Sprinter Van Conversion: Take a Look at Strata From Outside Van

Here at Van Clan, we love a good Sprinter van conversion, which is why we’re going to be taking a look at one of latest custom builds from Outside Van.

Why Choose a Sprinter Van?

A Sprinter van makes an excellent base for a custom camper van conversion. They’re versatile vehicles that give you enough interior space for living on the road comfortably. Even though you have plenty of space to spread out inside, the Sprinter van still drives and parks like a car.

This smooth driving experience is one of the main reasons that the Sprinter van conversion is so popular; they’re not a hassle to take out on the road and don’t add any stress to your trip. You can also add 4×4 upgrades to any Sprinter van, so you can take the road less travelled and choose the dirt track to find more remote camping spots.

The spacious interior of a Sprinter van allows you to have plenty of living space and also space to store your gear. This storage space is essential for many vanlifers as it enables you to bring along all the equipment needed for an adventure.

A new Sprinter van like the 2019 model that we’re looking at today is also a reliable van to have as a motorhome. They are fast, efficient and have all the modern conveniences of the latest car. As they are a universal vehicle, they can also be fixed by most garages, no matter how far you are from home.

Who Are Outside Van?

Sprinter van conversion - outside van logo

Outside Van are a specialist conversion company based in Portland, Oregon. All of their vans are made to suit each client, who can design every detail of their van. Officially founded in 2007 by a camper van and outdoor enthusiast, who had already spent thirty years building his own campers, Outside Van, now make over 100 campers a year.

Their high level of experience makes Outside Van the perfect company to choose if you’re looking for a refined build, with a high-quality finish. Outside Van know what they’re doing and can make your dream van a reality.


Strata on the beach

Strata is one of Outside Van’s newest builds and has been made with serious adventure in mind. The conversion has been built on a 2019 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 chassis. This chassis features a new dashboard and an electric sliding floor- no more slamming the door, simply lift the handle and the door automatically opens or closes automatically!

This is a fantastic sprinter van conversion, and we can’t wait to take a closer look.

Exterior Features

On The Roof

Sprinter van conversion - roof of strata

Often, the exterior of a camper van is forgotten about but, if utilised properly, it can be a great extension for gear storage, allowing you to bring bulkier items on your journey. The Strata features two aluminium ladders, built by Outside Van, to provide you with easy roof access. The ladders are both coated in a textured black paint, designed to provide you with grip, even in wet conditions.

Once on the roof, perforated standing platforms ensure there is space for you to move around when storing your gear. The perforation means water and dirt do not build up on the roof, as it can fall through the holes on the platform.

A safari rack has been fitted to the roof to give you space to strap down any outdoor equipment. The safari rack is strong and durable, making it a safe way to carry gear when driving. As the roof is also home to a 130w solar panel, air conditioning unit and deluxe roof vent, the rack has been positioned strategically to maximise usable space.

Attached to the front of the safari rack is a 50 inch LED light bar. The light bar provides you with an extremely bright beam that can help light your way when driving on unlit roads. This makes driving safer when finding a camp spot, especially if you are taking a dirt road.

Extra Details

Strats’s wheels

On the side of the van is a 10.5ft Fiamma awning. An awning is an excellent feature on any sprinter van conversion as it expands your living space. An awning means you can spend more time outside, rain or shine. After all, having a camper van is all about connecting with the great outdoors!

To complement the Sprinter van’s 4WD capabilities, the Strata has been fitted with 18” black rhino warlord wheels. These wheels are engineered for strength and durability. On top of these key features, you have to admit they look pretty cool too!

Inside The Van

Sprinter van conversion - interior shot of strata

We love the layout of this Sprinter van conversion. The Strata has been designed to be functional and versatile but still manages to maintain a sleek design.

Durable materials such as laminate covered ply, marine-grade vinyl flooring and interweave fabrics have been used throughout the build. This gives the conversion a practical and high-end finish.

The Kitchen

Strata’s kitchen

As you walk into the van through the slighting door, the kitchenette greets you. The kitchen is compact but has just enough space to prepare a tasty meal when on the road. The sink provides you with both hot and cold water, while the flip-down lid gives you more counter space when it’s not in use.

A single burner induction stove gives you somewhere to cook meals in your camper and eliminates the need for a gas canister on board. An under counter fridge gives you plenty of space to store road trip snacks.

An onboard 18-gallon water tank powers the sink, as well as the outdoor shower, this is a large amount of water that would keep you for long periods of camping off the grid. The outdoor shower is a fantastic feature, great for cleaning both your self and your gear after a surf or muddy bike ride.

Powering The Van

Sprinter van conversion - interior of van

Two 300 amp hour deep cycle lithium-ion batteries run the electrics in the camper van. Lithium-ion batteries are a game-changer in a camper. They are designed for heavy use and are great for power off the grid.

As well as running the essentials such as the fridge, lights and charging, the lithium-ion batteries can also run the 12v air conditioner for hours on end. The air conditioner has an impressive 18000 BUT output that will keep you cool even in the most extreme climates.

To keep you warm if you plan on travelling to colder locations is the Webasto Evo 6 Diesel heater that runs directly from the vehicle’s main fuel tank. As well as heating the living space, the Webasto Diesel heater also heats the water on board. Diesel heaters are an efficient and effective heating source in a camper van and eliminate the need to carry any more fuel onboard.

Finally, for any music lovers out there, the Strata has been fitted with an impressive sound system from JL Audio. There three-way speaker system gives you crisp sound when you’re on the go. Speakers have also been installed on the back doors, giving you sound even when you’re chilling outside.

You will find all control panels for the heating and electrics on the overhead cabinetry. This is easily accessible and allows you to control your heat and keep an eye on your batteries.

Bed and Seating

Bed in bed position in van

At the back of the van is the bed area. The bed is a large double, made from three separate panels. You can remove the panels to provide you with the space to store bulkier items of gear. Alternatively, you can move the first and second bed panels to create a seating area inside your van.

This smart design allows the inside of your van to be a versatile space that works day and night. The mattress is also in three parts, meaning you can move it around as you use the bed in different ways. The thick foam is comfortable for sleeping and sitting on and is covered by a breathable, moisture-resistant outdoor fabric. This fabric looks good but is also practical and easy to clean.

To complement the seating area, there is a movable and removable table that you can use as a workspace or when eating. Its no-fuss design means you can move it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Garage Area

Garage area with bike

Below the bed is ‘garage area’. The garage is a popular feature in the Sprinter van conversion and is one of the main reasons that outdoorsy people will go for this van and layout. It’s great to have a spacious area to store adventure gear.

The Strata goes one step further by adding L-track to strategic points throughout the garage. The L-track means you can secure your gear so it won’t move around in transit. Also in the back are fork mounts. The mounts mean you can safely secure your bikes So they don’t get damaged while on the move.

Finally, the garage is home to an onboard air compressor. This is a handy addition that you can use to inflate the van’s tyres or bikes, SUPs and kayaks.

Final Thoughts…

The Strata is another brilliant conversion from Outside Van. It ticks all the boxes for the perfect adventure van and would make an ideal base camp. If you fancy this van or one similar, head to Outside Van’s website where you can get started on designing your own Sprinter Van conversion.

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