Lifesaver Jerry Can Review

The Lifesaver Jerry Can is an item we didn’t think we’d ever need, but it’s now becoming one of our favourite van life essentials and something that comes with us on every single trip. Don’t let the hefty price tag scare you, because there’s a lot of high end features that goes into the lifesaver. S

eriously, this is no basic jerry can it’s perfect for van life enthusiasts and for those who like their small campers.

Lifesaver Jerry Can Review – Is It worth the large price tag?

The Lifesaver Jerry Can is a sturdy, invincible portable water purifier that’s capable of filtering over 10,000 litres of clean drinking water. It removes 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites and all of the crap the human body doesn’t want inside of them. Its purification system has passed compliance testing for NSF protocol PS248 Military Operations, meaning it’s not your standard off the shelf system and is trusted by the freaking military.

That’s right, the purification system that Lifesaver has added to this jerry can is something the government trusts our troops using, take that in for a second. This ain’t no dollar store or poundland water bottle!

The Lifesaver Jerry Can is designed for expeditions, overland travel and adventurers who like to go off the beaten track. We’ve been using it on weekend trips away so it can still benefit your short haul travels but we’ll admit this is something for those of you that like to go away on long adventures due to its high capacity and literal lifesaving capabilities.

lifesaver jery can

The Lifesaver Jerry Can teamed up with the best survival kit means you could probably live through any threatening situation on your travels! It has this rugged design to it which feels as if it could be ran over by a tank and still be fine.

It comes with a handle for easy transport and some holes allowing you to insert this into your camper conversion securely using small poles or rope. The filter inside comes with a failsafe, an automatic indicator when the cartridge needs replacing, so you’ll never have unfiltered water.lifesaver

How does the Lifesaver Jerry Can work?

On top of the Lifesaver Jerry Can it has a hand pump allowing you to create pressure inside of the jerry can, this is a durable, easy to use pump which at times we got quite aggressive with to see if it would bend or even snap, that it did not, so this will help with creating pressure without having to worry about being a little too heavy handed.

lifesaver jerry can

Once the pressure is created you can add a number of attachments to the tap section, we had a twisty tap which allows us to pour out water at a steady stream. This can be used for filling up water bottles, doing the washing up or even cleaning your boots.

Lifesaver also sent us a mini shower head attachment allowing us to clean dishes more efficiently, clean our surfboards, shoes or pets and if you’re really desperate, yes, you can even take a shower with this thing, you’ll just need to keep the Lifesaver high as the shower head isn’t that long.

The pressure system was great, we never had a problem with it losing pressure quickly, if it did, a few pumps and we was right as rain, ready to clean away. The Lifesaver Jerry Can itself comes in at almost 5KG which is quite heavy, something you’d drop on your toe and certainly feel for the rest of the day.

With its full capacity of 18.5 litres of water that’s coming in at around 23KG, again, not a small weight. It’s not something you’d take around with you when walking, in fact it’s that big and heavy that we only recommend using it in and around your camper.

Our overall opinion of the Lifesaver Jerry Can

The Lifesaver Jerry Can is a must-have for anyone looking to go out on dangerous trails or off grid for a long period of time. Not only will it be there to help you in sticky situations but it’s also there to help with day to day activities. It’s reliable, well built and has an incredibly high end filtration system.lifesaver jerry can pump

The only downfall we have is its price tag. This piece of kit comes in at around £199/$250 making it a very expensive piece of equipment for you to justify adding to your setup.

But with that said this is something I can trust having in my rig for a very long time, this thing will never break, and it will be just as good at the start of your purchase as it will for years to come. We give it 8/10. You can pick yours up here.

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