Citroen Reveals New ‘Rip Curl’ Campervan

The van life has inspired thousands of people to live on the road and big names such as Fiat and Citroen are slowly starting to realise that people want more than just a car, they want a weekend van that they can travel comfortably in and sleep peacefully in for a night or 10.

After seeing VW reveal the new California XXL Camper we find it hard to keep our eyes elsewhere, but this Citroen SpaceTourer Camper really gives off that ‘cool’ factor, and we won’t lie, we kinda dig it.

They have teamed up with RipCurl to create a surf friendly, long haul camper van with trendy design features and an overall sweet looking place to chillax. It features a 3L diesel engine that pushes out 148HP to all four wheels, so it’s capable of taking it off-road and sliding through those soft beaches.

Inside it features a shower (we’re sold), a small kitchen with a gas stove burner, a fridge, a little dining area and sink to clear up your mess. And we all love to stand, so they’ve added a rugged pop top that let’s you do so, and it’s an extra place to sleep if need be!

Overall the van can seat up to 7 people and sleeps 4 adults comfortably, this is a serious rig for the petrol head out there, it’s quick, rugged, can take you off-road and has everything for you to live a seriously trendy van life for many years to come. No release date or price has been announced, so take this with a pinch of salt. Touché Citroen, this has to be one of your finer products. ✌️

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