6 Best Camper Van Water Pumps For Your Conversion

There’s no need to panic when it comes to picking the best gear for your camper van. We’ve been living the van life for almost three years now, and we’ve come across so many different systems and set-ups that we’ve learnt a simple truth.

There is no right way of doing something. There’s just your way!

If you’re planning on living in a van for large portions of the year or just don’t want to be messing around with water bottles all the time, then we’ve got you covered.

We’ve picked 6 of the best camper van water pumps that money can buy. The best bit is that you won’t need much money to buy them! Result!

Picking The Best Camper Van Water Pumps

What Is A Water Pump?

A water pump is a device that pumps water from a storage tank. It creates water pressure, just like when you turn the tap on at home.

Why Do I Need One?

If you don’t have a water pump, then your water won’t be able to get from your water tank to the tap by your sink. They make washing and cleaning while living off grid much easier, not to mention cooking.

How Do I Install One?

Installing the best camper van water pumps doesn’t have to be hard. They’re all pretty small and come with lots of information on how to fit them.

Hook one end up to your water tank and another to your tap via food grade hose piping. Connect the positive and negative wires to your fusebox, and if there’s an earth wire, earth it to the metal side of your van.


For more information on camper van electrical systems including tips and tricks, check out our How To Build A Camper e-Book!

Are They All Electric?

No! We’ve been using Number 2 on this list since 2017 and it’s never failed us once.

Foot and hand pumps have the added advantage of not needing electricity to make them run. They’re not noisy, and they help you to conserve water much better!

1. USA Adventure Gear Pump

Best Camper Van Water Pumps - USA Adventure gear pump

Pros Cons
Safety cut off feature once
PSI reaches 55
Needs to be hooked
up to battery power
Quiet operation
Runs dry without damage

This heavy duty 12V DC water pump means business! Move water around your RV faster with higher pressure that will make you say ‘wow’ out loud every time you turn it on.

This 3 chamber diaphragm pump can move 3 gallons a minute. That’s some serious volume! It has an automatic shut off and senses when you turn your tap on.

One great thing about this water pump is that it can run dry without causing any internal damage. It’s self priming and can be fitted into most RV setups!

2. Whale Foot Pump

Best Camper Van Water Pumps - Baby Whale Foot Pump

Pros Cons
No Electricity required You have to actually
pump with your foot
One pump gives around 1/2
cup of water
Not a great choice for
impatient people
Small and no installation

There’s not much to say about this foot pump, other than it’s amazing!

I’ve been using this in my camper for almost three years and it’s never failed me once. The Whale Foot Pump is self priming, small, and can pump 8 litres / 2.11 gallons per minute.

If you’re short on space, then this is a great option. The pump itself is angled so that you can press it easily with your foot. A single pump is enough to wash all the suds off your dish. That’s a fact I know from experience.

If you’re looking for a cost effective option that doesn’t need electricity to run, then give this a try!

3. Shurflo 12V Pump

Pros Cons
Most popular brand Requires battery power
Easy to install Noisier than some models
Comes with 1-year warranty

The next entry on our list of the Best Camper Van Water Pumps is one that you may well have come across before.

Shruflo are a household name, or a van-hold name in this case. Their pumps are used in RVs, Boats, and Trailers all over the world, and they’re a name that you can trust.

This Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump is perfect for small travel trailers and big monster campers alike.

Shurflo 12V pumps are used in many of the professionally converted campers that we cover here at Van Clan. We find them in the vans of our favourite Van Life Influencers too.

4. Bayite 12V Pump

Pros Cons
Low current draw, high pressure Cannot run continuously
for more than 6-hours
Sealed to prevent moisture from
entering the internal parts
Requires RV Power
Can run dry

The next device on our list of the best campervan water pumps provides constant high pressure while drawing a low current. In simple speak, it doesn’t use much electricity but works efficiently.

The default cut off for this Baylite pump is 80-85PSI. That will give the user a nice flow and promptly draw water from an underslung canister or water storage at the back of their van.

Like some of the other products on this list, the Balylite self-priming ‘fix-it-anywhere’ pump has a sealed body and switches to prevent corrosion through moisture and dust.

This cost effective pump is cheap, easy to fix, and performs admirably. If fitted right, it can run quietly and smoothly for years! Don’t try to run it for more than 6-hours at a time though. To be honest, I can’t see why you’d need to!

5. Valtera Rocket Hand Pump

Best Camper Van Water Pumps - Hand pump for small caravans and weekend warriors

Pros Cons
Easy to use and simple
to install
Not a good choice for
impatient campers
No need for electrics Have to use one of the
hands you’re washing/
cleaning with to pump
Rotate 360 degrees

Hand pumps are another non-electric way of getting water from your tank to your sink. They’re super easy to use, require no wiring, and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

This faucet just needs a hole in your countertop and a hose from your water tank, and you’re good to go!

It can be rotated 360 degrees. The chrome hand pump has a nice finish and fits smoothly in the hand.

There are two modes for this unit. Keep the lever upright to leave water in the line for instant use when you pump, or lower the lever to send water back to the tank.

This is a brilliant option for smaller vans that might not have space or the electrical power to make a pump a viable option. It’s also good if you don’t use your van that often and just want a simple solution!

6. Amarine Made Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Best Camper Van Water Pumps - Amarine Water Pump

Pros Cons
Automatic stop/start pressure
Requires RV power
1.1 Gallons per minute
(4.2 Litres per minute
Built-in thermal protector

The last item on our list of the best camper van water pumps has a built-in thermal protector and can pump 1.1 Gallons a minute (that’s 4.2 litres).

This pump from Amarine has a 35BSI pressure switch for automatic stop/start of water flow.

It’s self priming so can be installed above or below your water storage system and is a super cost-effective way of getting water from your tank to your sink, no matter where it is in your van.

As well as the built-in thermal protection, this pump can also run dry without any damage, so you don’t need to be constantly worried about having to keep your water tanks topped up.

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