12 Best Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions On Planet Earth

The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular conversation bases for good reason. Its cavernous interior allows plenty of creative room for untold numbers of builds and themes. Sure, it doesn’t quite have the same classic vibe as the Volkswagen Bus Camper. But for sheer versatility and customisation, nothing rivals the Sprinter.

Whether you plan to spend months off the grid or are just looking to maximise your weekends, there’s a perfect Sprinter build for you. Today, we’re ogling some of the world’s most inspiring van conversions, so you can pick up some inspiration to get out on the road and chase your vanlife dreams!

Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions

We’ve had the privilege to get up close and personal with a large number of vans, skoolies, and tiny homes. Of course, we can never get enough of the lifestyle, so we’ve combed the Internet and our experiences to present 12 of the best Sprinter van conversations.

1. Jubel Explorer Sprinter

Jubel Explorer Sprinter conversion

If you’re looking for a true home away from home, then this build by Jack at This Moving House is definitely one for your Pinterest mood board. It’s cleverly built, full of character, and makes smart use of all of the space inside the main body of the van.

This Sprinter has more storage than you could shake a gear-stick at, and the cream colour scheme makes us think of a classic country kitchen.

Jubel Explorer Sprinter conversion - bedroom area

Jack’s attention to detail in these builds is second to none. The splashback tiles add a splash of colour (no pun intended) into the calm and tranquil space, and the curved roof makes the most of the height of the van without creating a ‘boxed in’ feel. Add the flowing curves to the use of circular portholes and rounded windows, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly zen space for every occasion.

There’s room enough to seat four people comfortably around the built-in table. With a double bed for the parents plus two-bed pods built for the kids, this Mercedes Sprinter really is an off-grid family paradise.

Jubel Explorer Mercedes Sprinter van conversion

To find out more about Jack’s home-built camper’s visit This Moving House!

2. The Darth Vader Conversion

Darkstar - Sprinter conversion by Outside Vans

Do you want a conversion that can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? If so then this Darkstar Sprinter from Outside Van should definitely do the trick. With more attitude than a Tie Fighter and a mean streak that would make Darth Vader look like Gandhi, the Darkstar is a beast of a camper that won’t let you down on even the toughest of adventures.

Life is simpler in a van - Sprinter conversion

“Life is simple in a van” – truer words have never been said!

It’s pretty simple inside this mean machine, but it’s got everything that you could possibly need if you’re off mountain biking or trekking through the wilderness. 

I’ve always loved how Outside Van make simple vans that pack a serious amount of punch. This Mercedes Camper is perfect for the gnarliest off grid adventure and has more than enough space for all of your dirtbikes, ATV, surfboard or Bluefin Paddleboards.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you like your rolling tiny homes to come with more amenities than your average garage. But if you like your adventures to be more about being in the outdoors rather than watching re-runs of Downton Abbey, then the Darkstar is definitely for you.

Darkstar - Mercedes Sprinter conversion by Outside Vans

Darkstar - Sprinter conversion by Outside Vans - interior view

3. The Luxury Jet Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Luxury Jet

Ever wanted a private jet, but heights and high prices make you dizzy? This Senzati Jet conversion makes our list not only because it offers the pinnacle of luxury, but also for the sheer ridiculousness of rolling around like you’re inside Air Force One!

With leather reclining chairs, televisions for each passenger to watch, mobile broadband and Wi-Fi, a toilet fit for the oval office–this beast has it all. There’s even secret storage for MacBooks! They offer eight different layouts to choose from, so you can really tailor this conversion to your individual needs.

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Senzati Runway

Seriously, this range of Mercedes Sprinter Conversions is like something out of a Hollywood movie. If you’re the kind of person that likes to work on the go (maybe a high-flying Digital Nomad type), this is the perfect rolling office. Your meetings will not only appear professional, but frankly impressive!

All that said, I’m not sure how viable it would be for living in full time. Maybe you could include a smaller VW Bus in your van-life convoy for trips away on the weekend!

4. The Tourbus Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Rock n roll

We travelled in some nifty busses when we were on tour in different bands, but this sprinter conversion is the most rock ‘n’ roll thing on wheels we’ve ever seen. It’s like a portable Hard Rock Cafe and mobile backstage afterparty all in one!

Scope the cool leather sofas, guitar hangers, and drink-making facilities. There are even bunk beds in the back, so you can catch some z’s on the way to the next gig! This beast makes the Mercedes Benz Sawtooth look like it’s in an Indie band!

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Party Bus

With the awning up and the LED lights in full swing this musical menace instantly becomes a party bus. Whether you’re doing a live gig or relaxing back with a cuppa and watching last night’s performance on the built-in TV, it’s one of the most awesome Mercedes Sprinter conversions that we’ve ever come across!

It’s nice to see a conversion that manages to use black as its main colour scheme and not seem cramped or oppressive on the inside. As a fan of Motley Crüe and Guns ‘n’ Roses, I could see myself trekking around in this thing and holding impromptu band meetings that Flight of the Conchords would be insanely proud of. (VanClan, Present!)

The outside of the vehicle might not be as souped-up or off-road friendly as some of the other Sprinter Conversions on our list. But if you’re looking for a slick ride to travel the world in, you won’t go wrong with this rockin’ rollin’ home. Check out more by visiting Gulf Coast Conversions online.

5. The 4×4 Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - 4x4 conversion

This van, aptly named the Valhalla, is Viking through and through. It’s the first 4×4 giant in our list of Mercedes van conversions, but don’t think that adventuring comes without luxury added extras.

The Valhalla from Outside Van comes equipped with a full kitchen, sofa and sleeping area, storage, fridge and wet room. It’s designed for conquering the wilderness! And, with 4×4 functionality, there’s no stopping you when it comes to picking out the camping ground.

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - 4x4 inside

A full roof rack of high-output LED lights also means that even darkness can’t stop your adventures. A handy ladder takes your adventure to another level (pun definitely intended), with room to store surfboards and other travel gear.

Outside Van continuously surprise us. The Valhalla is such a contrast to the Darkstar that we looked at further up this list. It’s a bonafide tiny house with all of the accessories and facilities that you would find in a studio apartment or cosy city flat.

The downlighting is a nice touch for relaxing on an evening, and that shower will come in handy if you’re living the van life and working full time.

Want to see more? Check out our article on this 4×4 custom Sprinter Conversion.

6. The Globe Conqueror Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Globe Conqueror

If you like your 4×4 conversions super-charged with a shot of Espresso, then this beast from Sportsmobile might just do the trick! This is undoubtedly one the most rugged van conversions on our list; it utilises a 4×4 drive equipped with the highest-performance powertrain option currently available on the US market.

“What makes this so different to the van above though,” we hear you ask…

Two words: Pop top.

Now your off-road experience really can go to the four corners of the globe. There’s more than enough room to stand up and gloat when your old school friends ask what you’ve been doing with your life.

Sure, Mercedes Sprinter Conversions are usually tall enough for you to stand up in without having to stoop. But say you’ve gone to town with your floor insulation, or just like the feeling of being in a much larger space, then the pop-top element of this camper will provide much-needed breathing room to your van life experiences.

Personally, I also like the fact that you can draw extra air in through the pop-top vent-panels. This would allow you to keep your windows closed at night and eliminate any chance of burglars or bears stealing your socks while you’re sleeping.

For more info on this super-charged Sprinter conversion head over to Sportsmobile and have a read for yourself!

7. The Log Cabin Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - The Log Cabin

We’ll let you pick your jaws up off the floor before we start talking about this one! We’re taking a trip over to our good friends Quirky Campers for this one, and we think that you’ll agree that it’s a sight to behold.

Named Saffiyah, this is definitely one of the most creative Mercedes Sprinter conversions that we’ve ever had the pleasure of gawking at in person. The bold use of copper piping outside the stained wooden walls gives a rustic and industrial feel that is akin with an old narrowboat or an off-grid log cabin in the wood.

Saffiyah has a very generous kitchen, accommodating a 3-ring stove that’s perfect for cooking on plus a spacious fridge. There’s also running hot water and a waterfall shower–no need to smell if you’re living off-grid. Oh, did we also mention that this van is painted like an enchanted forest?

Stealth campers are for those people that want to hide in society, but conversions like Saffiyah are for those vandwellers who either like to blend into nature and spend time away from people–or who just don’t give two hoots about what other people think.

This conversion would make for some epic shots on your Van Life Instagram account, and it will certainly turn some heads when you drive through small European towns and villages!

8. The Polar Explorer Conversion

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - polar explorer

Thinking of taking a trip as far north as you can go? The Timber Den from Outside Van is a snow sport lover’s dream! 

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Snow gear

This is more of a rough-and-ready conversion, but it’s got everything that you need if you’re hitting the slopes for a long weekend. There’s room to sleep two people, with racks for your boards and other adventure gear opposite that. The two beds fold down and clip back for extra space–enough to even fit a snowmobile in there!

Artic adventures

This Outside Van conversion is a bit of a mix of the two previous builds that we’ve looked at so far; it’s perfectly equipped for cooking and charging on the go, but it focuses more on custom gear-hauling rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

This is the kind of van that you might purchase with a couple of adventure-hungry friends who like to hit the slopes on weekends or travel to the lakes for a week of biking, paddling, and hiking. It’s a perfect base for thrill-seekers, and much cheaper convenient than booking hotels every time you want to explore the great outdoors.

Check out more about the Timber Den by visiting Outside Van.

9. The Green Machine Conversion

You might be thinking that it’s about time we mentioned an eco-friendly camper in our van conversions list, and here it is! This one’s built on the classic Sprinter chassis that we all know and love, and is designed for those with a passion for technology and the environment.  

Aptly named the ‘E-trek’, this conversion is full of luxury additions–not to mention all the equipment that you could possibly need to live the eco-friendly van life.

Electric campers are the future of the van life movement. Vanlife is a much more self-sustainable lifestyle than most, but this conversion allows you to double down on reducing your footprint further.

The E-trek proves that electric campervans don’t have to be unimaginative and uncool (just look at this VW Electric Campervan for even more proof). It would be great for a travelling couple chasing their wanderlust, or retirees finally crossing their top road trip destinations off the old bucket list.

Check out the video above for more details, or visit Roadtrek for more info!

10. The Executive Suite Conversion

The executive suite camper

With this luxury Sprinter conversion from Klassen Luxury, you can bring the whole office out for a mobile conference. (Of course, it’s also an idea room to share a few drinks and sing some karaoke!) There’s cruise and climate control, built-in satellite system, 42″ TV and thick plush carpets as standard. It really is the definition of swank.

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - Luxury van

There’s storage for headphones and iPads for every passenger, and more than enough crystalware to celebrate your newest promotion in style. And when you’re done in the office, you can head to the built-in massage chairs for a nice relax. Working a 9-5 job never felt so good!

mobile office

This souped-up, blacked-out Sprinter might not be ideal for full time van life, but it sure is a cool little number if you’re looking for a business vehicle or a party bus (they might be the same thing depending on what line of work you are in).

Overall, this conversion is more about show than being a functional tiny home. But if you’re in the market for a mini-bus to keep the kids happy, or a sweet ride for you and your friends to enjoy the high life, then look no further!

Check out more details on this luxury conversion over on the Klasson Luxury website.

11. The Wanderlust Conversion

This handcrafted conversion from Always The Road encompasses everything that we love about living in a van. It’s got exactly the kind of down-home glam that makes for legendary Instagram stories, or which features on aspirational tiny home YouTube channels.

The wanderlust conversion

So, hand-built vans are always the most homely in our opinion. After all, you can tailor them to your own specification, without spending tonnes of money. You can really stamp your personality on them right from the get-go; and when you put your heart and soul into a build, your character ends up coming out in the finished article.

Mercedes Sprinter Conversions - hand built van

The thing that I love the most about the notion of a Sprinter camper van is that all come out looking completely different, and the things that untrained, impromptu carpenters and designers can do often surprise and astound us. The build above might be a little more cluttered and lived-in than the other Mercedes Sprinter Conversions on our list, but it definitely feels the most like a real home!

Head over to Always The Road to read more about their adventures and to learn more about their fantastic conversion!

12. The Off-Grid Storyteller

We first met up with Storyteller Overland at the 2019 Overland Expo and instantly connected with their 4×4 luxury Mercedes Sprinter conversions. These builds are perfect for any vanlifers who either live in, or like to travel to the middle of nowhere. They’re incredibly well thought out both on the outside and inside the living area.

Storyteller Overland campers are made for adventure lovers, but they also understand that sometimes you might want to spend a rainy day watching The Matrix on Netflix or just curled up with a good book. The folding bed can be pushed back to make extra space for your bikes and boards, and the comfortable leather seating is just an arm-stretch away from the fridge and cooking facilities.

One of the best things about this camper, however, is a little contraption that’s hidden inside one of the overhead cupboards you can see in the picture below.

Shower stored into a small cabinet in the Mode 4x4

This ‘Flex Space’ house a pull-out shower curtain and shower head for washing indoors–how cool is that! Below the shower head is a cleverly hidden bath pan, which also acts as a storage unit for the portable toilet. It all folds neatly back away when not in use. Now that’s what I call clever design!

Head over to our full-length article on this Storyteller Overland conversion to get the full low down on this gnarly adventure bus!

Wrapping Up

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