Truck Life Hotel Is A Transforming Hotel Built For Surf Addicts

Van life is without doubt the most popular vehicle trend of the century, but truck life could be the new upcoming lifestyle that will take travelling on the road with other vandwellers to the next level.

This is the Truck Surf Hotel, it’s a converted Mercedes Actros Truck that’s been built to expand into triple it’s size, it has enough space to live comfortably with up to 10 other travellers and all of their surf gear plus van life essentials.

Put simply this truck life monstrosity is a cruise ship for the land and it takes you from beach to beach to… another beach! You can choose two destinations to take, either a week in Portugal, or a week in Morocco. Hard choices right? Portugal starts at $728 per person for a week, and Morocco coming in at a more affordable $590 for a week.It’s specifically aimed at travellers who love to catch the waves, and every evening it will park up at a famous surf location that guarantees some radical waves to surf. Every morning the captain will treat you with a buffet breakfast, ready for you to fill up on before jumping in the sea.


Once the truck life is parked up, the captain presses a button and the insane hydraulic system will start to move walls and expand areas just like Optimus Prime does in the movies. Inside this beast are five bedrooms, a living room to relax in, a kitchen to cook some mean van life means a bathroom and a private shower! *drools*truck-life3The truck life experience isn’t just about surfing, they take you on new adventures, for example, camel riding, climbing, exploring new towns and even taking you to nature made waterfalls for you to slide down. All of this is built for you to explore new locations and learn new surfing skills with a small, passionate group of friends and new faces.

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