Bulletproof Sprinter Can “Withstand Nearly Any Threat” – Redefining VanLife Safety

I wonder if the van will make it,” words said many times on our journeys.

I imagine there are many other “I wonder if’s” for travelers with Sprinters. Like, what if you’re a High-Profile person just trying to drive out of a sticky situation? I have a feeling you won’t need to worry about VanLife safety, with this Bulletproof Sprinter built by AddArmor.

Side door open on AddArmor Sprinter for vanlife Safety.

It’s no wonder why the Sprinter has caught the eye of AddArmor. The power, reliability, and versatility of the sprinter have made it one of the most popular Cargo Vehicles in the world. And even more popular among VanLifers everywhere. The sprinter platform seems a fitting vehicle for the weight of heavy armor plating, gadgets, and VIPs.

So, what does this have to do with Vanlife? Well, AddArmor converts SUV’s, Sedans, and Sports Cars into protective luxury vehicles.

Their newest vehicle to the lineup is the Sprinter, and customers can choose from a long-list of add-ons that can make the bullet-proof sprinter, a highly secure camper van. Featuring a Bed, Kitchen, and even a Bathroom. 

Side Profile of Extended AddArmor Sprinter for vanlife safety

Finally an “Anti-Intrusion Package” for VanLife Safety

Of course, the average VanLifer would never think of entertaining the idea of a BulletProof home. But we all worry about theft, damage, and safety. So, although I chuckle to myself when I read AddArmor’s “Anti-Intrusion Package”, the reality is that part of me stops for a minute to re-evaluate the safety of myself and my loved ones in our home.

Founded by Pete Blaber – a former US Special Mision Unit Commander – along with his staff, who are also Military and Law-Enforcement Veterans. They set out to build only the most secure vehicles, considered to be “Mobile Safe Rooms”.

Private Jet influence and Luxury

Private Features in the Luxury AddArmor Sprinter vanlife safety

Although there are no examples of the Van sporting “Vanlife” features such as a washroom, or even a bed. They do offer it to their clients, and I’m sure that many other custom features are possible considering the level of luxury they offer.

VIP AddArmor Treatement Sprinter vanlife safety

According to AddArmor’s official announcement for the Van, it can “withstand nearly any threat”.

A pretty bold claim for the world of PopStars, Politicians, and crazed fandom.

Luxury Interior of AddArmor Sprinter vanlife safety

A long list of safety Add-ons

Customers can choose from a long list of what seems to be ridiculous tools and gadgets. Such as hidden pepper spray dispensers, shocking door handles, a crowd-dispersing sound cannon, hidden gun ports, and even a secret hatch used for escaping unthinkable situations.

AddArmor Sells three different levels of protection. Including bullet-proof glass up to two inches thick, and armored body panels that are said to be 60% lighter and ten times stronger than ballistic steel.

Rear View of AddArmor Sprinter for Vanlife Safety

Starting at $28,000 US

The “Anti-Intrusion Package” outfits your sprinter with Ballistic glass and reinforced body armor that will protect all occupants on their dangerous Sunday drive, or maybe daily struggle with Vanlife safety, for whatever reason that might be…

That may seem like a lot of money for those of us outside of the industry, but I’m quite sure that $28,000 is a small price to pay for safety. Considering that a Sprinter in the US starts at $41,095 an extra make-over with AddArmor will only run down as little as $69,095. That’s a fairly decent price for a Tank driving through the streets with ease.

Especially considering that AddArmor’s top of the line Cadillac Escalade cost $350,000 according to a company spokesperson.

AddArmor Cadillac Escalade Top End
AddArmor’s Fully Armored Cadillac Escalade

If you’re looking for a second vehicle to go with your fully armored VanLife sprinter, then a second German vehicle might be fitting. How about a performance sports car like the Audi RS7 with “Executive Protection” running in at $205,000.

AddArmor Audi RS7
AddArmor’s “Executive” Audi RS7

The beginning of a dystopian Vanlife?

I’m sure that many reading or hearing the utter of a “Bullet-Proof Sprinter Van” will scoff in disapproval. But it does show the state of the industry, and the vast possibilities of lives we can’t begin to imagine. And, 99% of us do not need a Bullet-Proof Camper Van, but there is that small percentage that would rather require it. 

It paints a picture of a dystopian world where chaos and lawlessness have the rule. But, quite obviously it is nothing to worry about. Rather, it is an example of the endless possibilities and arguably “needless” extravagance that many of us take for granted in our lives.

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