The Knaus Boxdrive CUV Is The Camper Of Our Dreams

Camper Van makers are always looking to evolve their product, to give them catchy names and reinvent their products so that we can get the most out of our off grid experiences – some of you found this out first hand with the much loved/much loathed VW I.D Buzz in a previous article! Now Knaus are throwing down the gauntlet with their latest offering – The Boxdrive CUV.

Boxdrive CUV - Shoes
Boxdrive CUV – No shoes allowed

Boxdrive CUV – Sensational Holidays Guaranteed

Once you get past the fact that the passenger is throwing odd shoes out of the window (they must have cabin fever) you start to see the similarities between the Knaus CUV and the VW California XXL.

It’s a different shape and style than you might be used to from Knauss; this one is based on the new VW Crafter, and they prefer to refer to it as a ‘Box Drive’ rather then a campervan. In fact, CUV stands for Caravanning Utility Vehicle ( How’d you like them apples!)

What’s Inside

First impressions of the interior are that it looks a little bit like an early concept for the millennium falcon that Virgin trains have turned into a reality; don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing and everyone loves Star Wars!

Boxdrive CUV - INTERIOR 1 Boxdrive CUV - INTERIOR 2

The kitchen layout is almost identical to the California XXL, and the same multi position bed that can be found in the new Winnebago Revel van also features, meaning that you can adjust for extra storage if needs be.

The Boxdrive CUV also has rear double doors, the kind that you might find on a Vauxhall Movano or any other real panel van, which makes for greater accessibility if you need to grab those odd pairs of shoes to throw out of your window….

The front seats swivel round in true camper fashion, with an extendable table for those extra large Sunday dinners.

Boxdrive CUV - INTERIOR 3

What’s even more impressive from a space saving point of view, is that the kitchen/living room floor area doubles up as the floor of the shower. See the circular track on the roof in the picture below, thats where the compartment swivels round so that you can have some modesty and shower in peace away from your fellow campers.

Boxdrive CUV - INTERIOR 4

Final Thoughts

It’s spacious and stylish in a minimalistic kind of way. It looks well built and has everything that you would need for that adventurous getaway. It might not have all of the fancy bells and whistles that the California XXL has, but its a great camper and does exactly what it says on the tin.

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