Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks: The Best Van-Friendly Watercraft Reviewed

What adventure is complete without some fun on the water? While your van might not have space for a canoe or boat, we’re willing to bet you can find room for an inflatable kayak. Compact and portable, they take up little of your precious space, yet springs to life and gets you waterborne quickly after only a few minutes of pumping. 

But with so many options, how do you know which inflatable kayak is the best option for you? 

To save you time and make your life easier, we’ve done our research and put together this list of the best inflatable kayaks on the market in 2022. Keep on reading to find out which inflatable kayaks made our list!

Inflatable vs Hard Shell Kayaks: Which Is Better? 

Kayaks have been around for centuries, and their portability is what makes them so popular. After all, larger boats require boat tracks or towing to get them to the water. Kayaks, on the other hand, can be carried, sometimes by a singular person, without the use of any other tools or equipment.

Companies took the kayak and went one step further, creating inflatable kayaks that take that ease of portability to a whole new level.

There is great debate in the kayaking community of which type of kayak is the best — inflatables, or hard shells. Although they both have their benefits and strong suits, the decision of which kayak is better comes down to personal preference.

  • Traditional hardshell kayaks have the upper hand when it comes to speed. They can cut through the water much faster than an inflatable making them a great option for those who enjoy kayak racing or touring.
  • Inflatable watercraft, on the other hand, tend to be cheaper, easier to transport, and more buoyant on the water. If you’re an avid traveler and enjoy taking your kayak on adventures with you, then an inflatable is definitely the way to go.

What to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Kayak

Before purchasing an inflatable kayak, there are a few things you should consider:

Weight Capacity

Inflatable kayaks come with a weight capacity. This weight capacity is a guideline as to how much weight the kayak can hold while still remaining easy to maneuver and control.

When purchasing your kayak, it is best to calculate the total weight of all passengers and gear on board. For example, if you’re purchasing a tandem kayak and the total weight limit is 550 lbs, you need to add up your weight, your passenger’s weight, and the weight of anything else you’ll be taking on board.

From here, you can compare the figures and see if your weight comes in under the weight capacity. As a rule, you should try to leave 10 to 20 pounds extra in case you upgrade any gear or change passengers along the way.

Kayak fishermen should also keep this in mind. Fishing gear can get extremely heavy, and with constant upgrades, you can lose track of how much weight you’re carrying on board.

In our opinion, it’s best to purchase an inflatable kayak with a higher weight capacity now than having to upgrade it in the future.

Seating Capacity

The next thing to think about is if you should purchase a one or two-person kayak. Of course, this will come down to whether you’re paddling alone or with a second paddler. (This second “paddler” could also include your dog, so keep that in mind when making the decision!)

When considering the seating options, be sure to look for adjustable seats — these will give you the flexibility to adjust your position in the kayak.


When you hear the word “inflatable,” you probably think that durability will be compromised. I know you’re imagining your kayak popping underneath you, but the materials that companies use to create most inflatable kayaks are extremely tough and puncture-resistant.

In fact, they are in some ways more durable than hard-shell kayaks: they don’t dent, scratch, or ding. 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most common material companies use to create their inflatable kayaks. It is lightweight, cost-effective, and durable, making it an excellent option for an inflatable boat. Nitrylon and hypalon are two other materials you may see, both of which are durable and resistant to abrasions.


One of the best things about inflatable kayaks is the fact that they’re extremely portable. Unlike their hard-shell cousins, you can deflate your kayak, roll it up, pack it in a backpack or duffel bag and take it with you on every adventure.

Some inflatable kayaks are heavier than others, and if you do plan on traveling with yours, you should pay close attention to the weight of the vessel and its accessories once it’s deflated and packed away. Low weight can do a lot to improve the kayak’s portability.

Not only would it be difficult to carry if it was too heavy, but it could also go over airline weight limits and result in excess baggage fees.


Something not many people think about when purchasing an inflatable kayak is the accessories it comes with. If your kayak doesn’t include any of the necessary accessories you’d need to get going on the water, then you will have to buy them separately. Not only does this increase the overall cost of your kayak, but it will also slow down the time it takes for you to live out your inflatable kayaking dreams.

Ideally, you want your inflatable kayak to come with a pump, a paddle, a carry case, and a repair kit, including repair patches.

Top 10 Inflatable Kayaks for 2022

Now we’ve covered what you should consider before purchasing, let’s get into the top 10 inflatable kayaks for 2022.

1. Intex Challenger K1 Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

The Intex Challenger K1 is a sit-in kayak that is 9 feet long, 2 feet 6 inches wide, and roughly 26 lbs once deflated. Intex designed their K1 inflatable kayak out of durable vinyl that can take on everything from calm waters to white water rapids.

Sit-in kayaks like the K1 are especially great for white water adventures as their closed deck prevents the majority of water from entering into the kayak’s cockpit. 

When it came to overall stability, Intex decided to add I-beam floors. This type of flooring not only improves how stable the boat is but also helps the kayak cut through rough waters in a straight line. 

The K1 can hold a single passenger with a total weight capacity of 220 lbs. If you are looking for a tandem kayaker or one with a greater weight limit than the K1, then Intex also have a K2 Tandem Inflatable Kayak.


Intex wanted to make their K1 kayak versatile, so they added a removable seat that can be taken in and out of the kayak easily. They also went down the removable route with the skeg that lies underneath the boat. Being able to remove these two features makes it effortless to deflate, pack up, and transport the kayak. 

As the enclosed cockpit of the K1 doesn’t provide the paddler with much storage space, Intex added a front cargo net that can secure your dry bag, first aid kit, water, or other belongings. The cargo makes all these possessions easy to access as they’re located directly in front of you.

If you happen to fall in (yes, it’s inevitable), Intex included grab lines on both the front and rear end of the kayak. These grab lines can help you reenter the boat from the water, or you can even use them to clip on additional gear that doesn’t fit in the front cargo net. 

The final features worth mentioning are the Boston valves and separate air chambers. The Boston valves work to improve the inflation and deflation time of your kayak. You don’t want to be stood around forever pumping your kayak up, so these valves ensure you can inflate your kayak up in as little as five minutes. 

The separate air chambers are another nice touch. If there is an air leak in one of the chambers, you’ll be able to paddle back to shore thanks to the remaining fully inflated chamber. 


Intex supplied their K1 Challenger with everything you’d need to get out on the water in an instance. Firstly, they included a hi-output pump. This pump, along with the Boston valves, is what will inflate your kayak efficiently. 

Secondly, the K1 comes with an 84-inch aluminum oar. Although the aluminum oar isn’t the most premium type of oar you can use, it will still do the job, and you can always upgrade it in the future. 

Finally, the Challenger comes with a repair patch and a duffel-style carry case that fits the kayak and its accessories inside.


  • Person Capacity: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 26 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 9′ x 2’6″
  • Color: Green and blue
  • Materials: PVC

2. Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

Intext explorer k2

The Explorer K2 is another Intex Inflatable kayak that makes it onto our best inflatable kayak list. Intex just do inflatable kayaks so well that we had to mention more than one! (Spoiler alert, there is a total of three on our list today.)

The Intex Explorer K2, however, is slightly different from the Challenger as it is a sit-on kayak as opposed to a sit-in. Sit-on kayaks such as this have an open cockpit with more room to move around. 

Intex designed their Explorer K2 portable kayak to be 10 feet 3 inches long by 3 feet wide. This additional length makes room for two people to comfortably fit on the kayak, meaning you, a passenger, and any additional gear with a total weight limit of 400 lbs can head out on the water together. 

The Explorer also features an inflatable I-beam floor to improve the kayak’s overall rigidity and durability. That said, the K2 is mainly suitable for flat-water paddling in smaller bodies of water, such as lakes or slow-moving rivers, rather than choppy waters.


The Explorer K2 showcases many of the same features as the Challenger. Both seats are removable and come with inflatable backrests for added support. The fact that they are removable means that you can also convert this tandem kayak to a one-seater kayak. This option is great for those needing more legroom or for kayak anglers who intend to fish from the cockpit of their kayak. 

Along with the removable seats is a removable skeg which works in the same way as we mentioned before. You can easily clip it into place to help with tracking, or remove it so you can pack your kayak into its dedicated carry bag. 

Intex also designed their Explorer K2 with multiple air chambers that are all kitted out with Boston valves. The latter are a favorite amongst many paddlers, and common on inflatable kayaks; you’ll see them popping up a few times throughout our list.


The Intex Explorer comes with everything you’d need to set up your kayak on the day of delivery. With it, you’ll receive a hi-output air pump, a carry bag, a repair kit, and two 86’ aluminum paddles.


  • Person Capacity:  2 person
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 30 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 10’3″ x 3′
  • Color: Yellow and gray
  • Materials: Polypropylene

3. Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro Kayak

The third and final Intex inflatable kayak to make our list is the Intex Excursion Pro. This kayak is another two-seater sit-on kayak that Intex made from laminate PVC. 

The Excursion Pro is the longest Intex kayak on our list, with measurements of 12 feet 7 inches by 3 feet 1 inch. Intex initially designed the Excursion Pro to be a fishing kayak, but you can also use it for recreational kayaking if you so wish. 

In total, the Excursion Pro can hold up to 400 lbs.-worth of weight, enough for two passengers, or one passenger plus a large selection of fishing gear.

Like Intex’s other kayaks, the Excursion also has an I-beam floor to improve its overall rigidity out on the water.


The Excursion Pro has a range of notable features, starting with spring-loaded valves, three air chambers, and an integrated drain plug. Intex used spring-loaded valves in this larger kayak as they can take on high pressures during inflation and deflation. 

Something their other kayaks didn’t feature, however, is an integrated drain plug. This plug comes in particularly handy if you choose to use the kayak for fishing, as you can easily drain away any water that gets into the kayak’s cockpit

Some other interesting features are a mounting bracket for fishing accessories, adjustable foot braces, one removable seat booster, and two removable inflatable seats with adjustable backrests. The seats, along with the footrests, provide the most amount of comfort possible while out on the water for long periods of time.

Intex supplied the Excursion Pro with both a standard directional skeg and a shallow water skeg. As kayak fishing can take you into a range of different water conditions, you may need to change your skeg to suit the water depth in your chosen fishing area.


As with the other Intex products, the Excursion Pro comes with a storage bag, a repair kit, two aluminum 86’ paddles, and a hi-output pump. This kayak also has a pressure gauge, so you can pump your kayak with just enough air to provide extra rigidity in your boat.


  • Person Capacity: 2 person
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 39 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 12’7″ x 3’1″
  • Color: Red and gray
  • Materials: PVC

4. Sea Eagle 370 3 Person Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for a bona-fide sport kayak, check out the Sea Eagle 370 Pro Kayak. Indeed, you can traverse rough waters in confidence with its class III whitewater rating!

One caveat: while the 370 Pro advertises a 3-person capacity, that’s referring to its weight capacity (650 lbs). In fact, only two seats come with the kayak–though the extra capacity is handy for carrying all your camping cargo.

As the 370 Pro is 12 feet 5 inches long and 33 inches wide, it certainly is possible to fit an additional small passenger (like a dog); however, this kayak would work best as a two-person kayak. 

Sea Eagle designed the 370 kayak out of PVC material, and high frequency welded the seams to make it as durable as can be. Like the other kayaks we’ve mentioned previously, it also features an inflatable I-beam flooring to improve its rigidity and stability. 


The Sea Eagle 370 Pro features two bottom skegs to help improve the kayak’s speed and tracking. At the front and the back of the kayak, you’ll find bow and stern grab lines, which come in useful if you happen to fall in the water. 

The 370 kayak comes fitted with three air chambers and five one-way air valves for speedy inflation right at the water’s edge. Sea Eagle also included a drain valve to remove any excess water that made its way into the cockpit. 

Both inflatable seats are removable, so you can customize the boat’s interior to suit your needs for the day. If you regularly head out on extended trips, the additional legroom that comes with removing the front kayak seat could be of great benefit. Not only will you have more room to move around, but you can also carry camping gear, food and drink, and personal belongings.


Sea Eagle included all necessary accessories with their 370 Pro kayak. The kayak comes equipped with a foot pump, a repair kit, a shoulder strap carry bag, and two kayak paddles.


  • Person Capacity: 3 person
  • Weight Capacity: 650 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 33 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 12’5″ x 33″
  • Color: White and blue
  • Materials: PVC

5. Sevylor Quikpak K1 Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor quikpak k1 kayak

The Sevylor Quikpak K1 is a single-person sit-on kayak that can hold up to a generous 400 lbs. 

Sevylor constructed their Quikpak K1 out of 21-gauge PVC and added a tarpaulin bottom to protect the kayak from any punctures. You can use it for rugged lake use, and it still will remain in excellent condition. 

Although this kayak can hold a large amount of weight, it is one of the smaller kayaks on our list, coming in at 8 feet 7 inches long by 3 feet wide.


During the design process, Sevylor decided on multiple air chambers to ensure the paddler isn’t left submerged in water in the event of a puncture by sharp objects. You’ll still have to repair the puncture, but at least you can stay afloat during repairs and make it back to shore dry and in one piece.

For convenience, Sevylor fitted double lock valves that use the two locking points for a quick and easy inflation in as little as five minutes

The kayak seat is removable and comes with a fairly high backrest to improve comfort while you’re on your aquatic adventures. They even added foot braces so you can prop your feet up while paddling. 

As the cockpit is on the slightly smaller side, Sevylor attached a front bungee storage to hold important gear or belongings. They also went one step further and included a paddle holder to securely fasten your paddle in place when it’s not in use.


Along with the Sevylor Quikpak K1 comes an easy-to-carry backpack, which makes this kayak a highly portable option. This backpack has padded straps, a front bungee for the additional kayak accessories, and once the kayak is inflated, it acts as the detachable kayak seat. 

As well as the backpack, you’ll also receive a hand pump and an adjustable kayak paddle.


  • Person Capacity: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 18 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 8’7″ x 3′
  • Color: Blue and gray
  • Materials: PVC tarpaulin

6. Sevylor Quikpak K5 Inflatable Kayak

The second Sevylor kayak to make our list is the Quikpak K5. The K5, however, is a sit-in one-person kayak with spray covers to keep you dry and warm against any unexpected splashes. 

Sevylor constructed their K5 kayak out of 24 gauge PVC and covered the bottom in a rugged tarpaulin and a thick polyester cover. 

The K5 has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs and is 10 feet long and 2 feet 10 inches wide.


The Quikpak K5 has carry handles at the front and back of the kayak to help make transferring it to and from the water a breeze. As well as the handles, there are numerous D-rings dotted around the kayak; you can use these to attach additional gear and accessories. 

For gear that needs to be secured in place, Sevylor included front and back bungee systems that’ll tie down essential items while keeping them in an easy-to-access location

Much like the other kayaks, the K5 has multiple air chambers and double-lock valves for a simple and fast inflation.


Accompanied with the Quikpak K5 is an easy-to-carry backpack that also acts as your removable kayak seat. When the backpack isn’t being used as a seat, it has padded shoulder straps, a front bungee system, and a top carry handle for your convenience.

A hand pump and a kayak paddle also come alongside the K5.


  • Person Capacity: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 25.5 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 10′ x 2’10”
  • Color: Gray and green
  • Materials: PVC

7. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Inflatable Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Kayak

Our final Sevylor kayak is the Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

If you’re simply looking for a recreational kayak, then the Coleman Colorado might not be the one for you. Sevylor designed this kayak with the sole purpose of fishing in mind. 

To protect the Coleman Colorado against any punctures, Sevylor used multiple layers, including 18 gauge PVC, a 1000D tarpaulin bottom, and a 840D cover. With fishing hooks and other sharp gear on board, this extra protection is needed.

The Coleman Colorado can fit two people and gear with a combined weight of 470 lbs. If you prefer fishing solo, then you can ditch the second seat and create a larger fishing base.


As the Coleman Colorado was intended to be a fishing kayak, it comes with some unique fishing features that really make it stand out from the crowd. 

The first are fishing rod holders that are completely adjustable, so you can fish hands-free. Along with fishing rod holders are paddle holders to secure your paddles out of place when you’re reeling in your catch of the day.

Along the sides of the kayak, you’ll find multiple D-rings, which you can use to attach fishing gear or other accessories such as the Sevylor trolling motor.

And if the D-rings weren’t enough, then mesh storage pockets in both the front and center of the kayak will keep important items visible at all times.

The Sevylor Colorado Coleman is no exception to the multiple air chambers and Boston valve combination, so don’t worry — your kayak won’t be going under if one chamber happens to rupture.


One downfall to the Coleman Colorado kayak is that it doesn’t come with a pump or a paddle, so you’ll need to buy these separately. It does, however, include a carry bag and a pressure gauge to ensure you’re inflating to the optimum PSI.


  • Person Capacity: 2 person
  • Weight Capacity: 470 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 41 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 10’9″ x 3’3″
  • Color: Army green
  • Materials: PVC and tarpaulin

8. Driftsun Rover 120/220 Inflatable Kayak

Driftsun Rover Kayak

The Driftsun Rover is one of the pricer kayaks on our list, but its price is understandable once you get into all its design features and accessories. 

Driftsun constructed their Rover kayak out of 1000D reinforced layered PVC and added a heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom to protect the kayak from punctures. 

To go along with the tarpaulin bottom, they added a high-pressure drop stitch floor which enhances the kayak’s overall tracking and speed

The Rover is a sit-on kayak suitable for one paddler and can hold up to 300 lbs worth of weight. 

Driftsun wanted their kayak to be versatile, so not only is it a great kayak for recreational paddling, but it can also take on class III and IV rapids.

Once the Rover is fully inflated, it measures in at 8 feet 5 inches long and 36 inches wide.


Driftsun went into detail with their kayak’s features. First, they installed five self-bailing ports to empty any water that gets into the boat. Next, they included a flat water tracking fin and enhanced the rockers profile to increase stability and control in both rough and calm waters.

You can find D-rings down both sides of the Rover that act as tie-down points for any of your kayaking gear. And a front action camera mount so you can capture the action and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

The front and back of the kayak have carry handles that assist in docking, and inside the cockpit, you’ll find adjustable footrests and a padded high-back removable seat.


The Rover kayak comes with an adjustable two-piece aluminum kayak paddle, a deluxe double action hand pump, a travel bag, and a rear tracking fin.


  • Person Capacity: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 22 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 8’5″ x 36″
  • Color: Orange or blue
  • Materials: PVC and tarpaulin

9. Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Inflatable Kayak

Advanced elements kayak

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak is a sit-in kayak that has incredible tracking thanks to its built-in aluminum ribs that help to define the bow and stern. This folding frame gives the AdvancedFrame the feel of a rigid hard-shell kayak but with an inflatable option.

Advanced Elements created their AdvancedFrame Kayak out of PVC tarpaulin and used multi-layer construction for maximum durability. 

Once inflated, the AdvancedFrame is 10 feet 5 inches long and 32 inches wide. It has the ability to hold up to 300 lbs and, in our opinion, is a kayak for more experienced paddlers.


Advanced Elements welded on landing plates to increase protection when beaching the AdvancedFrame. 

You can find D-ring attachment points on both the front and back of the kayak and a front bungee area to anchor down your belongings while out on the water.

To help get the kayak in and out of the water, Advanced Elements included front and back carry handles (these can also be used as grab handles if you capsize). 

The final feature of the AdvancedFrame is the adjustable padded high support seat which provides amazing comfort for the entirety of your trip.


Sadly, the AdvancedFrame doesn’t come with a pump or paddle, so you’ll need to buy these items in addition to the kayak itself. What it does include is a duffel-style carry bag that double-ups as storage when not in use.


  • Person Capacity: 1 person
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 35 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 10’5″ x 32″
  • Color: Orange or green
  • Materials: PVC tarpaulin

10. Airhead Montana Inflatable Kayak

Airhead montana kayak

The final inflatable kayak to make our list is the Airhead Montana 2-person sit-on kayak. The company created their Montana Kayak for use on both flat water and moderate white waters, so it’s an excellent choice for those who want the best of both worlds. 

To ensure it remains durable throughout all its adventures, they constructed the body with PVC materials. The Airhead Montana Kayak is 12 feet long and has the ability to carry up to 500 lbs. 

To increase their kayak’s rigidity, buoyancy, and comfort, Airhead also went with a tubular inflatable I-beam flooring.


The Montana Kayak has three separate air chambers, all of which are enclosed with 840D nylon.

Airhead also added a UV and water-resistant coating to their kayak to protect it from all the outdoor elements. Even with this coating, however, you mustn’t leave it in direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

Then there are the neoprene elbow guards — something we haven’t seen on any other kayak mentioned today. There are four guards on the sides of the vessel to protect your elbows from scraping the kayak while paddling. 

And the comfort doesn’t stop there. You also have removable inflatable seats, which provide great back support over long distances. If you enjoy spending the entire afternoon on your kayak, this feature will be a godsend. 

The bottom of the Montana Kayak has durable tri-laminate reinforcements and a drain hole with a plug. The plug allows you to remove all water from the cockpit while the reinforcement protects the kayak from any punctures. 

Airhead also included 6 D-rings at the front and back of the kayak, as well as bungee nets for additional storage. 


A huge downfall to the Airhead Montana Kayak is that you only receive the kayak itself when purchasing. 

All your paddles, pumps, bags, and repair kits will need to be bought separately. 

This won’t be a problem if this isn’t your first kayak, as you’d most likely have these items at home. But, if it is your first, then that’s something to take into consideration.


  • Person Capacity: 2 person
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 36 lbs
  • Kayak Dimensions: 12 foot
  • Color: Bright orange with black features
  • Materials: PVC

How to Care for an Inflatable Kayak

As with all things, you need to take proper care of your inflatable kayak to keep it in good condition. Here are some things you should do regularly to prevent your kayak from deteriorating prematurely. 

Keep It Out of the Sun

Although kayaks are made for the outdoors, they aren’t able to withstand sun exposure for long periods of time.

The sun can cause the air inside a kayak to expand. As a result of sun exposure, the kayak could end up busting its seams. Once this happens, it’s extremely costly to fix. 

The sun will also discolor your kayak, making it look old and weathered before its time. To keep your kayak looking and performing its best, keep it out of direct sunlight or extremely hot temperatures. 

Rinse It off With Fresh Water

Once you’ve finished paddling for the day, rinse off your kayak with fresh water. This step is especially important if you’ve been paddling in salt water. Salt water can corrode the materials of an inflatable kayak, causing lasting damage over time. 

Rinsing your kayak also gets rid of any dirt or debris that could cause pressure dings, scratches, or punctures. 

Dry It Thoroughly 

Once you’ve finished off rinsing your kayak, be sure to dry it thoroughly. Storing your kayak wet encourages the growth of mold and mildew. 

Take a dry towel and wipe all surfaces of the kayak down. If this hasn’t got all the water off, leave the kayak outside in the shade for ten or so minutes. 

Store It in a Cool, Dry Place

If you’re an avid paddler and take your kayak out numerous times a week, then storing it inflated will save you a tremendous amount of time. If you do, however, store your kayak inflated, be sure to let out a few PSI. Releasing some pressure will give the air inside the kayak room to expand. Once you get to your chosen destination, it will only take a few pumps to get your kayak back to its optimum pressure. 

Regardless of if you store your kayak inflated or deflated though, you should always store it in a cool, dry area where the temperatures don’t fluctuate considerably. A garage shed or bedroom closet will do the trick.

Check It Over for Any Punctures

Since your kayak is inflatable, you should always be checking it over for punctures. You can fix most punctures with repair patches.

However, if the puncture is substantial, you’re best taking your kayak to a professional to be properly fixed. 

Inflatable Kayaks: Our Final Thoughts

Kayaks are an incredible piece of kit, which, if taken care of properly, can last for years to come. With the invention of inflatable kayaks came the freedom to transport them all across the world. Now, not only can you paddle in your local town, but you can pack up and take your kayak to a whole other continent if you so wish.

As we wrap up on our top 10 inflatable kayaks, we’d love to know your opinions.

Have you tried one of these inflatable kayaks? Or do you prefer a traditional hard shell kayak? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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