Making Money While Travelling

There’s nothing quite like packing up a van and driving off into your next big adventure. The thrill of the unknown is an undeniable pull that many of us feel at some point or another, and van living is the perfect way to experience it. Whether you’re already on the road or planning your trip, there will come a point when it’s worth considering the benefits of vlogging about your journey. And, believe it or not, there are many of them!

Vlogging is an increasingly popular way to share experiences because it provides an insight into a way of life that others might want to try. When combined with documenting lifestyle choices, such as van living, vlogging can often lead to opportunities that might not have come about if the vlog hadn’t been made. So, once you’ve listed your van essentials and worked out your route on the map, make sure you’ve included your video camera. Just remember to be clear on the reasons for creating your vlog!

Making memories

The first most important reason for vlogging your adventures should be because it’s fun! Looking back through your vlogs in the future will be a great way to remember your trips and how much fun you had. It can be super easy to forget the details so keeping a video log ensures that you will remember them, along with all of the amazing places that you visit. Once you’re in the habit of creating videos, you may also find that it gives you something to do if you find yourself…dare we say it…bored during your trip! Making and editing videos is a very creative process so it will keep you occupied on those days when you feel like you want to do something.

Meeting others

While there are a growing number of YouTube channels dedicated to van life vlogs, there is a very good reason for it – people want to see what it’s like! With many millennials looking to enrich their lives with experiences rather than possessions, van living provides the perfect opportunity to see the world with minimal living costs. Millenials don’t want to feel shackled by mortgages and debts, they would rather live life freely, seeking out new adventures at every turn. This means that van life vloggers are a great source of inspiration for living this kind of lifestyle. As people follow their favorite vloggers, they get to know them which in turn creates opportunities to connect with people from all over the world.

making money while travelling - phone filming
Vlog your way around the world

Potential income

While not all vloggers are going to hit the jackpot with their vlogs, creating consistently good content can often lead to a source of income. Firstly, it’s possible to allow others to advertise on your YouTube channel’s content using Google Adsense. Once you’ve established a fan base, you can also create branded merchandise and sell it to your new followers or get yourself a sponsorship with your favorite brands.

Getting started

Ok, now you’re sold on starting your vlog it’s time to think about how to get started. A good place to begin is by checking out other van life vloggers to see which of their videos people seem to like the most and work out the reasons why these videos are so popular. Next, you need to work out which equipment you’re going to use – whether it’s your phone or a swanky digital camera, and set up your YouTube channel.

After you’ve begun uploading your videos, promote them on social media channels to get more attention directed at your channel. Of course, even if you are a pro vlogger there are always going to be ways that you can improve your vlogging technique, so try to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you create fresh, relevant and exciting content so that your audience stays interested.

One way of ensuring that you always stay on top of your vlogging game is to pay attention to which vlogs get the most attention and work out why. Is the content attractive or are you simply more engaging in that video? Learn from each video you make and keep striving for a better outcome each time.

What are you waiting for?! Time to get vlogging about your adventures and share them with the world!


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