Meet The Beauer Camper That Can Triple Its Size In Just 20 Seconds

Campers come in all shapes and sizes. This is a solid fact, and one that’s applicable to all vehicles. So don’t try to tell us that you can now get a camper van that can be lots of different sizes at once, because we’re not going to fall for something that ridicul…..oh…..erm….our mistake.

From Tin Can To Camper In Just 20 Seconds

This amazing camper from BeauEr has changed the way that we look at conversions forever. If you’re looking at buying a motorhome or converting your own vehicle, you’ll already know that space saving is everything. How many times have you wished that you could fit a few more belongings in, or thought about what you’d place where if you only had a few more inches spare in your space. Well thanks to BeauEr, now you can triple your space quicker than you can eat an apple.

Tin Can Camper - Inside

We can’t quite believe our eyes. A concept this crazy can’t look this good inside, surely! The camper starts out at just  six meters and can be towed easily by any vehicle. Then with the turn of a key, your miniature home Hulks out, and triples its size.

This BeauEr beauty goes from being 4sqm to a 12sqm rolling home with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. Theres a small bathroom, and enough space to comfortably house a family of four.

Tin Can Camper

Get Ready For The Magic…

The best bit about this camper has to be that the furniture and all the amenities inside all slot into place magically as it expands. How cool is that! And once it’s all packed down, the doors and windows become completely sealed, so there’s no chance of burglars getting in (or you getting out if you’re still inside when its folded up.

Check out the video below to see the camper in action for yourself!

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