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Incredible Custom Off-Grid 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Conversion

We are addicted to 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter’s, they are like the great white sharks of the road, vicious, unstoppable and beautiful all at the same time. American based conversion company Outside Van are known for their incredible Sprinter Conversions, here they showcase a custom made 4×4 beast and we instantly fell in love. OV have seriously […]

Top 10 Best Camper Trailers Of 2023

Camper trailers are an increasingly popular way to get rolling with the van life. After all, they’re a great way to get a tonne of space where you can rest, eat, and wash–without splashing the cash for an expensive campervan conversion. So we’ve put together a list of our top 10 camper trailers of 2020. Our […]

Helio Portable Pressure Shower

Keeping clean on the road can be a nightmare, showers are an irregular occurrence and not many vans have the room for an internal shower. The Helio Pressure Shower allows you to take a warm shower with you wherever you may venture to. It’s basically a large bag that you fill with water and you use […]

Nissan ENV200 2023 Review

Is the future really all about electric vehicles? Read our 2020 Nissan eNV200 camper review to find out what campervan journalist Kate Taylor discovered. “UK could ban sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 12 years,” was the headline-grabbing announcement by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in February 2020. The prospect of a ban by […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Campervans & RVs

We love to look around DIY Conversions, but sometimes taking a peak inside some of the most expensive campervans, RVs and motorhomes is just as satisfying. So we’ve put together a list of our personal, best camper vans and RVs that cost an arm and a leg. Now before diving in, there are still some […]

10 Best Travel Trailers Of 2023

The need for the best travel trailers is forever becoming a more demanding request and with 2020 already here customers want to know what’s the best tiny home on wheels that they can attach to their vehicle. Do you want a large trailer that’s primarily static to be apart of your van life off-grid home? Or are […]

10 Best Expedition Vehicles To Explore The World In

Some of the best Expedition vehicles in the world are built just for millionaires, but many out there can be afforded by the average person who likes to explore where the roads finish. Even some of the best camper vans can’t go where expedition vehicles can go. These are the ultimate exploration devices, bringing with […]

Top 10 Off Road Campers That’ll Blow Your Mind

The off road camper is forever changing, back many years ago, it was simply off road tyres and a surfboard. But now the demand for more expensive, and more homely rigs is forever growing. Growing so much in fact that there are million dollar rigs out there that are selling… and well. This list is […]

coolAIR Inflatable Cool Box Review

The cool box is an outdated piece of camping gear, it’s big, bulky and gets in the way. But it just got an upgrade, the coolAIR Inflatable Cool Box is the modern day way of cooling your food and beverages on the go. No more dragging around a giant blue box that can barely fit […]

10 Best Tiny Campers With Incredible Interior

The best part about tiny campers is the ability to keep your budget tiny too, you can find a high mileage, newish vehicle on eBay for around $5,000-$10,000, and if you do a DIY conversion you could have one of the finest tiny campers in your area for well under $15,000! Weve scouted the internet […]

Hymer Vision Venture Inside The Million Dollar Camper

Have you ever wanted a campervan from the future? Well, the Hymer Vision Venture is just that. A new concept camper by Hymer designed on top of a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter, and we’ll be honest, our jaws instantly dropped when we saw this thing. There’s not much information out there regarding this vehicle; we even went up […]

Win $5,000 in Parts for Your Truck Camper from RedRock 4×4

Attention all Domestic Truck Owners: here is your chance to win $5,000 in parts and accessories for your pickup from AmericanTrucks (AT), brought to you by RedRock 4×4. RedRock 4×4 is a manufacturer of off-road truck armor including grille guards, side armor, rocker panel guards, truck side steps, taillight guards and other sturdy, functional, and […]

VW California 6.1 Camper Gets A Bunch Of New Hi-Tech Features

VW has finally revealed more information on their new VW California 6.1, a new hi-tech, modernised upgrade to their Transporter range which is targeted at us campervan and van life enthusiasts. It will be officially revealed at this years Caravan Salon show in Düsseldorf on the 30th August which we will be attending in hopes […]

Win $5,000 For Your Jeep Or Toyota From RedRock 4×4

Attention all Jeep and Toyota owners: here is your chance to win $5,000 in parts and accessories for your rig on ExtremeTerrain (XT), brought to you by RedRock 4×4. RedRock 4×4 is fast becoming one of the most trusted names in the off-road aftermarket by offering performance and styling parts that easily surpass factory OEM […]

Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station Is Perfect For Van Lifers Needing Power

Living off grid doesn’t have to be hard; we get lots of messages from people who are thinking about living in a van or travelling in a van, and their biggest concerns are always about how they will get power for their digital nomad devices, and also how they will choose the best campervan toilets […]

Which VW Camper Van Is Best For Van Life And Weekend Trips?

The VW camper van is by far one of the most iconic camper vans in the world. It started the van life scene, with fellow vandwellers, surfers and adventure addicts using them to drive away for the weekend with everything they need. Now, after many years of innovation and demand, the vw camper van has […]

Best Portable Shower in 2023 For YouR Camping Trip

Are you thinking about the best portable showers for your next camping trip, or road trip away? We thought the exact same question just a few months back, and we’ve been lucky enough to test a few and put together the ultimate best portable showers list to help you decide which ones are worth picking […]

How To Insulate A Camper Or RV In 10 Easy Steps

We get asked how to insulate a camper on a regular basis; it’s one of the easier steps of the conversion, but if done incorrectly it’s one of the hardest to put right! We’d also just quickly like to congratulate you for taking one of the first steps of your campervan conversions. It’s an exciting […]

Lifesaver Jerry Can Review

The Lifesaver Jerry Can is an item we didn’t think we’d ever need, but it’s now becoming one of our favourite van life essentials and something that comes with us on every single trip. Don’t let the hefty price tag scare you, because there’s a lot of high end features that goes into the lifesaver. […]

Someone Converted Their Campervan Into A Thunderbird 2

We’ve seen some almighty campervan conversions in our time, but none that come close to this Thunderbird 2 conversion. I remember as a child, watching the Thunderbirds and even having this exact aircraft as a toy. So seeing a piece of my childhood mixed with my adult interests really makes me go all gooey inside. […]

Meet The Vintage VW Bus Turned Wine Bar Touring New Zealand

It wasn’t long ago that we toured New Zealand in a camper van, but unfortunately we didn’t meet this vintage VW Bus that just so happens to be driving around the incredible countryside letting travellers taste test the best wines the country has to offer. Join our Van Lifers & Weekend Warriors Facebook Community Group […]

This Replica Lego Volkswagen Is Made From Over 400,000 Pieces

You can now mix your childhood love of Lego with a full sized VW lego Volkswagen camper. That’s right, we’ve all most likely seen those small VW bus lego sets floating around the toy shops, heck we even bought one for ourselves this Christmas! But this is a replica size lego Volkswagen T2 made entirely […]

This Mitsubishi Delica 4X4 Camper Conversion Is A Thing Of Beauty

One of the most popular van life campers around Europe is the Mitsubishi Delica, it’s a staple for small sized campers and one that can take on whatever you throw at it. Many of you clan members actually drive a Mitsubishi Delica, and if you do we salute you, they are one of the best […]

Rinsekit Portable Shower Review

The van life is beyond incredible, unlimited freedom, incredible views, incredible people and very little showers… wait, what? That’s right, we all know that your average camper conversion lacks one of the main necessities of a normal home, and that’s a shower. Showers take up lots of room, requires a lot of water, and if […]

7 Reasons Why Living The Full Time Van Life Is No Sacrifice

We all know the stereotypes of full time van life or so called “van lifers”. Hippies that don’t shower and practice yoga daily, youngsters in their parents old station wagon resisting a real career, middle aged married couples with dream catchers who want to revamp their marriage. And, of course, old men who love windmills. […]

BMW Teams Up With North Face To Reveal A New Off Grid Camper

CES 2019 is in full swing and to our amazement it’s revealed a North Face Camper designed by BMW. That’s right, BMW the world renowned automotive company who aren’t necessarily in the consumer overlanding market, has teamed up with North Face to reveal an all new camper for van life enthusiasts and adventure seekers to […]

This Tiny NestBox Will Convert Your Car Into A Functioning Camper

We’ve been waiting for something like this for a while now, but it wasn’t until the Nestbox here was released, that we can officially say it’s finally been done right. Many van life companies have tried to create a modular, transformable camper kit with all the van life essentials, but most have failed or haven’t […]

Gerber Spork Is The Only Piece Of Cutlery You Need For Adventures

The Gerber Spork is without doubt an extremely underrated piece of equipment for your next adventure. Yes, that’s right, I’ve written this short article, about a freaking spork. But hear me out, and I can tell you why its worth splashing out on this little fella. Whether you’ve picked up a camper shower, or treated […]

Van Life With A Dog – The Good & Bad Moments

My husband and I have been living the van life with a dog full-time for the past two years. Harper is a 60lb German Shepard mix. She’s four years old and has an endless amount of energy! Bringing Harper along in the van has been a big decision for us. When we first started planning our […]

31 Of The Best Campervan Gifts For Your Next Adventure

Got a birthday coming up or planning your Christmas gifts? Looking for presents for the Digital Nomads in your life? Don’t be one of those people that raids the petrol station shelves the night before the big day. Keep the mountain-shaped air freshener where it belongs and check out these fantastic campervan gifts that will […]

12 Best Campervan Conversions To Inspire Your Next Adventure

If you’re an avid campervan enthusiast then you’ll know campervan conversions are a seriously hot topic right now. Students, weekend warriors, vandwellers and even the wealthy are converting their campervans into incredible off grid living homes on wheels. Some van lifers want a stealth camper, some a VW camper, and some even want a pop […]

VW ID Buzz Cargo Van Is Volkswagen’s Latest Electric Delivery Van Concept

There’s a new concept vehicle coming from VW’s factory, and that’s the VW ID Buzz Cargo Van, an all electric panel van designed for delivery companies to make their delivery process automated and funky at the same time. It was revealed only several hours ago at the IAA Commercial Vehicles conference in Hannover, Germany, presented […]

Sherpa Trailer Is Half Off Road Camper Half Transformer

If you’ve been a long time reader, you’ll know that we love a good off road camper, and the Sherpa Trailer here is just that, but with more pow! Designed in Australia by the legends BRS Offroad this camper trailer is built to tackle any off road course, and 3 meal course you can think […]

This Jeep Camper Conversion Is A Off Road Masterpiece

American Expedition Vehicles is always trying to create the best Jeep camper conversion on the market, and we’ll be honest, we think they’ve done just that. Their AEV OutPost II Camper is exactly the type of vehicle you would expect. At its core, this is a Jeep Wrangler Camper unit that works extremely well, which […]

Converting A School Bus Has Never Looked So Freaking Good

Just by looking at it, you will notice that the Mayes School Bus conversion is more than just an old school bus conversion reformed and rebranded. It’s basically a work of art and among some of the best ways to customise a bus the way you want to. The Mayes family managed to create a […]

Outside Van Have Created The Mercedes Sprinter Of Your Dreams

Outside Van is a company from Portland that specializes in offering high-quality van conversion services. What they do is they take vehicles like the Mercedes Sprinter van, and they will make it one of the coolest camping vehicles ever created. They will overhaul the interior based on your needs. At the same time, you can […]

The Best Renault Trafic Camper Has Its Own Cinema

The Renault Trafic Camper may not be the name you first think of when somebody says “camper van”, but the latest pimped van by a German conversion company called Kompanja, may change your mind. The van life movement is forever growing, and so are adventurers budgets. They want luxury details, leather seats and… an outdoor […]

This Pop Up Truck Camper Will Take You Anywhere Your Heart Desires

The pop up truck camper is becoming drastically more popular in the world of off grid living, not only are they suitable for driving around the city to get your groceries, they can also be modified to care for weekend adventures in the mountains with your pals. If you’re new to EarthCruiser, these guys create […]

Meet The VW Camper Built For Big Spenders And Bigger Weekends

The VW Camper is without doubt one of the most popular campervans here in the EU. Its size is perfect for getting around the city at speed while at the same time being able to transform into a spacious “campsite” in minutes. It’s built for weekends, a trip to the beach, an evening camping under […]

Nissan Has Revealed Two New Pop Up Electric Campers

Some of us love stealth campers, others VW’s transporter range, but now there’s a category to love called the pop up electric campers. That’s right, Nissan has recently revealed not one, but two new electric campers built for customers who don’t want to do a van conversion themselves and customers who don’t have £50,000 to […]

Truck Life Hotel Is A Transforming Hotel Built For Surf Addicts

Van life is without doubt the most popular vehicle trend of the century, but truck life could be the new upcoming lifestyle that will take travelling on the road with other vandwellers to the next level. This is the Truck Surf Hotel, it’s a converted Mercedes Actros Truck that’s been built to expand into triple […]

Bear Teardrop Trailers Are Built To Explore The Unexplored

Mark Weseloh launched Bear Teardrop Trailers with a specific mission in mind. He wanted to build a teardrop camper that made it possible for anyone to get out and explore regardless of their skill level. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the road for a long stretch or camping for a weekend at your local […]

Jeep Camper Becomes The Ultimate Rock Crawling Adventure Vehicle

A jeep camper is something that doesn’t really drift onto our radar that often, but this is an adventure vehicle we couldn’t help but feature here on Van Clan. First off, if you’re new to a Jeep Wrangler, it’s one of Jeep’s most popular automobiles and targets drivers who are mainly interested in off-roading and […]

Parrot ANAFI Is The Travel Drone You’ve Always Wanted

The Parrot ANAFI is the latest travel drone on the block, and it’s ready to cause a ruckus. We’ll admit it might be a little late to the party but trust us, it packs some new features and a more affordable price tag compared to other competitors in its category. If you’ve never heard of […]

The 10 Best Travel Accessories For Women On The Road

No matter where in the world you’re planning on traveling, it’s always far more enjoyable when you have the right travel accessories for women, the best vanlife socks, and epic travel gadgets with you! After five years of traveling the world full-time, both traditionally, and as a vanlifer – I decided that now is the […]

iKamper EatOut Is The Ultimate Weekend Warriors Kitchen

The iKamper Eatout is another great product to add to your van life essentials list. Some of you clan members may not have the privilege of owning a kitchen in your pop up campers or weekend getaway vehicles, so this little addition will help you with just that by turning this portable box into a […]

Vintage Camper Bird House Is The Only Garden Ornament You Need

What better way to treat your garden friends, than buying them a brand new Vintage Camper Bird House? This adorable birdhouse has been handmade by a seller on Etsy, and has taken inspiration from a 1974 Scotty Camper Trailer which undoubtedly looks like the beloved classic VW Bus.The little windows are the right size to […]

How To Be A Digital Nomad & Make Money On The Road

A digital nomad is someone who is location independent and uses technology to earn an income. The word ‘nomad’ is getting chucked around like it’s some kind of fashion statement lately, and that’s due to its ever growing population and the increase of jobs allowing their employees to work remotely. Are you looking to become a digital nomad, […]

10 Van Life Essentials You Need For Your Next Adventure

If you’re thinking of living on the road anytime soon here’s 10 van life essentials that you’re going to need before you set off on a that epic adventure. These products vary depending on the size of your camper, the duration of your trip and the budget that you have in mind.  Some of this gear […]

Peugeot Just Revealed Its All New Heroic 4×4 Rifter Adventure Van

More and more car manufactures are jumping on the adventure van trend lately and we couldn’t be more happy, we’ll be honest with you, we didn’t think French automakers Peugeot would do it this well. This is the Rifter 4X4, a heavily modified version of it’s casual family van, Rifter. Welcome to the off-road camper life […]

Take A Peak Inside A Futuristic Custom VW T6 Camper

We had the privilege of taking a look at this VW T6 camper at The Camper Show in Birmingham, UK on Thursday, and lucky for us there was a number of very tidy campers on show, but one that really stood out for us was this incredible short-wheel-based VW T6 camper modified by Danbury MotorCaravans. It’s a […]

The Terradrop Is The Perfect Partner For Your Off-Road Camper

So you have your perfect camper but you need some extra space, either for your gear, yourself or family members that you wish to bring along on your adventures. You can’t sale your camper because you’re attached to it, almost like a loved one, but what you can do with that loved one is buy […]

VW Crafter Atacama Is A 4WD Land Ship of Your Dreams

If Van Clan needed a mobile office (which we do), the VW Crafter Atacama Concept would no doubt be in the top 5 of our dream campers. It’s stunning, hi-tech and looks like something out of Star Wars. In Wolfsburg Germany, the VW factory has designed and developed a crazy Crafter van titled the ‘Atacama’. It […]

Mercedes Just Revealed Its All-New Electric 2018 Sprinter

After 12 years the 3rd generation of the Mercedes Sprinter is finally here, designed to advance delivery solutions using technology or, as we like to see it, a much more hi-tech camper conversion! They are offering a wide number of body, chassis and seating options allowing you to really customise your ride, admittedly this is mainly […]

The Bear Grylls Water Bottle Is One Serious Adventure Accessory

Whatever Bear Grylls makes, it sells. And now he’s designed the Bear Grylls Water Bottle that has been designed with a triple-walled exterior. Not only that it’s also insulated which keeps your beverages ice-cold for up to 24 hours. The BPA-free Bear Grylls water bottle is created from high quality stainless steel making it incredibly […]

Van Life Is It For You? – 16 Things We Wish We Knew Before Doing It

It’s been three months since we picked up our 1969 VW Adventurewagen from an idyllic town in the Welsh countryside, and began living the van life. And to be sure, it’s been a roller coaster ride, with days we’ll never forget, and day’s we’d rather forget! David and I had been traveling the world full-time […]

Westfalia’s Amundsen 540D Off Road Camper Combines Luxury With Versatility

Westfalia is renowned for their incredible campers, and we’ve seen the Fiat Ducato really kicking up a storm lately, so it was only a matter of time before they clashed into something incredible. This is the AMUNDSEN 540D with a Fiat Ducato as its base designed and created by Westfalia. Our good friends at The Indie […]

There’s A Custom ‘Back to the Future’ Themed VW Bus

We all love a good custom VW bus, be it a pub in a dub, a shorty bus or even a well designed off-road T3. And now another one to add to our list is this remarkable Back to the Future themed 1967 VW Bus. You’re most likely thinking “this looks nothing like the DeLorean!” but that’s the whole […]

This Handcrafted Van Meet-Up Is A Van Lifers Dream Day Out

Yesterday we were invited to attend a meet up by our good friends at Quirky Campers, they are based in Bristol, UK and are well known for renting out incredible handcrafted vans all across England. This event was created to show off their unique conversions and get together local van dwellers for a nice chat […]

19 Year Old Converts School Bus Into Her Dream Home

When we saw Lexi’s incredible photos on Instagram we couldn’t help but get in touch with her, the bus that she has converted is the perfect size for a mobile home, and what she has done to it is beyond amazing, so we thought we’d ask Lexi a few questions, and she was more than […]

Citroen Reveals New ‘Rip Curl’ Campervan

The van life has inspired thousands of people to live on the road and big names such as Fiat and Citroen are slowly starting to realise that people want more than just a car, they want a weekend van that they can travel comfortably in and sleep peacefully in for a night or 10. After […]

Mercedes Reveals Its New ‘Westfalia’ Campervan

Mercedes have a light background with campers, their Mercedes Sprinters are well known for being some of the best off-grid homes you can get your hands on, but they are also known for being darn expensive, so Mercedes have revealed a more affordable, smaller hybrid called the Marco Polo Horizon. It was revealed in January of […]

Bliss Mobil Camper Is The Off Road Rig Of Your Dreams

The Bliss Mobil is one of the most epic expedition overlanders that we have ever seen. If you’re looking for a monster camper with all of the van life essentials (and way more), including everything you need for living off grid, then this is the truck for you. The Bliss Mobil takes off road campers […]

The New 4X4 Exhibition Fiat Ducato Camper Looks Unreal

When you think “Camper Van”, you probably don’t think of the Fiat Ducato Camper right? Well, that could be about to change. Earlier in 2017 Fiat announced this incredible masterpiece, the Fiat Ducato Exhibition, a 4×4 monster camper built for the mountains and crafted for real adventurers.  Here at Van Clan, we’ve seen this awesome Mercedes Sprinter […]

15 Campervan Accessories For Your Next Off Grid Adventure

restart 15.25 Getting out and about in our beloved campervan is one of our favourite things to do, and there are so many campervan accessories out there that can make your life on the road so much simpler. Off grid living in the middle of nature is one of the most relaxing things to do […]

Special Edition VW Bus Fridge

We’ve seen a number of VW Bus accessories in our time but this has to be one of the first fridges, and boy do we love it! It’s made by a Slovenian kitchen appliance company called Gorenje who have gone for the old retro fridge style and spiced it up with classical VW colours and it’s […]