Best Camper Van Sinks For Your Tiny Home Kitchen

It’s my philosophy that when converting a van, everything should be either beautiful or practical, and preferably both. Everything is always on show in an RV, the chances are that you’re going to be able to see the sink from your bed, so you want to be happy with the way it looks.

More important than aesthetics, your sink needs to function well, and by this, I don’t mean just hold water!

When not in use a sink is a whole lot of wasted space, so it needs to be able to double up in function and become a chopping board or extra workspace. Size is also important, what’s the biggest thing you need to wash; pots and pans or a baby?!

When you’re building a tiny home of your own, you want everything perfect — which is exactly why we’ve created a list of the best camper van sinks to help you out.

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1.Smev Sink/Hob Combo

Best camper van sinks - sink and hob with flip up lid

Pros Cons
Sink and hob in one unit Small for cooking
Fold down lid Expensive
Compact Bit ugly

First up on our list of the best camper van sinks is a Smev sink/hob combination unit.

This practical design is specially made for RVs so works well in a small area. If you’re working with limited space in your camper van conversion, then this unit could work well for you and requires little imagination to make it work in your kitchen layout.

A fold-down glass lid covers the unit when not in use. This gives you more space to work with when you are not using your sink or hob, allowing you extra space to prepare food. The lid is made from heat resistant safety glass so you don’t need to worry about it smashing under pressure or if it gets too hot.

For me, the main negative of this sink is that it doesn’t look very nice. You can tell it has been designed for an RV, with its practical utilitarian design that doesn’t do much to create a homely atmosphere.

On top of this it is also pretty pricey, coming in at just under $500. For such a plain design, you could buy separate sink and hob units for much cheaper.

2. Ruvati Workstation Sink

Sink with chopping board on top

Pros Cons
Workstation extras Fairly expensive
Looks great
Good size

Up next we have my personal favourite, the Ruvati workstation sink, I’d choose this sink if I were to build my camper again.

The sink has small ledges inside that hold a removable chopping board and colander, and there is also a draining rack that sits in the bottom of the sink. These items stack inside when not in use and the ledges mean the chopping board stays in place when on the move, great for vandwellers.

This versatility is perfect for living the vanlife as it gives one space more functionality.

As well as being practical, it also looks good. The brushed stainless steel of the sink and colander look modern and sleek, as does the hardwood chopping board. This is a thought out design that adds a bit of flair to the interior of your tiny home.

Finally, this sink is a good size, measuring 15x15inch, big enough to wash large pots but compact enough not to take up too much workspace. It is also deeper than many small sinks.

However, good design comes at a price; the Ruvati workstation sink comes in at $269, which is quite expensive.

3. Copper Sink

Best camper van sinks - hammered copper square sink

Pros Cons
Looks great More expensive than plain sink
Unique Have to be careful when cleaning
Good size No double use

If you have an eye for design, then this copper sink could be one of the best camper van sinks for you. This sink is a unique statement piece, while still being functional for an RV. The hand-hammered copper that this sink is made from is beautiful and makes it stand out from the crowd.

As well as having a great aesthetic, this sink is also a practical size for an RV, measuring 15x15inch. Again, this is a reasonable size as it’s big enough for your pans without taking up a large amount of the workspace.

On the downside, this sink does not have a second use, although you could buy a chopping board that sits over it to create a double function space.

You also need to be careful with the products you use to clean the sink as corrosive or abrasive cleaning liquids can cause damage to the copper finish.

This sink comes in at $139.15, which is more than you would expect to pay for a plain alternative but not outrageously expensive considering the cool design.

4. Dometic Sink

Sink with flip up lid

Pros Cons
Good size Boring design
Flip down lid Expensive
Tap included

At number four on our list of the best camper van sinks, we have the Dometic FRE41543. This is the second sink made by an RV specialist company, and again, the sink is functional but does lack style.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching piece that adds to the aesthetic of your tiny home, then this is not it.

However, this sink is practical. It is a good, compact size for any camper van, measuring 17.72×17.32inch. This gives you a bit of extra room compared to some of the other sinks on this list, while still being small enough not to take up an excessive amount of worktop space.

When not in use, the flip-down glass cover allows you to use the top of the sink as an extra workspace area for preparing food, which is very useful.

This sink is surprisingly expensive, considering it is rather dull, coming in at $217. However, as the sink comes with a built-in tap, you do not need to spend extra money on one.

The included tap folds down with the glass lid, keeping everything neatly inside the sink when not in use.

5. Houzer Sink

Best camper van sinks - small square Stainless Steel sink

Pros Cons
Cheap No double function
Good Size Two tap holes

The next sink our list of the best camper van sinks is cheap and cheerful. Coming in at just $46.99, the Houzer sink is the most affordable option on our list, but it does the job!

This stainless steel sink is practical and easy to clean, and although it doesn’t look out of the ordinary or eye-catching, it isn’t ugly and could look great in a small RV kitchen.

The size of this sink is similar to the others on this list, coming in at 15x15inch. However, the internal measurements are slightly smaller at 12x10inch, but I think this is still big enough to do the washing up easily.

The underside of the sink features a sheet of insulation, to reduce noise when washing up, which is a nice touch.

On the downside, this sink does not have any double function such as a chopping board or flip-down lid. You could source a chopping board to make the most of the space, but this would be an additional cost, making the sink not so cheap.

There are also two tap holes, restricting the types of tap you can choose.

6. Cooks Kitchen Sink

Sink and hob unit

Pros Cons
Double function sink and hob Small cooking area

Number six on our list of the best camper van sinks is the Cook’s Kitchen Combo Sink by Dometic. This is another sink made by an RV specific company, making it practical and space-saving in your camper.

While the design is functional, I don’t think it is ugly. It’s simple but still looks homely and would look good in a small kitchen.

This sink and hob combo mean you don’t need much space in your camper van kitchen as they are both in one unit.

This allows you more worktop space for preparing food or means you can have a smaller kitchen. The unit is compact, and it may be a struggle to fit two pans on the hob at the same time as the rings are quite close together. However, with small pans and simple meals, it would work fine.

This unit comes in at $237, which doesn’t feel too expensive, considering you get a sink and hob in one.

7. Porcelain Sink

While porcelain sink

Pros Cons
Looks nice Heavy
Good size Designed to go on top of work surface
No double use

A porcelain, farmhouse style sink is a popular choice in many self converted campers, especially in something with a bit more space like a school bus.

The porcelain sink we’ve chosen for this list is small enough to use in any camper, measuring 15x15inch. However, this sink is designed to sit on top of work surfaces, which is not practical in a van. With some quick DIY however, it could sit in your countertop like a farmhouse sink.

I love this style of sink; it looks cute and adds to the popular country kitchen aesthetic. This sink isn’t something you’d expect to find in a camper van, giving you home on wheels a unique and homely flair.

As it is made of porcelain, not stainless steel, this sink is going to be heavier than the others on the list which isn’t a good thing if you want to keep the weight of your RV down.

This attractive sink is an affordable choice, coming in at just $89.

8. Round Sink

Round Stainless Steel sink

Pros Cons
Compact Too small for kitchen sink?
Cheap No double use

Last but not least, on our list of the best camper van sinks, we have the Ambassador Marine Half Sphere Stainless Steel Sink. This is the sort of sink that you would traditionally find on a boat, so it is a tried and tested design.

This is a compact sink, with a diameter of just 9.5inch, which is great if you’re looking to save some work surface space. However, it could make it too small for washing up easily.

The spherical design would save water usage, as it holds less, which is useful if you can only carry a limited amount of water on board.

While the sink doesn’t take up too much space, it doesn’t have a double function so it wasted space when not in use, unless you can pair it with a chopping board. This sink is an affordable option, coming in at $82.

Final Thoughts…

While choosing a sink for your camper conversion might not seem that important, it is something you will be using multiple times a day.

Hopefully, this list has given you some good options for both the practical customer and the more design-driven individuals.

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