6 Best Power Banks To Keep You Topped Up On The Road

Gadgets constantly eat electricity, and sometimes it feels like we’re always hunting down the best power banks a adventurer can get their hands on.

If you’re phone is like mine and always hungry for more tasty volts, then you’re going to need some of these power banks on your Christmas list.

We’ve compiled a list of the 6 best power banks

(NB – All prices listed are correct at time of writing)

1. Griffin Reserve Power Bank

Griffin was kind enough to send us one of these to review and it hasn’t left our backpack since. It holds a whopping 18,200mah’s which is enough to fully charge your smartphone over 7 times, and the main reason we love this is that we can charge our USB-C Macbook through this thing while on the road.

It has this sleek minimalist grey look to it, with two USB sockets on the end, accompanied by the on/off switch that activates the lights on the front to show you what percentage is left.  We love it, it’s simple, massive power, and charges all of our gadgets a number of times. This is the only battery pack you’ll ever need.

You can pick one up for £40/$50 on Amazon.

2. Guardians Against The Galaxy Power Bank

Power Banks - GOTG

Not everyone can be a superhero, but sometimes it’s nice to feel like you’re as well-equipped to face the world as any super-powered do-gooder. Styled to look just like the tape that has kept everyones favourite Star Lord company since he was a child, this is a perfect choice for any fan of the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise.

This Power Bank carries 4000mAh of power, which equates to up to one and a half full charges for the average mobile device, and is designed to work with bluetooth speakers, PlayStation controllers and almost any device that can be charged via USB, including the main brands of smartphone.

Buy yours from Amazon for just £19.99

Buy Here - GOTG

3. Anker Power Core 20000

Anker 20100 - Hand Pic

Anker products don’t cost the earth, and they’re incredibly good quality. I have a Bluetooth speaker that I was given as a gift last Christmas and it’s never let us down yet.

The is one of the lightest power banks we’ve used; it weighs as little as a can of soup (12.1 oz) and charges the iPhone 7 almost seven times, the Galaxy S6 five times or the iPad mini 4 twice. What’s more, with the advanced safety system MultiProtect safety system and newly patented heat-control technology, you can be rest assured that the PowerCore will never overheat or fry your devices

5’594 happy customers can’t be wrong. Buy yours here on Amazon for £28.99!

Power Banks - Anker 20100

4. Watermelon Power Bank

Power Banks - Water Melon

Keep your phone juiced up with this Watermelon power bank! It might not keep you hungry, but it will definitely fill your phone up whilst you’re out and about.

This magical melon has a 2,500mAh battery full of juicy goodness, which will give you +10 extra hours of Snapchatting or +14 hours of talk time. There’s an LED display which tells you how much charge you have left, and a handy carabiner to clip it on to your bag.

This is one of the funkiest power banks that we’ve seen, and you’re bound to catch peoples attention with this fruity little number! You can buy your’s from
FireBox for £19.99!

Power Banks - Buy Watermelon

5. Aukey Power Bank 20,000mAh Portable Charger

Power Banks - Aukey

Aukey promise this one doesn’t look like a melon, but it does have an excellent capacity of 20,000mAh, which should give your phone around seven+ full charges. Two USB ports give 2.4A output individually, or you can combine for a speedy 3.4A if thats how you roll.

One plus point is that the charger itself can be powered up by a lightning cable, which means you may only have to carry one cable around with you if you’re am iPhone user.

There’s a built-in flashlight – you never know when you might need a light in dark places – and it’s perfectly portable at 388g (no broken backs lugging this around then).

You can buy yours today from Amazon for just 22.99

Power Banks - Aukey Buy Now

6. Quick Charge 3.0 Zendure A8 QC Portable External Battery Charger

Endure Power Banks - pic

We’ve saved the big guns till last. Not only does this charger have the longest name, but it also got the most power storage, with a whopping 26800mAh of juice. 

This is one of the strongest, most durable power banks that we’ve ever seen. Made from crush proof composite material, dual-injection molding and a shock-absorbing central belt, you’d have to be Hulk Hogan to have a chance of destroying this battery pack. 

The A8 QC automatically detects which device you’ve connected, and adjusts its output accordingly to achieve the quickest charging time. And when your device is back up to full power, the charger will turn itself off automatically. It charges the iPhone 6s 9 times, and the Galaxy S6 over seven times. Plus you can charge up to 4 devices at once!

You can get yours from Amazon for £72.95.

Endure Power Banks - Buy Now


Which one are you using? Would you like to give us a tip, use the comments section below. Same of you used any of the products we’ve told you about. Let us know how they served you.

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