Toyota Proace Campers to Bring a Touch of Modernity to Van Camping from $45,900

A campervan provides a kind of flexibility that no other recreational vehicle can. You get to bring home comforts with you wherever you go, without having to tow anything. And if you crave a full camping experience, you can definitely enjoy a rooftop tent.  

It saves you the hassle of setting up camp, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Toyota Proace Camper

Motorhomes with pop-up roofs have been around for a while. But today’s options are nothing like what campers had to choose from a few decades back.

The vans we have in the market are taking the campervan experience to the next level.

And Toyota’s new Proace models are at the very top of their game.

Toyota Proace Campers

Toyota’s Updated Camper Van Models

During the recent 2021 International Caravaning Expo in Barcelona, Toyota showed off two updated camper van models. The camper vans are modified by Spanish outfitter Tinkervan.

Cheers to the Proace Verso Camper and the Proace City Mini Camper.

Toyota Proace Campers - Caravan Show

You get to choose between a 1.5l and a 2.0l drivetrain, with options of eight-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual transmission.

Both models are available in 2WD, with no 4WD. 2WD means you cannot go all off-road with the Proace camper vans, but they’re resilient enough to take you some of the way.

The Proace Verso Camper

Toyota Proace Verso Camper

To turn the Proace Verso into something more, Tinkervan has built a tent into its body, getting rid of the stock roof that initially comes with the van. The upgraded top also comes with an awning.

Other upgrades that Tinkervan fit into the van include rotating seats, a modular kitchen, a 10.5-gallon fridge, and a sink with a 12V water pump. There’s also a stovetop burner, a water delivery system, and a propane tank in a separate storage compartment.

The Proace Verso Camper is available in two body lengths, medium and long. Drivers can choose from four configurations, each of which comes with different features.

The configuration Toyota showed at the expo is known as the Nomad Plus Home Finish.

Toyota Proace Verso Camper

Toyota Proace Verso

This configuration has the highest number of features—a 40l fridge, swiveling seats, pop-up roof, and a removable kitchen sink. It also sleeps, four people.

Toyota’s Proace City Mini Camper

Toyota Proace City camper

The modified Proace City Mini Camper sleeps four people—two on the modular bed in the interior and two in the rooftop tent. The tent is accessible by a ladder on the outside.

Unlike the Proace Verso Camper, this van lacks a kitchen sink.

Toyota Proace Camper interior 

Toyota Proace Campers interior

The Proace City Mini Camper is also available in two body lengths but only one configuration, Outfun. Here, you get swiveling seats, a modular bed, a fridge, and a pull-out table.

The Proace City Mini Camper can carry five people but only sleeps two. The rooftop tent and awning are offered as an option on this model.

Easy Camping With Toyota Proace

Getting ready for off-road adventures gets many times easier with a Toyota Proace mini camper. These vans are available in Europe from Toyota, starting at $45,900 for the Verso Camper and $31,800 for the City Mini Camper.

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