Top 10 Campervan Interior Ideas – Inspiration For Your Next Build

Deciding on the layout of your camper conversion is a big commitment, once you’ve spent hours building your tiny home you don’t want to be disappointed with the result.

Today we’re going to show you what’s possible with some serious camper van interior inspiration. We’re going to be looking at some Mercedes Sprinter conversions, DIY camper conversions and an airstream camper giving you plenty of van life ideas for your next build.

Researching other people’s tiny house builds and campervan conversions before creating your own van is a great way of gaining inspiration and thinking about what items make your van life essentials list.


Once you’ve gained ideas from people already out there, the only thing left is to learn how to build a camper before you can start your own off grid adventure. So take the first step today and check out these ten camper van interior inspirations.

1. Camper Van Interior – Van Steading

Wooden van interior with curved shelving.

This amazing van owned by @vansteading is one of the most unique camper van interior conversions that we’ve ever seen. The beautiful curved closet is so eye catching and softens the feel of the van by taking away the natural square shape of the van. The inspiration for this intriguing feature comes from that of old sheep wagon and this, combined with all of the rustic wood certainly does give this tiny home an olde-worlde vibe. 

Another unique feature that we love in this camper van interior is the salvaged fire place grate beneath the bed that acts as a speaker cover. This old grate looks like an intricate wood carving and we love the way the curve mimics the curve of the closet, pulling the two elements together. 

Aside from these two gorgeous areas of the interior, the rest of the van is just as stunning, but also practical with everything you would need for life on the road. We love the open feel of the kitchen with many dry food items on display in hanging jars, and the way the soft lighting bounces off of the glass. And, finally, the comfortable looking chairs with pull out table make a great space for working while on the road. 

2. This Moving House

White van interior with sleeping pods at back.

It is difficult to guess that this amazing camper van interior by @thismovinghouse is actually inside a sprinter van. The spacious feel and delicate curvature between the walls and the roof lend themselves more to a swanky boat cabin than to a van. This nautical theme is continued further through the use of a porthole window in one of the kids sleeping pods. 

The two kids sleeping pods make amazing use of the limited space available within a van, making enough space to easily accommodate two adults and two kids. These pods are not only fun for the little ones, giving them their own little den to decorate but also great for parents who can have some much needed space in the evenings. When it’s time for the adults to go to bed they can stretch out too on a full double bed, heaven. 

We love the country style kitchen in this van, with a belfast sink and a copper tap. It’s simplistic but stylish design pulls the whole design of this camper van interior together. The wooden counter tops and accents in the kitchen cabinetry can be seen reflected in the steps (that double as storage units!) and the entrance ways to the kids sleeping pods. We love everything to do with this van and how each element works well with the next. 

3. White Camper Van Interiors – Mavis The Airstream

White airstream with red patterened rug.

This airstream by @mavistheairstream looks like something straight out of an interior design magazine with its white curved walls and contrasting, dark wooden flooring. Traveling, accompanied by this amazing camper  van interior would be like living in a dream. I mean, imagine having a full sized sofa in your camper! That is a little slice of heaven right there. Opposite the sofa is a handcrafted retro style cabinet to hold the TV and ever important sound system. This cupboard is both functional and funky. 

We love the open feel of this interior space, with the whitewashed walls and ceiling allowing light to flood in and fill the space from the many windows. Soft tones of the natural wooden cabinetry and chairs add a second element to the white space, standing out against the walls. Finally, the vintage rug on the floor adds a splash of earthy colour to the otherwise neutral tones running throughout the airstream. 

In this camper van interior we especially love the desk that runs the full width of the airstream, along the back wall. This desk takes full advantage of the large windows and would be the perfect spot to view your ever changing scenery and do some creating. Working from this desk would be a pleasure, not a chore. We are simply in love with this interior, where are the keys?!

4. Vincent Vanlife

Wooden van interior with blue patterened drawers.

This amazing camper van interior by @vincentvanlife has the best of both worlds with a white open kitchen complimented by a wooden bedroom area and cabinetry, giving the feel of a cabin on wheels. We love this clear divide between the two spaces, made even more apparent by the cupboard that acts as a part wall. The cupboard looks as though it creates a cosy den, perfect for sleeping in.

The funky drawers below the bed add a pop of colour to this bright space as the bold pattern pulls your eye in. We love how such a beautiful feature has been made out of an essential piece of storage. This cool geometric pattern painted on the drawers can be seen reflected in a painted stripe running through the kitchen area. This symmetry allows these two separate spaces to work together. 

We love the vintage dresser used in the kitchen area, its dark wood really stands out agains the white of the walls. The drawers in this dresser would be super useful too, giving smaller compartments for storage compared to a regular cupboard. The epic spic rack hanging on the cupboard wall is perfect for those who love cooking and creates a focal point, that is practical too. We love everything about this camper van interior, it would make the perfect adventure mobile!

5. Big Little Life

Retro bus interior, colourful and bold.

This beautiful boho bus created by @big_little_life_ looks like the interior of an apartment in downtown New York, not a bus. As well as being ultra cool, this bus looks practical and roomier enough to house everything you could possibly need and want, including a large TV for a good old movie night. Statement pieces, such as the oversized black lamp and retro patterned rug stand out and add character to this quirky interior.

We love the bold use of contrasting colour in the bus/camper can interior, with bright organic, red and turquoise all competing for centre stage. This eclectic mix of colour inside the bus works, thanks to the plain white walls and ceiling running through the bus allowing light to fill the space. The use of different colours also works to divide the space into clear areas, warm colours running through the living area where the kitchen comprises of a cooler turquoise. 

We also love the use of live plants to decorate the bus’s interior, adding to the boho vibe by bringing the outside in. But the outside is never far away with large windows lining every window, allowing you to marvel at the ever changing view from the comfort of your own home. This boho bus is a beautiful piece of design and would be a pleasure to travel in. 

6. Roaming With Rob

Wooden small van interior with L seat.

Number six on our best camper van interior list is one for those looking for inspiration for a smaller van build. This beautiful small van belonging to @roamingwithrob all fits inside a little minivan and yet he’s still found space for all of the essentials. This is thanks, in part, to the slide out kitchen that double counter space available. This also keeps cooking as an outdoor activity, keeping the inside of the van tidy and clutter free.

This pull out kitchen also allows the van to have a minimalistic interior, as the burner is hidden away, keeping all counter tops in the van smooth and multi-functional. We love this minimalistic feel with the same wood being used for all aspects of the van, be it ceiling or cabinetry. This dark-stained wooden sheeting gives the van a homely feel by creating a warm space.

The only pop of colour inside this van belongs to the brightly patterned cushion covers. This colour brightens up the interior space and stands out against the dark wood. These cushions convert to become a huge bed, taking up most of the space within the van and allowing you to spread out for a great night’s sleep. This cool van would be the perfect companion for any camping trip.

7. Van Interior Design – Wanderland Vans

Blue and white van interior with fixed double bed at back.

This gorgeous camper van interior by @wanderlandvans really stands out from the crowd thanks to its beautiful design and use of colour. Its design is simple but the camper still has everything you need- a bed, kitchen, table, and plenty of storage. We love the large, fixed bed at the back of the van, gone are the day that you need to make up the bed every time you want to lie down. This super simple idea also allows for plenty of storage for any adventure gear beneath the bed. 

We love how the blue soft furnishings on the bed tie nicely with the blue stained wooden cupboard below the sink. This continuation in colour theme ties together the two areas within the camper van. Apart from these splashes of blue, we really like the white and wooden theme running through the interior spaces. The white makes the space light and airy, allowing light to reflect off the surfaces and the wood gives the van a rustic vibe. 

The mismatched use of materials within the camper also gives the van a rustic feel, as though it has been made from recycled bits and pieces. We like this impression of giving new life to old pieces and turning them into something beautiful and functional. The stunning van would make a relaxed space for anyone to chill out in. 

8. Who Knows Where Next (Conversion Van Interior)

Retro orange, green  and wooden small van with L seat.

Next up on our best camper van interior list is this amazing creation by @whoknowswherenext with some amazing solutions to living small. We especially love this flip-down table, that doubles as the door of a cupboard. This is a great way of getting in a table and chairs without compromising on space. It is also super stylish and looks good in the up and the down position. 

The contrasting colours between the rusty orange of the cushion covers and the deep green accenting the kitchen cupboards really make this van’s interior pop. These colours, coupled with the metal drawer handles give the van a retro 70s vibe, making it feel super cool. We also love the deep wood that makes up the cabinetry, this dark stain really works thanks to the white ceiling and panoramic windows that allow light to flood the small space. 

Finally, we love the L-shaped seating area. This design is such a great design choice for smaller vans. It allows you to have a large seating area and space to move around in the day but converts into a huge bed for a comfortable night’s sleep. This van is so cool and would be perfect for any long road trip. 

9. Camper Interior – Camper Van Craftsman

Hand crafted wooden van with stained glass window.

This beautiful camper van interior by @campervancraftsman looks so spacious and elegant that we just had to include it on our list. The open plan layout of this camper allows light to flow through the entire length of the van, from the back doors, the skylight, and the amazing window running the length of the kitchen. This large window would allow you to view the ever-changing horizon while you cook dinner. 

Something else that we love about this van is the oven! The space to have an oven in a van is such an amazing feature- you don’t realise how much you use an oven until you live without one. This oven, combined with the hob, sink, and fridge means that in this van you have a complete kitchen to play with. No meal is out of sight! On top of the full kitchen, this van boasts a great space to eat at, with two fixed seats and a movable table. 

Our favourite element of this van, however, is the unique curved partition, partially separating the bed area that features a beautiful handmade stained glass window. It is small, personal details like these that really make a house a home and make a van conversion stand out from the crowd. I would be proud to call this skilfully crafted van home.  

10. Jacob Witzling

Rustic truck cabin interior.

Last but certainly not least on our best camper van interior list is this beautiful truck cabin by @jacobwitzling. Now I know what your thinking, this doesn’t look like your average camper van and that’s because it isn’t. This fully wooden cabin was built on the back of a truck and is completely handmade from scratch. 

We love the interesting shapes and angles this design has created with the roof jutting in and then out again over the bed. And what a cosy looking bed, made complete with the twinkling fairy lights. Being able to sleep up above the cab area of the truck opens up so much space down below for the living area. By creating a loft this truck cabin essentially has two separate rooms while still keeping space to move about. 

The use of reclaimed wood gives this camper a really rustic vibe, making the space feel warm and homely. By using recycled wood the truck cabin has various wooden tones running through it, complimenting and working with each other to create an interesting and unique space. This camper is super inspiring and would be a great place to spend a camping trip.

Final Thoughts…

We absolutely love every camper on this list, they are all unique and make us want to start our next conversion! Hopefully, this list has given you some great camper van interior inspiration for your next build too.

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