Meet The Blacked Out Minimalist Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper

Minimalism is anything but boring. Keeping things simple makes for less confusion and clutter, which means that you can head out on an adventure without excess baggage weighing you down. This Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper has everything you could ever need for a gnarly off road trip, and the wizards over at Hartmann Tuning have seriously worked their magic on it.

Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper – Simplicity At Its Best

Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper - Front

Take a look at this beast. Stylish, funky fresh paint job, leather interior, and enough room to swing a cat in (it’s just a saying, don’t go harming any cats). At first glance you might think that this sprinter conversion looks like an empty shell, but you’d be very wrong.

Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper - interior

Everything is cleverly hidden away in fold down panels and pull out cupboards. Check out the lengthways pull down bed for starters. This cleverly folds up into the wall when it’s not being used, but still provides tonnes of under bed storage for your bikes, packs and other adventure gear when it’s down . Plus, with a lengthways bed you know that you’re not going to be fighting for space when it comes to bedtime.

Pop out gas burners, pull down fridges; our minds are well and truly blown! It’s a beautiful piece of design in one amazing looking motor, and Hartmann have even managed to find space for four seats in there too. You could take the whole street for an off-road trip at this rate! It also features a full sink, and other items that can be added if you’re willing to part with the cash.

Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Camper

Final Thoughts…

This Mercedes Sprinter Vansports Conversion has everything that you could ever need for a short expedition into the mountains or for your next surfing trip. It’s not a van that you could live in full time, but then again it’s not trying to be. It’s for those impromptu journeys into the unknown, knowing that everything is ready and waiting for you to hit the road when the feeling takes you.

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