Meet The EarthRoamer – The Most Expensive Camper On Earth

Conquer The Earth With The ‘EarthRoamer’

by Seb @vincentvanlife

The mother of all Camper Van’s has finally arrived, and it comes with the biggest price tag we’ve ever seen!

Enter the aptly named ‘EarthRoamer’, a vehicle that you could easily use to reach the far corners of the globe. It has even got a world map on the outside of the van, it’s message for world domination couldn’t be clearer!EarthRoamer - Action Pic

Even though the EarthRoamer is a luxury camper, it looks like a seriously mean machine. It started out life it’s as a Ford pickup truck but has been transformed into something fit for a king. Each machine is hand crafted in Colorado and made to order.

Before we head to the inside, lets just take a quick look a the capacities of this beast. The EarthRoamer can hold….

115 GALLONS OF DIESEL, 250 GALLONS OF FRESH WATER, 125 GALLON CAPACITY BLACK WATER, 2100 WATTS OF SOLAR POWER, & has a 20000 WATT HOUR BATTERY BANK (I’m using capitals because everything so big!)

So don’t worry if you’re sat nav sends you the wrong way and you get lost, I think you’re gonna be just fine.

What’s Inside

The EarthRoamer takes luxury to the next level. Say goodbye to washing your clothes in a stream or chilling your beers in the snow, because this beauty has a fully fitted kitchen, complete with fridge freezer, oven, and a washer dryer!EarthRoamer - Washer PicEarthRoamer - Kitchen Pic

The kitchen also has an induction hob, Bosch microwave and a polished chrome sink. There is a full bathroom with a separate shower, heated floors, a king-size bed, a state of the are Bose surround sound system, and room for six people to relax in style

The inside living area is decorated with a rich mahogany wood finish, and theres plenty of storage for all of your worldly possessions to sit comfortably without cramming bits on top of each other.EarthRoamer - Inside Pic

You could have a board meeting around that table, in fact I’m pretty sure you could run a business from the mountains in this without every having to turn up to an office. The large windows have blackout shutters to keep that pesky light out.

How much does it cost?

This state of the art home on wheels will cost you (get ready for this) $1.5million, which is about £1.13million to us brits. To put that into perspective, that’s three times more expensive than EarthRoamer’s other model, the XV-LTS, and around 15 times the standard price of a conventional motor home.

The EarthRoamer is definitely not your average every day vehicle. It’s a mobile palace for the rich and the royals of our world to experience off grid living in comfort. Would I buy one if I had the money – Yes, definitely, it looks amazing. Would I be too scared to park it outside a supermarket – Yes, definitely. Maybe it’s best if this one stays in the wish list for now!

EarthRoamer - Side Pic

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