BioLite Fire Pit Is Your New Best Camping Gadget

See fire, not smoke with the new BioLite Fire Pit. It’s a catchy line, and one that has captured the interest of wild campers everywhere. Have you ever felt the need for night time warmth and songs around the campfire, or maybe you’ve been chased by Ring Wraiths and wanted to cook up some sausages but were afraid of being captured? If the answer to either of these is yes, then the BioLite Fire Pit is definitely for you.BioLite Fire Pit Now, thanks to BioLite, you can experience the ‘warmth, smell, crackle, and feel of a wood campfire, without any of the smoke.’ The BioLite Fire Pit can fit up to four standard firewood logs, and it creates ‘hyper-efficient flames’ with super special air flow technology that they keep under lock and key in their headquarters. It even doubles up as a grill, so you can throw the marshmallows away and cook up some juicy steaks or some sweet tasting halloumi bites for your midnight snack.

BioLite Fire Pit - Upright
The metal mesh allows for heat to be transferred all around the unit, giving 360 degree coverage. You won’t have cold feet with this beast!

The BioLite Fire Pit can burn for up to 24 hours on low temperatures, so there’s no fear of you freezing underneath the stars. And what’s more, if the flames do get a bit too low then you can control the burn speed from your mobile with a bluetooth app! You don’t even have to leave the sleeping bag; result!

BioLite Fire Pit - Coal
Use coal from your van…
BioLite Fire Pit - Wood
…or forage wood in the wilderness!

Shipping in August 2018 (just in time for those Autumn camping trips), the BioLite Fire Pit comes in at a cost of $199.95, and you can get a protective carry case for an extra $59.95. In our opinion, this will change the way we wild camp for ever. It’s safe, it’s self contained, and it’s multi purpose functionality means that you only need one unit to do the job of many. We’ve ordered ours, have you?


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