12 Best Campervan Conversions To Inspire Your Next Adventure

If you’re an avid campervan enthusiast then you’ll know campervan conversions are a seriously hot topic right now. Students, weekend warriors, vandwellers and even the wealthy are converting their campervans into incredible off grid living homes on wheels. Some van lifers want a stealth camper, some a VW camper, and some even want a pop up truck camper to take anywhere they please.

The possibilities are endless, so we’ve put together the finest camper conversions we’ve ever set eyes on. From DIY projects, to fully fledged ‘money is no option’ builds. So what ever your budget, there’s something here for you.

Van Clan’s best hand picked campervan conversions

1. VW Crafter Sven Hedin Westfalia Camper

So, we’re going to start with a big one, the Sven Hedin Crafter Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. We’ve actually been inside this one ourselves, and if it wasn’t for the $100,000 price tag we’d snag one up pretty quickly! Just by looking at it from the outside you can tell that this is a serious camper. It’s designed for living in luxury with up to four people, it’s also going for that stealth black look with the gunmetal grey and blacked out accessories. We absolutely dig it.

As mentioned it’s built on a VW Crafter, one of the larger camper vehicles out there, for you that are new to the Crafter, it’s very similar to Mercedes Sprinter conversions. So what does it feature? Being on of the more expensive campervan conversions in this list it… has a lot. Starting at the back it comes with a large double bed, with more than enough space to fit two adults and even your adventure dog if that’s your thing.

Volkswagen Westfalia Camper - Inside

Moving further down, you have a fully fledged hot water shower with a built in toilet, and we have to mention this showers looks and works better than most hotels we’ve been in, it’s a spectacular feature to have when off the grid, it’s a necessity that most van life travellers have to live without, but if you’ve got the money it’s something you’ll never look back on. Plus the toilet is huge too, letting you to your number to in peace, and not feeling like you’re crammed in Harry Potter’s bedroom.

Just outside of the shower room, you have the storage and kitchen area which has been assembled with precision and beauty. It comes with a giant 70L fridge that is located right next to the door, this allows you to easily access those cold beers from the outside without bringing in mud or taking of your shoes,  lovely!

Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Exterior 1

It also comes with 100L of fresh water on board, which is one of the largest we’ve  seen in campervan conversions, this means you can shower as much as you please, venture as far as your eyes can see, and wash as many dishes as your heart desires…. wait, what?

Westfalia also gives you the option to upgrade and install underfloor heatings, this is aimed towards users in colder climates obviously, but it’s a nice featured that will undoubtedly keep you warm this winter, and if you’re a fan of van yoga, this will help keep your bums warm! What a nice touch, but remember, nothing is free so this will cost you more… yes more than $100,000. The normal edition does in fact come with a 4.8kw diesel heater, so if you’re wondering if the base version comes with heating, it does.

Volkswagen Westfalia Camper - Bed

Here’s a full list of features in the Sven Hedin camper conversion:

  • Passenger Seat with lumbar support
  • Power heated outside mirrors
  • Seats with heating in driver cabin
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Cruise control
  • Heating for windscreen washer nozzles
  • Air conditioning “Climatic” in driver cabin,
  • Rear Bed “Comfort” with electric Westfalia Pop-Out rear left
  • Flyscreen door,
  • LED Ambient Light Package:
  • Multi-functional display “Plus”
  • Multi-functional steering wheel
  • Navigation system “Discover Media”
  • *Light and Vision Pack : £402.00

To round it off number one on our campervan conversions list is most likely out of reach for most of our readers, but it’s something we can all dream of owning one day, right? It’s an almighty conversion that Westfalia has crafted with excellence and precision, everything in this conversion feels like its been taken out of a million dollar yacht and we can’t help but love it. But if this isn’t to your taste, and you want to bump a few thousands off the price tag, the Ford Campervan Conversion next might be something for you.

2. One of the finest Ford Transit campervan conversions around

One of the newest campervan conversions on our list is this beauty from Outside Van. Outside Van is a campervan conversions company based in the United States, they mainly specialise in Mercedes Sprinters, but just last week, they revealed their all new Ford Transit Campervan conversion, and it’s beyond beastly.

We’ll admit the Ford Transit gets a bit of a bad rep, especially in the United Kingdom, some people see it as the classic builders van, but with these campervan conversions, it’s making a comeback, and a memorable one at that.

On the roof of the Cascade you’ll find an Air Top hard shell roof tent, so if you have a few friends wanting to tag a long on your adventure, there’s a spacious bed for them that overlooks your location. There’s a strong ladder, an aluminium bumper and a tubular roof rack which is all attached to the body of the van, and with the included super awesome light bar you won’t have to spend any more time struggling to see wildlife that want to try and scare you!

This Ford Camper Conversion also comes with a reliable solar package to keep your batteries and van life essentials topped up on the go, oh and an awning if you enjoy a little bit of shade whilst sipping on a frosty beverage.

Ford Camper Conversion - Cascade

Living off the grid is no easy task, so having a tonne of top cooking accessories and one of the most comfortable campervan conversions on the market, will certainly help you chomp down on those long haul rides. It features a two hob stove that’s built directly into the worktop, so no folding stuff out, it’s ready for you to cook some mean meals.

Next to it is a spacious sink, a stainless steel fridge, a gas powered heating system and lots more all located behind the drivers seat with an accompanying window for you look into the wild while you chill out with your crew.

Ford Camper Conversion - Kitchen

Outside Van know the appeal that their products have on the digital nomad scene, so all of their campervan conversions come with a overkill power centre that can handle all of your electric needs. Their power inverters turn 12V power into the 110V power , meaning that you can charge up your laptop, smartphone, camera and power banks without using any special adapters.

The Inverter in this camper can provide up to a whopping 2000 watts of power, which is more than enough juice to power up a 700-1000w microwave for those late night time snacks.

Ford Camper Conversion - Bike storage

This is no normal camper conversion, it’s built with the adventurist in mind, so under the bed, and towards the back of the Ford Transit camper, you’ll find a bike garage.

That’s right, you can fit two mountain bikes in the back if needed, you can even convert this space into more storage or an outdoor kitchen if mountain biking isn’t you thing, Outside van is open to ideas and will work around your concepts.And is that an outside shower that we spy in the bottom left of the picture?

Yes it is; Outside Van want you to spend as much time outside your van as you do inside it, so now you can get as muddy as you want and clean off before tea, or even clean your mountain bikes before popping them in the back.

All you need is some top level self build insurance for your campervan and you’re ready to roll!

3. A weekend warriors dream VW T6 Campervan Conversions

The VW Camper is without doubt one of the most popular campervans in Europe, making it a great long term purchase if you want reliability and a sense of historical authenticity when it comes to the VW name. Its size is perfect for getting around the city in the day while at the same time being able to transform into a one of the most luxurious compact campervan conversions around in minutes.

It’s built for weekends, a trip to the forest, an evening camping under the mountains or a week away at Glastonbury Festival. This eye catching VW Camper is called the Trakkadu 450 S and it’s built upon a Volkswagen T6, crafted by the talented team that is Trakka in Australia. It’s truly something special and the team should be proud. We’ve never wanted a VW Camper so bad in our lives.

VW Camper Exterior

It’s built for van lifers who want to camp, but also travellers who want speed, it’s completely pimped out with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a bi-turbo diesel engine that will tear up the road once you put your foot down. It’s also been hooked up with some of the best tires money can buy, meaning it will tackle dirt roads, mountains, and wet terrains with ease.

Again, another completely spotless interior, it’s like something out of Star Trek. Neon lights surround the sliding door and the cockpit, this illuminates our camper with light and just shouts money when people look inside. It comes with all of the normal bits you’d find in these campervan conversions. Pop top, fridge, desk, two burner stove and a lot more tiny details that can only be appreciated when seen with your own eyes.

VW Camper Interior

The exterior is beyond monstrous, it features a golden yellow paint job with a touch of black in places that fit its yellow beast aesthetic perfectly.

On the front you’ll see bright LED headlights that make the road shine with detail, to the side an electric sliding door which makes you feel like Obi Wan Kenobi every time it opens and there’s also heat insulated windows that are tinted to match its stealth black features. And lastly towards the back there’s a heavy duty protection plate that helps keep the back bumper scratch-free when loading and unloading your camping accessories from the back.

And throughout the body work you have a number of Trakkadu decals sprinkled around the exterior that adds a nice custom appeal.

The interior is just as exciting as the exterior and we’re certain every van life enthusiast will love it. It packs a fridge, a diesel stove, a hot water system, 38L water tank, fold away tables to do your work on the go.

You may have guessed that a campervan of this magnitude does not come cheap, and with a price tag of over £100,000 ($140,000) it’s certainly out of ours and possibly your price range. It’s built for adventurers who are serious about taking to the road for their next thrill, if it’s in your price range then it’s worth saying g’day to Trakka in Sydney.

4. Mercedes Sprinter camper conversions are taking over the world

Another one from Outside Van, and although this is a fairly old conversion, it still gets brownie points for innovation and pure bad ass’ness (if that’s even a word). This one is named the Power Station and is ultimately aimed at travellers who work on the go, have plenty of mullah in the bank, want to go where not a lot of vehicle can go and have space for their mountain bikes.

Yes, we know, another conversion with a bike garage. What’s the big deal? Well, the problem with leaving your bikes on top of your campervan conversions or even on the back, is that, well they got stolen. And most of us know that bikes don’t come cheap, especially if your travel buddy also has one, they’re expensive and need protecting.

So having a space for two in the back, under your bed has been a popular demand with camper conversion companies, and we can’t blame them, it’s a sweet idea!

Outside Van Exterior

And while we’re on the subject of bikes, the reason it’s called Power Station is because it features 3 long life AGM batteries, a e-bike charging station for your charging your best e-bikes for travelling and a diesel heater to keep you warm on the go.

Looking into the main living area of this camper, from the picture below you can see that it looks like a homely, spacious place to live in, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s well lit, has an actual dining area that meets the swiveling passenger seat, and a spacious kitchen with even more storage! We bloody love storage!

Outside Van Exterior 3

All these things add up to bring the customer a great way to explore and enjoy the tiny home life in ways you could not imagine. When you give Outside Van’s creative mind a shot, you will be blown away with the results. The Power Station is by far one of the most technologically advanced campervan conversions they’ve made, as they included just about everything campers need to sustain living off the grid with lots of tech.

5. The big blue giant by Nomad Vans campervan conversions

If you follow us closely over on our Instagram, you’ll know that this blue Mercedes Sprinter by Nomad Vanz has a small space in our hearts, it’s one of our most wanted campervan conversions ever and the fact that it’s in our favourite colour too makes us extremely jealous of whoever owns it.

Nomad Vans are a Canadian based campervan conversions company who also specialise in converting Mercedes Sprinters into insane off road vehicles with features like full blown showers and front spotlights for going down any route you want, when you want.

Off Grid home - Front shot

This is for someone who wants to stand out, stealth is not an option, and someone who wants their interior design to pop, just like its exterior. These guys are known for creating vehicles that blow peoples minds, and the M&M blue makes it look like no other camper you’ve seen before.

These colourful conversions are very family friendly, but don’t let that fool you; these campervan conversions are just at home on the campsite as they are in on top of a mountain or hidden forest, your camper, your choice!

They’re the real deal, and this is an off grid home that we could definitely live in all year round. This particular model is called ‘Out Of The Blue’ – the best trips come when you least expect them after all!

Off Grid home - Cab

Taking a closer look at Nomad Vanz interior you can see that these campervan conversions certainly do not lack detail, infact it is so well designed every inch is made to do something, be it their swivel chairs, to the funky carpet, everything has a reason, and that’s exactly why this conversion is on our top list.

It’s attention to detail, it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, there’s even orange LED lights that go alongside the floor to match the interior colour scheme. And (you’re probably bored of this by now) there’s a bike garage in the back, under the bed too!

Simple builds start from approx $50,000, and the big upgraded builds cost around $250,000. It might sound expensive, but you can’t put a price on comfort, style and the ultimate adventure vehcile. We love this van, and if you’re looking for a 4×4 off grid home with a difference then this is the vehicle for you!

Head over to the Nomad Vanz website to find out more about their vans and to speak to their dedicated customer service team!

6. Blacked Out VW T25 Camper Conversion

We’re huge fans of the VW T25, in fact we own one ourselves, but unfortunately for us it’s not as good looking as this handsome fella here. Meet the blacked out VW T25 Syncro with a roof top tent and a bike ramp that goes over the van itself to create an insane course for down hill bikers who are constantly on the move.

It was converted by Rob Heran, a professional mountain bike addict who loves the minimalist lifestyle, and with that he has created one of the most unique T25 conversions we’ve seen in a long time. He purchased this fella in early 2017 and since then has been travelling around the states with one thing in mind… adventure.

campervan conversions

The engine has been replaced with a reliable 120hp TDI, the interior re-crafted, all doors replaced and a tonne of biking essentials has been added. Not only that, but its equipped with new LED lights, two new batteries, a new 100-watt solar panel and Recaro seats for comfortability while travelling all of those miles around the states.

The most noticeable feature of this VW T25 is the Heimplanet Inflatable Tent which fits onto the roof rack, with this camping tent there is no poles needed, simply a few strong breaths and the outside chambers will fill with air and shape the tent in minutes. Rob, is without doubt a member of the Camp Clan!

campervan conversions VW T25

He has a custom roof rock on top of his camper conversion, allowing him to hold a handful of large bike rails that can be connected together with a few bolts to create an ‘over van’ ramp allowing him to create some insane instagram content, and fulfill his thrill seeking desires.

Our favourite thing about these T25 campervan conversions is not the fact it transforms into a bike rack, but the fact that everything is blacked out, it gives the Syncro a modern touch, with a sense of mystery and adventure. Rob should be proud of this conversion as it’s one of the finer T25 modifications we’ve seen in a while.

7. Kompanja Campervan Conversions – Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic

We’ll admit the Renault Trafic is an unpopular choice for many campervan conversions, this might be due to the square’ness of the vehicle itself, or due to the fact that Renault doesn’t really make a lot of them compared to its competitors. But, we’ve found one Renault Trafic so good that it’s here in our top campervan conversions list, and it’s black so it gets bonus points.

Komapanja is a german campervan conversion company who have changed the way we look at the Renault Trafic, they took its boxy design and turned it into a stealth grey campervan with a built in CINEMA. That’s right, these guys have added a portable projector that allows you to watch movies inside against your pop top, or outside on an adjacent wall. This is the first campervan conversion that we’ve seen do this and we can’t respect Kompanja enough for giving it a go.

One great feature about this campervan is that it’s modular. Meaning one week you can use it for taking your kids to school, the next for hauling large items, and then the week after a off grid campervan with an awning, a kitchen, entertainment and all of the essentials you’ll need to go away for the weekend.

Although it’s not as well designed as the Nomad Vanz conversion it does have that homely, wooden feel to it, with warm yellow lights and a general peaceful aesthetic to it. It’s not in your face, in fact it’s quite opposite, with its dark grey paint job, black details and discreet overall appearance to it, it’s something that can camouflage into day to day life without saying “hey, come break in and have a look”.

Renault Trafic Exterior 3

But under the hood it’s not so normal. If you get the ‘big daddy’ upgrade package, they’ll chuck in a 125BHP diesel engine, that’ll get you from A to B… a lot quicker. This package also comes with rear parking aid, and a couple of sliding windows for those scenic getaways. Overall it’s a tidy campervan that looks nice, but plays dirty.

8. Keeping it classic with this VW T2 Camper Conversion

Volkswagen Bus Camper - Retro Blue

The VW T2 is without doubt one of the most iconic campervans of all time, and with that comes enthusiasts who love to make the finest campervan conversions around. One of these finest campers comes from our good friends Danbury Campervans, a company based in the UK who creat custom campervan conversions for a wide range of Transporters.

This one specifically is pretty much perfect condition and we saw it in person at the Campervan & Motorohome Show in Birmingham, UK. It had a lot of people crowded around it due to the fact the interior is immaculate, and resembles its 80’s roots perfectly.

Volkswagen Bus Camper - Retro interior

It even kept to its colour scheme, and it also comes with some upgraded, modernised goodies like the fridge, some LED lights and a gas stove for cooking those delicious meals on. We love the retro theme, and Danbury Motrohomes have done a cracking job keeping this VW T2 to as close to its original as possible.

Oh and it has a hidden microwave! I know, it’s not ‘original’ but thats the modern touch we love, alongside the custom leather seats which make you feel as if you’re driving the queen around in your T2. An astonishing conversion that brings out the nostalgic vibes every time we set eyes on it.

9. Stunning Minimalist Campervan Conversions

Zach has taken a 10 year old Chevy cargo van and has converted it himself using nothing but his hands. He’s also been smart about this, most of you may know it’s hard to find places to sleep in America, so instead of putting in windows, he’s simply cut holes as windows, and used small joints which allow him to prop them out, creating stealth windows that can be shut to look as if it’s still a cargo van. Genius!

Studio Cargo Van Conversion

If we take a closer look inside, you can also see that the windows have been turned into chalkboards, increasing productivity and free’ing the mind, all while taking in those incredible views. He’s used reclaimed wood on the ceiling which has been taken from a nineteenth century church in Ohio, adding a sense of history in what’s a stunning modern day camper van.

The bed can be flipped up into a chair, allowing for an even more relaxing environment to work in. The desk has a pull out block chair which can be tucked underneath to keep everything clean and tidy. Plus, the desk can be flipped up and transformed into a cooking area which has a turn burner stove hiding underneath. A neat touch, and we love how everything is hidden and keeping it minimalist vibe.

Zach’s van is run by a couple of solar panels that power most of his camping essentials, and its heavily insulated so that he can work off grid in any climate. There’s a hidden kitchen for cooking up some tasty snacks, and when he wants to shower he just heads off to the gym (That must be a tip that he’s picked up from us!).

Studio Cargo Van Conversion

If’ there’s one thing that living in a mobile home can give you, its memorable experiences but sometimes you may want to earn money on the road while you do that, a bit like we do, so having a place that enhances creativity, and a space that lets you escape the busy world and tap into your third sense is priceless.

This is an incredibly DIY conversion, that doesn’t go into to much details, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do something like this. All you need is a bit of pre-planning, determinations and a couple pals to help you out. Nice work Zach, you’ve made the Van Clan team jealous!

10. A peak inside an incredible VW T6 Campervan Conversion

We had the privilege of taking a look at this VW T6 camper at The Camper Show in Birmingham, UK on Thursday, and lucky for us there was a number of very tidy campers on show, but one that really stood out for us was this incredible short-wheel-based VW T6 camper modified by Danbury MotorCaravans.

It’s a 2L TDi Surf King camper conversion with a tonne of extra add-ons. On the outside you have this incredible white and deep blue colour combo, with 18″ alloys, a pop top roof and chrome side bars that give it that clean, modern look.Now inside is where the magic happens, after you open up the side door you’ll be greeted with a deep blue hue from the LED’s which makes you feel like you’re in some kind of Star Wars star fighter.

The drivers and passenger seats swivel around to greet your main living area, the sink has a useful slide out desk which can be used for cooking or working on your next digital nomad project and there’s tonnes of storage sections with nifty sliding doors, because those pull out doors just waste too much space!

VW T6 Camper

It also features a 50L fridge freezer, 2 burner gas hobs, a grill, a wine rack and tonnes of electricity sockets, including USB ports. And now the main event, it’s fold out double bed that’s as easy as pulling the latch under the seat! Just don’t forget to take those head rests off.

Modern VW T6 Camper

Everywhere you look inside of this camper there’s a touch of detail that you keep missing, for example, the deep blue diamond stitching in the seats, the stealth awning, tinted back windows for privacy and even grey chevron flooring. Everything done to this camper shouts luxury, while keeping its modern, hi-tech styling. Danbury MotorCaravans have done a cracking job with this one.

11. One Of The Best Camper Conversions For Families – The Jubel Explorer

camper conversions - jubel full shot

Next on our list of the best campervan conversions is the Jubel Explorer by This Moving House. The Jubel Explorer is built on a long wheelbase Mercedes Benz Sprinter 316 and was completed this year in March 2019.

This Moving House is based in the UK and creates bespoke family friendly campervan conversions with their signature sleeping pops for kids at the centre of all of their designs. These sleeping pods are so unique and are a beautiful and eye-catching solution to sleeping the whole family.

The sleeping arrangement inside The Jubel Explorer is something we haven’t seen in any other campervan conversions with the full sized double at the bottom and two single pods for kids. These pods allow kids to have their own ‘room’ within the small space and makes travelling in the van even more exciting for them. The pods are stylishly curved and finished with seamless sem-circle entranceways and cute curtains.

Inside they each have their own reading light as well as a small storage area for any toys they might want to bring with them. The cool pods mean that kids can go to bed long before the adults are ready to and that adults can stay up (with the lights on) without disturbing the children.

camper converions - Jubel storage

Despite the capacity to sleep four, and the three extra seats in the back to be able to safely transport everyone the Jubel Explorer still has plenty of storage. There are two large storage drawers beneath the adult’s bed and storage inside two of the three steps up to the sleeping pods, the third step houses a porta-poti. Behind the back wall, accessed by the back doors is more storage areas perfect for storing shoes, coats or larger items on the shelf at the top.

The kitchen also boasts ample storage with a 12V undercounted fridge hidden in one of the cupboards, the other cupboard allows room for food or kitchenware storage. Situated beside a large Belfast sink that boasts a gorgeous copper tap is a stainless steel two burner hob, practical and stylish.

Two drawers in the kitchen unit allow for more storage and one draw doubles as a pull out chopping board, giving you much more workspace in the kitchen. On top of this the curved side of the kitchen unit slides out to offer more shelving meaning you’ll have plenty of room to store food for the family. When the time comes for eat there’s room for everyone at the table which is situated between the front swivel seats and the passenger seats in the back.

camper conversions - Jubel kitchen

The Jubel Explorer really has the feel of a tiny house, it is cleverly designed to be spacious, light and airy while still having enough room for the whole family. The interior of this campervan is well designed and beautifully finished with only the best materials used. The attention to detail within the van is impeccable, everything has its place and the muted colour scheme of bright whites, pale blues, greys and wooden accents give the van a fashionable feel.

The Jubel Explorer, with its curved edges, porthole interior window, Belfast sink and tiled splash back feels like a cross between a narrow boat and a country cottage and we love it! While the Jubel Explorer is a one of kind conversion This Moving House create vans with similar interiors and can be contacted via their website. If you’re travelling as a family we really can’t think of a better way to do it.

12.  A one of a kind Sprinter conversion with a stealth shower

We were lucky enough to attend Overland Expo 2019 not so long ago, and with this trip came a lot of interactions and hand shakes with conversion companies. But one that shined most amongst the crowd was Storyteller Overland, a conversion company based i Alabama, USA who are fairly new to the conversion scene, and they’ve already stirred things up a little!

What’s unique about Storyteller’s camper conversions is that not only is everything they do very clean and precise they also have a very unique way of using an indoor shower within their builds. If you have watched the video above you’ll know this is no ordinary rinsekit shower. This is a built in minimalist shower than unfolds out of the internal storage and even comes paired with your own privacy curtain, just incase you are opening the doors, plus it helps control the water.

The water hose is already hooked into the clean water supply straight from the storage slot, so no need to keep connecting and reconnecting every-time you want a shower. Simply open, unfold and clean! The water used from the shower will go into the floorboards, but not to worry, the floor boards under the shower will actually move this water into your brown water waste or directly out of the camper.

It’s just this small section of the floor that does this, but it’s very neat and allows you to quickly access shower without having to set up where the waste goes. We love it! This has to be one of our favourite features of their camper conversions.


So there you have it, our top 12 camper conversions of all time. Most of them are premium, or high end conversions but we will be revealing our top 10 DIY camper conversions soon. So if you know somebody that has an incredible DIY camper, be sure to hit us up on Instagram!

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