV or travelling tiny homeowners. I know, I know; why would you want to be watching TV when you’re living a lifestyle that promotes getting out into […]

Top 10 Essential Tips For New Vanlifers

Living in a van comes with so many questions and ‘what ifs’, which is why I’ve compiled a list of topics and tips for new vanlifers to help provide some answers. I’ve been living the van life for almost three years now. I have broken down, I have had my camper towed out of fields, […]

How To Safely Level An RV, Camper, Trailer, Or Caravan

One of the questions that we get asked a lot here at Van Clan is how to level an RV, camper, trailer, or caravan. It’s a common problem, but there are lots of tricks that you can use to find a quick solution. After a long day of exploring the wilderness, the last thing that […]

20 Tips & Tricks For Cleaning Your RV

Small spaces can become cluttered and messy pretty quickly, which is why I’m compiling this list of 20 tips and tricks for cleaning your RV. No one likes cleaning. Ok, some people do, but the majority of us just see it as something that has to be done from time to time. The cleaning regimes […]

Best Suitcase Generators For Charging Your Gadgets Off The Grid

Organising off-grid power can be a confusing business, which is why we’ve put together a list to help you find the best suitcase generators for your next adventure. Alternative living has never been bigger than it is now. With the costs of housing and services continuously on the rise, it seems that many of us […]

Best Camping Cooler For Off-Grid Van Life Adventures

Not all camper vans have the space for a fridge, which is why it’s a great idea to have a camping cooler to hand. Every time I’ve been to America, the culture seems to be to head for the camping cooler or ‘the ice chest’ instead of worrying about sticking food and beverages in a […]

Boondocking Tips, Tricks, And How To Find That Perfect Park Up

Some campervans never see the outside of a campsite, while others spend their whole lives boondocking, parking in wild places with spectacular views.  Of course, it’s not the vans choice where you park up. It’s all down to how you, the driver, feel about parking your motor in unfamiliar territory. Off grid living isn’t for […]

Stealth Camping Tips And Tricks – A How To Guide

With the costs of conventional living continually increasing, many people are looking to van life and stealth camping as a means of saving money. Whether it’s working in the city or holidaying in the South of France, camping under the radar is a great way to keep costs down and have the freedom to live […]

6 Best Camper Van Water Pumps For Your Conversion

There’s no need to panic when it comes to picking the best gear for your camper van. We’ve been living the van life for almost three years now, and we’ve come across so many different systems and set-ups that we’ve learnt a simple truth. There is no right way of doing something. There’s just your […]

Best 12V Inverter For Your Campervan Conversion

If you’re planning on living in a van or travelling in your camper for long periods of time, then it’s time that you were thinking about the best 12v inverter for your build. There are lots of choices out there all in different shapes, sizes, and ratings. But which one do you choose? I’ve been […]

10 Best Double Sleeping Bags For Your Next Off-Grid Adventure

If you’re building a camper or setting out on an adventure, then you should take a look at our list of the best double sleeping bags. You might like snuggling up to a loved one, or maybe you hate the feeling of being cocooned. Either way, the extra space in these warm, cosy camping bags […]

The Epic Jeep Wrangler Camper Conversion With A Pop Top

Built like a tank–and with all the badass looks of one, too–the Jeep Wrangler Camper is set to make tracks on the overland scene. Texas company Red River Rigs are confidently bringing about this change with the arrival of the American Safari JXL. A big name in the American market, this camper conversion could be […]

Battle Born Batteries Are The Ultimate Off-Grid Solution For Your Camper

When it comes to choosing the best batteries for your RV or camper van, Battle Born Batteries should be at the top of your wish list. The age-old question of Lithium-Iron Vs Lead-Acid is a big topic in the van life world. Today, we’re proving unequivocally that Lithium is the only way to go, and […]

10 Van Wood Stove Ideas For Your Homely Camper Conversion

I’ve been living the van life for almost three years now, and I spent one of those years warming myself up with a van wood stove. There honestly isn’t anything like a real fire to keep you nice and toasty on those winter nights. Crackling logs, glowing coals, a warm light giving your van a […]

15 Best Vans To Live In Full Time

Picking the perfect house takes time, thought, and above all else, a feeling that you can turn it into the right home for you. This is especially true if you’re looking to live the van life. Every little feature can turn into a lifesaver or dealbreaker on the road, so you really need to ask […]

15 Best Pop Up Tents For Your Compact Camper Van

If you’re a fan of small campers and small travel trailers, then you’ve probably been wishing that someone would make a list of the best pop up tents for your travelling tiny home. You have? Well; you’ve come to the right place! I’m a big fan of trailer life. Small living is what it’s all […]

Sprinter VS Transit – Which Is The Best Van To Convert?

The age-old argument of Sprinter Vs Transit is one that van enthusiasts have had for decades and will continue to divide campervan lovers and conversion experts for many years to come. Both vehicles are well suited to living off the grid, and both vehicles have great potential when it comes to building your own tiny […]

11 Van Life Hacks To Make Living On The Road Easier

The idea of living in a van can feel daunting for some, which is why these incredible van life hacks should put your mind at rest. For many, the notion of not having enough space, the need for a shower, or a longing for a full-size kitchen area can prevent them from experiencing this incredible […]

15 Van Build Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Campervan Conversion

I first moved into a van back in 2017, the year we completed our very first van build. We bought our trusty Vauxhall Movano on April 3rd, the day of my girlfriend Rose’s birthday, and began the six-month-long process of turning a bare metal shell into a comfortable travelling home. The conversion was tough, and […]

Van Life America – 10 Things You Need To Know

If you’re planning an off grid adventure through the United States, then you’ll need our Top 10 essential tips on Van Life America. Travelling in a van is one of the most exciting and cost-effective ways of seeing a new country; home really is where you park it, and with thousands of miles of backcountry […]

How Vanlifers Are Coping With Self Isolation

The Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily changed many people’s way of life and daily routine, including vanlifers who are coping with self-isolation for the first time. Being alone is something that we as humans strive to avoid as much as possible. We might choose to live in tiny homes or to spend most of our time […]

Electric Microbus Is Volkswagens Latest Collaboration

Volkswagen bus camper fans around the world will be excited to know that a new electric Microbus has been revealed! Volkswagen is no stranger to the world of electric campervans, especially after that embarrassing incident with the emissions that no one likes to talk about anymore. But, credit where credit is due, the German automotive […]

Toyota Truck Camper Conversions That Are Built For The Apocalypse

Off road trucks need to look the part, and if there’s one vehicle that we know can pack a serious punch, it’s a Toyota Truck Camper. They are the workhorses of the truck life world, built for the gnarliest off grid adventure and any crazy expeditions that you might have planned to the far reaches […]

Happier Camper Traveller Is The Most Adaptive Trailer Of 2023

When it comes to exploring the world in a tiny trailer, nothing beats hitting the open road in the Happier Camper Traveller. We’ve covered so many trailers here at Van Clan over the years (we could probably start ‘Trailer Tribe’ with all of the info that we have stored away!) and few have impressed us […]

10 Best Trailer Accessories For Campers

It’s no secret that we love a trailer here at Van Clan, so it’s about time that we made a list of the best trailer accessories to accompany our unhealthy obsession. In a world where being a digital nomad has never been easier, more and more people are looking to purchase affordable tiny homes in […]

10 Best Campervan Rentals In London

If you live in England and call the capital your home, then you might find this list of the best campervan rentals in London pretty useful for your next off grid adventure. More and more people are opting to give van life a try, with the Van Clan office receiving tonnes of emails every single […]

10 Best Electric RV Models For Modern Day Van Lifers

The leading names in the automotive industry have never been more focused on the notion of the electric RV, which can only be a good thing. Fossil fuels won’t last forever, and with so much positive emphasis on going green to save the planet and everyone doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s […]

How To Live In A Off Grid Camper

So you want to get off the grid and see the world? We can’t blame you; with house prices booming and retirement ages soaring to 75, more and more people are coming to us and asking how to beat the system and get into alternative living. I first joined the Van Life Movement back in […]

VW T6.1 Camper Is The First Custom Conversion Of Its Kind

It’s no secret that we love everything about the Volkswagen Bus Camper, so it’s also no surprise that this eye-catching VW T6.1 camper conversion blew us away as soon as we set eyes upon it. Not all campervans have to be off road trucks or ‘giant monster camper adventure truck giants’ for us to like […]

Powerpack 450+ Review

When it comes to making sure you have enough power for your off grid living, PPT has got you covered with their incredible portable power pack; the Powerpack 450+. If you’re planning on travelling in a van or living the van life for any length of time, then finding a suitable power source for your […]

Avtoros Shaman Is A $150,000 Camper Tank Hybrid

Few vehicles on earth will be capable of saving humankind when the zombies finally arrive, but the Avtoros Shaman may prove to be our salvation. Here at Van Clan, we love the wild, the wacky, and the downright outrageous. We’re firm advocates of the following phrases; ‘bigger is better’, ‘live-hard, die-hard’ and ‘magic is might […]

10 Best Teardrop Campers For The Trailer Addict

I spend countless hours searching the web for the best teardrop campers every week. You might be thinking that is a bit of a weird thing to do, especially considering that I am living the van life full time instead of cruising through the world in an off grid trailer. The truth is, I love […]

Neuron EV Electric Truck Could Be The Camper Of The Future

Carmakers everywhere are being looked upon by ‘the people’ to come up with innovative designs that will save our planet, which is why we’re coming across more and more designs for amazing eco campervans like this Neuron EV Electric Truck. From the Tesla Truck Camper to the Rivian Electric Truck, campervan conversions of all shapes […]

Portable Fire Pit Is The Perfect Camping Pop-Up Accessory

There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with your friends, which is why this portable fire pit from Fireside Outdoor is the perfect accessory for any off grid living adventure. Picture this; you’re travelling in a van and meet up with some other vanlifers in the middle of a forest. Someone grabs a […]

10 Best Affordable Campers Under $50,000

Finding the perfect campervan on a budget is tough, which is why we’ve made a list of the 10 Best Affordable Campers Under $50’000 for you to sift through at your leisure. People tend to assume that a lower budget means a compromise on quality, but that’s certainly not the case. Just take a look […]

Is Living In A Van Legal – Everything You Need To Know

We all love living the van life and travelling in a van, but is living in a van legal in the eyes of the law? Thanks to our favourite Van Life Influencers and the wanderlust-inducing mouth-wateringly addictive content on our Van Life Instagram feeds, more and more people are throwing away the rulebook and giving […]

17 Van Life Gifts That Will Blow Any Vandwellers Mind

When it comes to buying van life gifts for loved ones, Van Clan have got you covered. We spend hours trawling the internet looking for van life essentials for the perfect off grid adventure, and if money were no option, we’d probably buy them all! Luckily for our bank balances, the Van Clan offices don’t […]

Tesla Truck Camper Is The Electric Pop-Up We’ve All Been Waiting For

Every so often we get to witness the birth of an iconic camper that pushes the boundaries of design, and the Tesla Truck Camper is no exception. The Volkswagen Bus Camper, Polydrop Teardrop Trailers, the EarthRoamer Camper; love them or hate them, these vehicles have all helped to shape van life and alternative living in […]

Living In A Tiny House – What Is It Actually Like?

Living in a tiny house has changed my life forever. It might be a little cliche to start off an article about alternative living with a sentence like that, but it’s true. We get hundreds of people asking us every day what living in a tiny home or travelling in a van is like. Sometimes […]

10 Best Tent Trailers For Compact Road Explorers

Living off grid has become the new ‘dream lifestyle’, and tent trailers are helping people to live this dream all over the world. Where once we might have sat in offices thinking about living on a superyacht or buying a million-pound mansion overlooking a stunning cityscape, we now find ourselves doodling designs for campervan conversions […]

Best Places To Visit In A Campervan UK – The Ultimate Guide

Owning a camper van gives you the freedom to head out onto the open road at a moments notice, travelling to wherever your heart desires whenever the feeling takes you. Many of our British readers spend a lot of time scrolling through their favourite Van Life Instagram accounts while looking at pictures of vanlifers in […]

10 Best RV Brands – Who Should You Trust?

Picking the perfect recreational vehicle isn’t easy, nor is it an exact science. There are so many factors to consider when choosing your new rolling home, and with so many RVs out there to choose from, it’s hard to know which one will be right for you. Overall height and length, included amenities, storage, electrical […]

Peugeot Boxer Camper Is The Newest 4×4 On The Overlanding Block

Van life is constantly evolving and, as with any trend, sport, or movement, people are continuously pushing the boundaries of the lifestyle and seeking more freedom, more excitement, and more adventure. Vanlifers are all unique, each having his or her own reason as to why they have chosen to join this alternative living movement. But […]

8 Best Camper Van For Family Adventures

When it comes to off grid trips with the entire family, small travel trailers or your favourite small campers just aren’t going to cut it. Picking the right camper van for your individual needs can be tough, but not because of a lack of choice. There are hundreds of different makes, models, styles, and sizes […]

Hire A Campervan – The 10 Best Places To Rent A Camper In The UK

How we pick holiday destinations has changed so much over the past two decades. Gone are the days where heading down to the travel agents was the only option of adding a bit of adventure into your life, and with the rise of websites such as AirBNB giving people the opportunity to experience extraordinary parts […]

StandOut Sport – Paddle Board Gear For Your Vanlife Adventures

Part of the reason we love living the van life so much is the fact that we have the ability to get out into the open at a moments notice. You don’t have to put a lot of thought and effort into planning to head out on an off grid adventure to a lake or […]

10 Vanlifers Explain The Worst And Best Bits Of Their New Lifestyle

The rise of the Vandwellers has begun, and this iconic movement isn’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon. Van life is everywhere; it doesn’t matter whether you’re scrolling through your Van Life Instagram feed or sitting down to read your favourite newspaper, people all over the world are taking notice about alternative […]

The History Of The Camper Van – How Did Vanlife Start?

If you’re a regular reader on our site, then I think it’s safe to say that you’re a bonafide camper van enthusiast. We spend a lot of time scrolling through our favourite Van Life Instagram feeds and our top portable Tiny House YouTube Channels in a bid to learn more about how the van life […]

Cricket Camper Is The Off Grid Adventure Trailer You’ve Been Waiting For

The Cricket Camper has everything under one nifty pop-top roof. Whether you’re a digital nomad in need of a spacious place to work on the go, or you’re just looking for an affordable entry point to the tiny home lifestyle, Cricket might just be the best way to hop into adventure. Trailer Life is becoming […]

Park4Night Review – Vanlifers Most Used App

So you’ve found the best van to live in, you’ve completed your camper conversion using our how to build a camper article, and you’re ready to start travelling in a van. Living the van life basically means that you have two things on your mind at all times; where shall we head tomorrow, and where […]

Project M Review Four Wheel Camper’s Latest Pop Up Truck

Campervans need to be as rugged as the adventures that people take them on. They need to be ready for whatever the elements might throw at them, and they also need to be able to accommodate all of the owner’s needs. We see a lot of stealth campers that have been created purely with the […]

VW Grand California Sparks A New Generation Of Campervans

There are so many different campervans out there on the market for off grid living enthusiasts to choose from. You can pick anything from a Pop Top Camper right through to the suave and stylish Carado Axion, or maybe the best family camper that has all of the amenities you need to keep the kids occupied […]

Best RVs For You To Explore Planet Earth

If you’re living the van life or travelling in a van, then the chances are that you’ve seen a lot of different RVs on the road while you’ve been travelling to your favourite van life travel spots. The category of Recreational Vehicles spans across a whole host of campers, but they are usually larger, luxury […]

Nissan NV200 Camper – Everything You Need To Know

The camper van world is changing, but not in a way that you might have expected. If I asked you to describe some electric campervans for me, what would you come up with as an answer? Would you think about camper conversions that look dull and boring like a beige science experiment, or would you […]

Omnia Oven – Could This Be The Best Campervan Cooker?

We get tonnes and tonnes of a message from people who are thinking of living the van life every week, and the same questions always pop up. The biggest thing on our reader’s minds is whether they will be able to eat properly inside their rolling tiny homes. Now I don’t mean whether they will […]

The Best Pop Up Truck Campers Start At Just $10,000

If you follow Van Clan’s very own Van Life Instagram channel, then you may have noticed that we’ve been on an international adventure with our friends Four Wheel Campers over the past couple of weeks. Never content with just travelling around Europe to find out more about the Van life movement and the world’s greatest […]

Carapate Adventure Is A Modern Take On The Classic Teardrop Trailer

If you’re new to Van Clan, then you won’t already know about our unhealthy obsession with small travel trailers. While we love off road trucks, Four Wheel Campers, and pretty much all of the campervan conversions that we find on our travels through the internet, there’s just something about trailer life that we find very […]

Meet The World’s First Ford Camper With A Built-In Foosball Table

When it comes to choosing the best van to live in, many people will tell you that you should either go for a Sprinter Camper Van or a Ford Transit Campervan. The size and compatibility of these two vehicles lend themselves to a whole different range of designs, essentially making them the perfect blank canvas […]

Best Lightweight Trailer Camper Weighs Under 300lbs & Sleeps Four

What is it about small travel trailers that we find so downright appealing? Is it the fact that they come in so many different shapes and styles, or do we just love the immediate portability and having the ability to set off on an off grid adventure at a moments notice? Whatever the reason, micro […]

VW Atlas Basecamp Is Ready To Take On The Overlanding World

It would probably be fair to say that the Volkswagen Bus Camper is one of the most iconic campers of our time. There’s just something about this classic camper conversion that makes us far too excited, and with the arrival of the VW Electric Campervan just around the corner, the German automotive giants look as […]

Best Family Camper Sleeps Up To 7 People And Has An Onboard Shower!

Some of the best holidays I ever had as a child were camping trips with the entire family. Getting to hang out with cousins and uncles that I hadn’t seen since the last family gathering was always exciting, and the stories that we told and the games we all played have stayed with me until […]

Timberleaf Trailer Is The Perfect Companion For Off-Grid Adventures

When it comes to living the trailer life, there are so many different options to choose from. Small travel trailers come in all different shapes and styles; from the best teardrop trailers on the market to a luxury trailer with a floating bed, there are a myriad of different ways that you can enjoy alternative […]

VW Electric Campervan Is A New Take On An Old Classic

Ask anyone in the street or your 90-year-old granny to name a camper conversion, and they’ll probably come straight back at you with the answer, ‘a VW Bus’, that is unless your neighbour or your mum makes the Carado Axion or did some work experience with Outside Van Campers. The Volkswagen Bus Camper could well […]

10 Best Camper Van Batteries For DIY Camper Conversions

When it comes to campervan conversions, everyone has a different idea of what the most important part of the build is. We might have helped you to learn how to build a campervan, but the finer details of our affordable tiny homes are always the most hotly discussed among vandwellers. Which are the best campervan […]

Best Campervan Cookers For Your Travelling Tiny Homes

What is it about travelling in a van that we vandwellers find so appealing? The freedom that you get from living inside a tiny home allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and to explore new cities and cultures that you might not have experienced before, but it also gives you the […]

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