Top 15 Custom Conversion Vans to Draw Inspiration From

There are so many beautiful custom conversion vans out there, and they are a fantastic source of inspiration if you’re looking to build your own. The best thing about a custom conversion is that you can create a camper van that is unique to YOU.

You can get the exact layout, colour scheme and items to make life on the road a dream come true.

Today we’re going to look at ten amazing custom conversion vans that are sure to give you some ideas for your own tiny home. Just don’t forget to add your individual design flair and to think out of the box to build something that stands out from the crowd!

Featured Image Credit: Orange Road Trip

1. The Travel Bobbers

Conversion Vans - van interior with fixed bed, kitchen and seating

Starting off our list of custom conversion vans we have The Travel Bobbers. Their beautiful van is the perfect home for not just two people, but three! Yes, that’s right, this couple have a baby on board! Beneath the main double bed is a smaller kids bed, an exciting little den for any child living life on the road.

I love the mix of natural wooden ceiling, white walls and moss-green cupboards. This combination of colours brings a homely feel to the van while keeping it bright and airy. The open plan layout provides ample space for all of life’s essentials, including the beds, large kitchen, sofa area, table and lots of storage.

2. Endless Footsteps

White interior with fixed bed and recycled wooden cabinets

Up Next we have a great DIY van by Endless Footsteps. This build utilises upcycled materials, pairing them with fresh white cabinets. Mixing old and new materials gives the van a rustic but clean feel to the interior atmosphere.

Plenty of windows running along the walls bring in loads of natural light and would allow you to take in your ever-changing landscapes, no matter where you are in the van. Windows in a small space are essential to making the area feel larger and ensure you don’t feel claustrophobic.

3. I Built A Glampervan

Conversion Vans - Single bed and bathrrom at the beach, kitchen and table at fron in moody colours

I Built A Glampervan is a perfect layout for a single traveller. As there is only a fixed single bed, otherwise wasted space has been utilised for a bathroom. This clever design means you can be completely self-sufficient- it’s like a tiny apartment on wheels!

It’s a bold move to go for black cabinetry in such a small space, but the black theme looks modern and sophisticated without making the area feel smaller. It works thanks to the natural light coming in through the windows, bouncing off the white walls.

4. Cleo Cohen

Woman sat at desk in van with bed in separate room at back and kitchen in front

Cleo Cohen has managed to create the feeling of a separate bedroom in her camper van. A partition wall and steps up to the bed remove the raised fixed bed from the kitchen and seating area. This feeling of different rooms is hard to create, and Cleo has achieved it without making the van seem cramped.

Having a fixed raised bed also means there is plenty of space at the back of the van for storage. This is great if you have lots of bulky outdoor gear, as many adventurous vanlifers do.

5. Gluecksmovante

Conversion Vans - Seating area that converts to bed at back, kitchen at front in dark grey

Next up on our list of custom conversion vans we have this tidy conversion from Gluecksmovante. A convertible bed to seating area allows for plenty of interior chilling space both day and night. Having different layout options makes this van a perfect full-time travel companion.

The decor is modern and stylish, with dark cabinets that match the seating, hardwood work surfaces and white walls. The amount of storage in the camper is also brilliant, with plenty of space to store all of your road trip essentials! There is even storage below the raised floor of the dining area!

7. Starvan For Adventure

Conversion Vans - Fixed bed at back, seating and table at front

If you’re looking for a fixed bed and a seating area, then Starvan For Adventure could have the perfect layout for you. A pull out kitchen at the back completes the space. If you’re not an avid chef or live in a warm and dry climate, then this could be a good option, sacrificing an indoor kitchen opens up the van and gives you more space to work with.

This cosy van has plenty of storage, both on the walls and below the bed and bench seats. Utilising wall space for storing essentials is a good way to get more onboard and keeps items you often use in reach at all times.

8. Wohmobi

Conversion Vans - Sprinter conversion with wooden walls, fixed bed at back, seating infront and kitchen

If you’re looking for some inspiration for converting a sprinter van, then look no further than Wohmobi. This van is a gorgeous example of how you can use the space and make it look amazing.

With a fixed bed, seating area and kitchen, this camper has it all. It is also completed to the highest standard and with materials that complement each other. The wooden walls create a warm and homely feel, while white cabinets with darker wooden countertops give the van a modern twist.

9. Tobi Kral

Smaller van parking by the beach, slide out kitchen at back

If you have a smaller camper van, then Toby Kral’s van is an excellent example of how to utilise the space available best. Having a smaller van shouldn’t stop you adventuring after all vanlife is more about the places you go than the van itself. This camper has everything you need for an adventure with a convertible bed and seating inside and a kitchen outside.

This sort of van is also great if you plan on using your camper for weekend trips and short breaks. It’s easier to drive and park, has better fuel economy and still allows you to hit the road at a moments notice.

10. Louis The Van

White interior of camper with kitchen and seat

If you’re a fan of the all white interior, then you’ll love the next camper on our list of custom conversion vans, Louis The Van. A natural colour scheme and under cabinetry soft lighting gives this camper a relaxing glow, making it the perfect space to chill after a day on the trail.

It’s little touches like the mood lighting that can make your tiny home stand out from the crowd. This ingenious way of bringing extra light into the van also gives the illusion of space in a small area, in turn making the van feel relaxing.

11. The Ugly Truckling

Conversion Vans - Handbuilt truck camper with wooden shingles making exterior walls

If you’ve got the necessary skills, then why stop at converting a van? Why not build a van? That’s precisely what The Ugly Truckling has done with her not-so-ugly handmade truck camper.

This truck is a work of art with a beautiful wooden exterior made from cladding, shingles a range of windows. The playful nature of this build would make it a fun and exciting place to come home to, and we can’t wait to see how Kai fits out the interior. If the exterior is anything to go by, then it’s going to be a one of a kind, beautiful tiny home.

12. The Rolling Mammouth

Camper conversion with white kitchen and lots of seating space

Next up on our list of custom conversion vans we have The Rolling Mammouth. This is another stunning conversion but built inside an old RV, not a new Sprinter van. This van shows just what you can do with something that previously looked dated and tired.

Now, the interior is bright and spacious with not one but two seating areas. As well as having lots of space, the colours chosen give the camper a contemporary feel. Whites throughout brighten up the van while a wooden feature wall at the back pops.

13. Orange Road Trip

Larger van with fixed bed, seat, kitchen and wood burner

A little bit of extra space goes a long way in the van world. Orange Road Trip’s van is just a bit bigger than your average sprinter conversion, but that small amount of extra space means it can comfortably fit a fixed bed, fixed seating area at the end of the bed, large kitchen with an oven and a wood-burning stove!

Having a wood-burning stove in your camper is a great way to heat the area, as long as it isn’t too bulky that ends up being wasted space in the summer. They are often cheaper to buy and install compared to a diesel heater, and they give off a dry heat, great for ensuring no damp builds up in a van over winter.

14. Rogue Vans

Dark green van with bed at backa nd kitchen and seating in front

We’re coming to the end of our list and up next we have this gorgeous conversion by Rogue Vans. This camper is a unique build and stands out from the crowd thanks to its green couloir scheme. The green cabinets complement the recycled wooden walls to give a moody and sophisticated look.

As well as being stylish, this van is also practical with everything you need to hit the road at a moments notice. As well as the kitchen, bed, seating area and movable table, this van offers plenty of overhead storage. Overhead cabinets are a great way to add more storage to your van without taking up floor space.

15. Wandering Woods

Woman sat in van with keyboard pulled out on long drawer infront of her

Last but not least on our list of custom conversion vans we have Wandering Woods. This exceptional conversion proves that there is always a way to bring your hobby on the road with you, no matter what that may be. With a keyboard onboard, there is still time to practise on this road trip.

Despite having a large keyboard, this van has everything else you would expect to find in a tiny rolling home. This innovative design shows that, with a bit of imagination, the sky is the limit!

Final Thoughts…

There are so many amazing campers out there to give you inspiration for your build. Hopefully, these fifteen vans have shown you what is possible and have given you some ideas to incorporate into your conversion.

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