The Knaus Deseo 400 TR Is A Camper From The Future With Style

No, it’s not come straight out of the new Star Wars movie, but I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty out of this world! The Knaus Deseo 400 TR combines all the comforts of a luxury camper with the portability that you get from an attachable trailer. It’s stylish, it’s full of gadgets, and it’s already on our Christmas list.

Knaus Deseo 400 TR - Inside

Inside the Knaus Deseo 400 TR

Here it is, a luxury trailer that you could almost forget was a portable caravan at all! Just take a look at the picture above and tell me that you couldn’t see yourself enjoying a stay in one of these. That’s Knauss’ greatest weapon, they build seriously good vehicles and know how to draw us in. Just take a look at the Knauss Boxdrive CUV and you’ll get a feel of what we’re talking about.

Knaus Deseo 400 TR - TV
Yes, it does come with a retractable TV. Game Of Thrones anyone?

Knaus describes the Deseo 400 TR as a cozy living space first and foremost, and it comes complete with the amenities that you’d expect from all furnished campers; a full kitchen, bathroom, convertible dinette/bed, and sleeping capacity for four when the lift-away raised bed is added.

Knaus Deseo 400 TR - Bed

It’s nice and clean without being clinical, and there’s plenty of storage even when the bed is raised and ready for snoring.

Knaus Deseo 400 TR - bar
Got a business selling breakfast smoothies to overly happy campers? It looks like Knauss have created the perfect vehicle!

One of the best features of the Knaus Deseo 400 TR is that it can be quickly converted into storage mode. Now you can take your trials bike along to the slopes and look cool in front of all of the ramblers. The whole back panel lifts up to create one giant door too, so you can have it open on the beach and look out at a ready made vista, courtesy of old lady nature. Knaus Deseo 400 TR - Bike

Final Thoughts…

Honestly, I’m sold on the Knaus Deseo 400 TR, and it’s not got anything to do with the smiling happy people that are trying their best to draw me in. It’s almost like a little studio flat on wheels, and the best bit is you don’t have to have it attached to a specific vehicle.

The beauty of the Deseo is that you can tow this somewhere and leave your partner having a cup of coffee. Then you can go off and pick some mushrooms, or fight a pack of  bears (it’s up to you what you do in your spare time). It looks clean, it’s fresh, and its very spacious. What more do you need from a trailer?

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Knaus Deseo 400 TR - Feature Image

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