Meet The Vintage VW Bus Turned Wine Bar Touring New Zealand

It wasn’t long ago that we toured New Zealand in a camper van, but unfortunately we didn’t meet this vintage VW Bus that just so happens to be driving around the incredible countryside letting travellers taste test the best wines the country has to offer.

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This vintage VW Bus is located in Queenstown, New Zealand which happens to be the main hub for adventure sports, van life or… drinking incredible wine from the back of a classic split bus. Perfect! It can be booked for events or if you’re lucky enough you can bump into it on the streets of New Zealand’s south island just outside of their main wine shop.Her name is Amy Winedub, a classic single cab VW transporter converted to hold 46 bottles of machine pouring wine hand selected by the owners themselves. Now it most certainly isn’t the best van to live in but they’ve changed the classic hippy bus into a majestic, prestigious wine library on wheels and we just can’t help but love it. The owner of The Winery known as Rick Nelson, did all of the handiwork himself. From renewing the single cabs interior to adding an incredible mechanism that can hold almost 50 bottles of wine to the back. Once Rick found the 1958 vintage VW Bus the whole retrofitting aspect took well over 12 months to fully complete. It looks like no easy job for this to work, as they’ve even added spouts on both the passenger and drivers side, allowing full 360 access to the wine.vintage vw busAs mentioned not only can you go up to yourself for a glass or five but you can also book this vintage VW Bus for events, festivals or even educational purposes! Rick wants to be able to offer more interactive events for his customers that can’t get to his shop. The Winery shop likes to touch on a bit of retro and classic feels, so picking up a vintage VW Bus to be able to widen his audience was a great touch that keeps with the theme of his brand.vintage vw bus exteriorThe next plan for Amy Winedub is for Rick to take her across the country and allowing travellers and locals from around the islands to taste test a wide number of wines. This will take a lot of planning and organising, especially wine stock, but we don’t doubt this vintage VW Bus will be able to take on anything New Zealand throws at it.

If you could mix your favourite hobby, food or beverage with a classic VW Bus what would you create? Could it be a portable cinema to watch your favourite movies, or a miniature bakery, or even a vintage VW bus mobile pub? Let us know over on Twitter @VanClans, we’d love to see your imagination!

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