This Replica Lego Volkswagen Is Made From Over 400,000 Pieces

You can now mix your childhood love of Lego with a full sized VW lego Volkswagen camper. That’s right, we’ve all most likely seen those small VW bus lego sets floating around the toy shops, heck we even bought one for ourselves this Christmas! But this is a replica size lego Volkswagen T2 made entirely of Lego that you can actually get inside.

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Unfortunately this masterpiece isn’t road legal so if you do feel the need to copy it or buy it, you’ll be using it as an art piece instead of van life, but still, we want one!This lego Volkswagen campervan was hand built using over 400,000 pieces of lego, each piece is perfectly placed to ensure that this become a near-perfect replica of the classic VW T2 Kombi. The VW T2 was introduced in 1950, and become a much needed spacious upgrade from its younger brother, the VW T1 Bus. It became an instant hit for travelling around the country, visiting beaches and having picnics with your friends in the volkswagen 2Now almost 70 years on, specialised brick builders Rene Hoffmeister and Pascal Lenhard created this incredible sculpture in just six weeks, they did it with such speed by using a steel-tube frame to attach the lego panels too. This actually made it possible for the small tyres to hold this 600KG lego piece.This was revealed at the travel and leisure fair in Munich, Germany this week, and as you can imagine it was getting a serious amount of attention. The more you look at this lego VW camper the more van life essentials you start to see. For example, huge sections like the classic Westfalia pop top roof, the headlights (which actually light up) and even the small step that helps children and elderly hop into the vehicle.Not only will it blow you away when you look at it from the outside, it’s when you take a peak inside that you start dribbling in awe. It’s incredible how much detail Rene and Pascal went into to make even the Westfalia interior look stunning. They’ve added small touches like the fold up desk, a sink and even a retro radio to keep with the theme. This is a serious piece of art that we can’t help but love.

Now this might not be the best van to live in but without doubt it’s one of the most unique. Would you be willing to build one of these, even it took you months, if not years to make? Let us know over on Twitter by tweeting us @vanclans!

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