Is Sportsmobile The Campervan For You

Sportsmobile have been around for over fifty years, and they have an eye for design, luxury and practicality. Finding the right campervan for you is so important, you want something that will blend perfectly with your way of life and enhance your road trip adventures.

Could a Sportsmobile camper be the one for you?

Who Are Sportsmobile?

Sportsmobile are the oldest campervan conversion company in the USA. Established in 1961, they have come a long way from the days of cutesy classic VW interiors.

Their class B motorhomes can now be custom built to suit your needs, with luxury finishing or accessories to take your adventure to the next level.

The company is located in three US states- Texas, California and Indiana and with specialist van designers and builder in each there is something for everyone at Sportsmobile.

Why Choose A Sportsmobile?


Sportsmobiles are smaller than many large motorhomes. In fact, the largest model available is a Mercedes Sprinter van size. This compact size means that they can be used on a day to day basis, as they are smooth to drive and easy to park.

The ability to use a camper as a regular transport vehicle makes it a much more justifiable cost as you can use it more than a few times a year.

Having a compact camper van also allows you to access places that would be otherwise unreachable in a huge motorhome. As these places are more remote, they are often untouched and beautiful to visit.

A small camper opens up wild camping possibilities, broadening your horizons and expanding the areas you can visit.


With so much experience under their belt, Sportsmobile know what makes the perfect camper. Their floor plans have been tried, tested and refined for over half a century, so you know they’re going to be good and that there will be something to suit your needs. If not, you can always design your own!

Design Your Own Camper

Design your own camper tool

Being able to work with a design specialist to create your perfect camper is a massive bonus to choosing Sportsmobile. If you know what you want, they’ll be able to do it for you. And if you have some ideas but need a little help finalising them, you can work with a designer to make sure you have the best result possible.

There is even a Design Your Own (DYO) studio to help you make a proper layout plan for your camper.

The DYO studio is a fantastic tool that allows you to try out different floor plans easily, and with to scale dimensions. The DYO studio also comes with a price list, so you can keep track of how much you’re spending on your tiny home.


All Sportsmobile conversions have a five year/unlimited miles warranty on the interior build. This gives you peace of mind that if anything does go wrong, you are entitled to have it fixed for a full five years!

You will find the prolonged warranty period is uncommon in the RV industry. The chassis is subject to manufacture warranty which is usually between three and five years or a particular mileage.

To Get Out There

Most importantly, a Sportsmobile campervan allows you to get out there and experience life on the road.

Owning a camper allows you to take off a moments notice for a short break or adventure. This freedom is hard to beat; you’ll always be looking forward to your next trip!

Different Models

There are currently six different Sportsmobile models to choose from Sportsmobile Classic 4×4, Chevy, Mercedes Metris, Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.

Deciding which one is best for you depends on personal preference, what you will be using the van for and budget.

Sportsmobile Classic 4×4

Sportsmobile classic 4x4

The Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 is my all-time dream van; I’m always hoping that they will make their way across the pond to the UK! This camper is the ultimate adventure mobile with a full 4×4 set up.

This 4×4 conversion means you can tackle even the toughest dirt tracks with ease, and we all know the best destination lay at the end of a dirt road. On top of being practical, you have to admit that the 4×4 components make this Ford Cutaway body look super cool.

A Ford Cutaway is a compact van to have as a camper; however, a pop-top penthouse roof gives you enough space to stand up when inside. Being able to stand up instantly opens up the interior and makes it feel more spacious.

The pop-top roof is still strong enough to support solar panels and a roof rack, giving you more space to carry gear.

You can, of course, design the interior yourself, so you get exactly what you want. There are also plenty of ready-made floor plans if you would rather go for the experts’ designs.

Pricing for a Sportsmobile Classic 4×4 currently ranges between $175,000-$225,000, depending on the options you choose.

If you like this style of van, but don’t feel you need the full 4×4 package, then a Chevy conversion could be for you, as it has a similar style and interior space.

Mercedes Metris

Mercedes Metris Conversion

If you want something even smaller than the Classic 4×4, then a Mercedes Metris may be the campervan for you. This is the smallest van Sportsmobile offer, measuring under 17ft long. This makes the camper no bigger than a large car, meaning it is perfect to use every day as your only vehicle.

If you are looking for a camper that you can also use daily, then the Metris is perfect as it can easily transform from a four-seater camper to a six-person passenger van or a cargo van.

The Mercedes Metris achieves its 3use statues through the application of L-track, a safe and quick way to change the interior layout.

You can add more space to this compact camper by adding a pop-top roof. The pop-top roof allows you standing room and more space to move around. It also provides space for a second bed, if you’re looking to bring the kids along too.

The Metris would make a great first camper for anyone wanting to take short trips away.

Mercedes Sprinter/Ford Transit/Dodge Promaster

Sportsmobile sprinter exterior

Sportsmobile also convert Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transits and Dodge Promasters. As all of these vans are a similar shape and size, the interior layouts can be adjusted to work for whichever vehicle you choose. Your choice of van really comes down to personal preference.

4×4 Upgrade

Both the Sprinter Van and the Ford Transit are available as 4×4 vehicles. This means you can have the luxury of the extra space a larger vehicle allows you, while still being able to access more remote locations. The best of both worlds!

The Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 option can be bought directly through Sportsmobile, as the vehicle comes directly from Mercedes.

The Ford Transit, however, is converted into a 4×4 post-production by Quigley, the only company qualified for Ford’s Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) program for 4ร—4 systems on Transit models. This is a quality 4×4 conversion and is excellent news if you are a Ford transit Fan.

Pop Top Roof

Sprinter pop top

You can purchase all three models with a pop-top roof installed if you choose a low roof van. This is a brilliant way to add extra space to your conversion.

You can also choose to have a bed in your pop-top roof, giving you room to sleep four in any of the campervans comfortably. It is also a great way to get extra light and air into your camper, with four large windows (covered with fly screen). The pop-top is easy to use and unfolds at the push of a button.

Exterior Options

There are also plenty of optional extras that you can add to the exterior of your camper. These include awnings, ladders, roof racks, solar panels, steps, storage boxes, spare wheels, bike racks, and light bars. All of these extras give you the ability to enhance your adventure, carry more gear or stay off-grid for longer.


Sportsmobile interior

As with all Sportsmobile campervans, you can either choose a predicting layout or design your own floor plan. The Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit and Dodge Promaster all have more space to work with meaning you can have more fun and get creative with your interior.

There are also many different colours and finished to choose from, so you can create a space that is unique to you.

Final Thoughts

We love the Sportsmobile range and, if you have the money to spend, think that any one of these models would make the perfect adventure van.

How much you spend on your Sportsmobile depends not only on the vehicle you choose but also on how many extras you want to add to your camper.

Prices start at about $85,000, which includes the van and interior conversions. However, you could easily spend much more than this if you want a top of the range conversion with all the luxuries and full 4×4 capabilities.

But, with so much experience and the ability to completely design your own layout, you could get your dream camper through Sportsmobile!

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