Top 10 Off Road Campers That’ll Blow Your Mind

The off road camper is forever changing, back many years ago, it was simply off road tyres and a surfboard. But now the demand for more expensive, and more homely rigs is forever growing. Growing so much in fact that there are million dollar rigs out there that are selling… and well. This list is showing off the best of the best so don’t be surprised about some of the price tags on these, they’re mighty just like the builds. We’ve ventured across many countries to get a close look at these for ourselves. Everyone featured has been viewed with our own eyes, a couple we have even driven. These are the best off road campers that we’ve actually seen, each one has a video tour should you want to look at even more detail.

1. Earthroamer – $500,000

It might not be the best, it might not be the most affordable, but you can be assured that it’s one of the most beastly campers on the road. Earthroamer is a company based in the United States who are renowned for creating some of the craziest off road campers known to man.

The million dollar price tag isn’t for everyone but the craftsmanship that goes into these things are beyond incredible, and because it’s built to go anywhere it feels like you’re pulling up to some of the best views in the world with a luxury hotel on wheels. One of these will set you back half a million dollars.

2. Hymer Vision Venture – $250,000

We were one of the lucky ones to get a first look at the Hymer Vision Venture, it’s a concept camper by Hymer and BASF. Unfortunately you can’t buy it, but if it was to be sold we’d estimate it to be well above the $250,000 mark. Inside this off road camper you’ll find all of the necessities to live comfortably off grid for a few days.

The attention to detail is phenomenal, it even has an upstairs section, a balcony and a kitchen fit for a chef. This is one of the finest campers we’ve seen all year.

3. Vanworx VW Crafter – $125,000

For our American pals, the VW Crafter is a European competitor to the Mercedes Sprinter, they’re basically the same size, and the same price, just different badges. With that comes a few companies who excel in creating stunning crafter conversions.

One of them being Vanworx, we took a look at their first off road crafter and the craftsmanship was superb. It’s not often us UK folk get off road campers like this, because our roads are built for Mini Coopers but there’s more demand than ever, and vehicles like this are becoming more and more popular by the day. This fella starts at £100,000.

4. Nomad Vanz 2019 Sprinter – $250,000

Another sprinter, but not a concept this time, this thing actually exists and you can actually buy it. This is the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter converted by our pals over at Nomad Vanz. They’re based in Canada and make some of the finest sprinter conversions around, on any wheelbase.

Not only do they kit out the interior, they also like to splash a bit of epic on the outside. With custom roof racks, light bars and even a visual suprise on the hood this is a vehicle that’ll catch your eye wherever you are in the world. This is priced at $200,000+. 

5. Global X Vehicles – $1,000,000

For those of you that have a spare MILLION DOLLARS this giant expedition truck by Global X Vehicles might be what you’re looking for. This thing has to be one of the mightiest rigs we’ve been inside, it has everything. It has more than the average home. Heck, this is bigger than my own flat. This is called the Patagonia and can be almost 9 metres in length, jam packed full of premium homeware.

It can sleep up to 6 people comfortably, comes with a doorway into the cockpit and it even has night vision cameras that can detect things on the road before the human eye can. If Optimus Prime was off road campers, this would be it.

6. Four Wheel Campers – $10,000

For you truck lovers out there, we have something for you. Created by Four Wheel Campers these are pop up campers that simply slide on and off the back of your truck where and when you need it. We had the privilege to meet up with @bound.for.nowhere who have been living in one of these for well over 6 months now.

The fact they can modify their truck into an off grid beast and have a flat bed pop up camper on the back allows for them to live on the road full time in ease. It’s compact, easy to pop up, comes with a large queen size bed, a kitchen, seating area and even a toilet should you need one. We’ve lived in one of these for well over a month combined, and we can assure you, it’s a great piece of kit for your truck, and it starts at just $10,000.

7. Storyteller Overland – $150,000

One of the newest conversion companies on the list is Storyteller Overland, a newly formed team that is currently crushing it with their builds. They work on Mercedes Sprinters and Transits. Why they shine is due to their clean, tidy interior layouts. Every inch is used well, everything screams premium and the team behind it are amazing. We had the opportunity to meet them this year and it feels like a family.

You’ll have no trouble getting advice from them, adding your own customisations or getting hold of them if something goes wrong. These guys will bring you into the family, convert an incredible rig and throw you the keys to explore the world with them following your journey on social. Great team, great off road RV campers and they come in at round the $150,000 mark, but prices vary depending on what you want. This is certainly one of the best camper vans around.

8. Tourig – $100,000

Tourig have been in the game for some time now, and you can tell. The detail that goes into some of their rigs is exceptional, and because the team behind it have a genuine passion for conversions they enjoy working with brands to collaborate on adding the latest and best products into their conversions. For example, when we visited them, they teamed up with Geyser, a portable shower company to allow them to integrate their shower into the build, and it worked wonderfully.

They’ll chuck in spinning chairs to overlook your views, or even wireless charging should you want to charge your gear on the go. These guys will hook you up with one of the most high tech, and dopest conversions around with no hesitation. One of their conversions will cost you anywhere above the $100,000 mark.

9. Sync Vans – $150,000

If you’re into your adventure sports then it’s worth chatting to Sync Vans, they create some of the best conversions for mountain bikers around, and each conversion has a touch of colour that just makes the whole rig pop. They create their builds around the garage, so depending on what you want to get in the back, ski gear, mountain bikes or even surfboards, they’ll build you something great to go on your off grid Sprinter.

They even ask you for a colour of choice, and this colour will be briefly added around your conversion in order to give it some character, and we’ve never seen one colour work so well in a van before. They also like to add in portable power and a place to work for those of us that are digital nomads. 

10. Outside Van – $200,000

Last but not least is Outside Van, they do adventure campers for those of you that do it full time. If you want to live on a snowy mountain with your snowmobile for a week, you can do that. Want to live off the grid and have your motorbike on the inside for security?

They can do that too. These guys go above and beyond with their builds, and because they have limited space should you choose to have a motorbike inside, you get to see some amazing innovation when it comes to living space. Fold down beds, multiple straps, a micro minimalist kitchen, it’s all here. They are the ultimate conversion company for those that want to take an adventure vehicle with you on a long haul trip. These are upwards of $150,000 rigs.

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