Hymer Vision Venture Inside The Million Dollar Camper

Have you ever wanted a campervan from the future? Well, the Hymer Vision Venture is just that. A new concept camper by Hymer designed on top of a 2019 Mercedes Sprinter, and we’ll be honest, our jaws instantly dropped when we saw this thing.

There’s not much information out there regarding this vehicle; we even went up to the events assistant, and he basically said, “it’s all custom made. Nobody can buy it, but we wanted to make it a real thing”. That’s like dangling a doughnut in front of a child but not letting them eat it.

hymer visio venture exterior

This is called the Hymer Vision Venture, a futuristic concept camper with some incredible features. They teamed up with BASFa chemicals company to make this a reality; I guess that makes it ‘scientific’ and from the future, right?

Let’s start with the face of the future van. From what we can see it looks as if Hymer has rebuilt the faceplate, the roof is considerably higher, and the bonnet steeper and the forehead curves into what can only be called the inflatable pop top.

In front of the pop-top, you are greeted with a light bar because, don’t forget, this is an off-grid campervan so you’ll need it when you need to poop at night. It comes with some BFGoodrich tyres, solar panels and has obviously been lifted…a lot.

hymer vision venture exterior 2

If you look closer, you can see the entry door, and then down towards the back a custom window which allows you to peak out at night to view the wildlife. There are also some small portholes on the top of the Hymer Vision Venture which add some natural light to the interior and are a great feature.

hymer vision venture decals

If we swing around to the back, this is where the magic happens. They’ve custom made a fold-down boot that acts as a decking area to sit and eat. This is one of the first times we have seen this on a sprinter, and now we never want to go back to the classic barn doors.

hymer vision venture exterior

When this opens, you can slide out an external ladder, allowing you to step up onto your balcony and enjoy the views. Not just that, there’s also a secret section on the outside which enables you to slide out an external cooking area, which is perfect for BB Q’s, this is one of our favourite parts, and the cooking area actually looks extremely high end.

hymer vision venture exterior 2

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to enter the Hymer Vision Venture, but we managed to get some pictures outside and use our trusty selfie stick to get some cheeky images. The interior is where things get serious, and just from the pictures alone, you can see the level of craftsmanship. It’s incredible; you have a kitchen area, a sofa area which converts into the first bed, you then have a toilet and shower area for keeping clean on the go, and towards the front…a set of stairs.

Before we move on to the stairs, everything you look at in here has been perfectly colour coded, the light walls, the bright pillows and furniture then teamed up with dark storage around the cooking area, this makes everything look incredibly modern, and like it’s straight out of a luxury home. This is by far one of the best campervan conversions of the year.

What’s up the stairs I hear you ask? Well, if you saw the pop-top you’ll know there’s some space up top, and not just a little space. You can get three adults up there sleeping comfortably, or treat you and your partner to loads of space when you’re off the grid. And yes, the stairs provide even more storage!

For now, that’s all of the information we have. Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube as we have a video tour coming up very soon! We’ll also update this article when we get more specs!

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