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Two Young Ladies Convert A VW T4 Into A Stunning Home on Wheels

It’s no secret that we love a VW Bus here at Van Clan (we all have our weaknesses). Luckily for us, our unhealthy obsession is also shared by a lot of Van Lifers around the world. Feast your eyes on tis rustic little VW T4 that has been lovingly converted by Clare & Franka @tintoptales, […]

How To Build Your Own Camper Van – 10 Things We Learned

When we sit back and think about how to build your own camper, we start to realise how many things that we learnt along the way, and how much we enjoyed picking up new skills that enabled us to bring our plans for our tiny home on wheels to life. One point that we want you to remember […]

Van Life Is It For You? – 16 Things We Wish We Knew Before Doing It

It’s been three months since we picked up our 1969 VW Adventurewagen from an idyllic town in the Welsh countryside, and began living the van life. And to be sure, it’s been a roller coaster ride, with days we’ll never forget, and day’s we’d rather forget! David and I had been traveling the world full-time […]

This Handcrafted Van Meet-Up Is A Van Lifers Dream Day Out

Yesterday we were invited to attend a meet up by our good friends at Quirky Campers, they are based in Bristol, UK and are well known for renting out incredible handcrafted vans all across England. This event was created to show off their unique conversions and get together local van dwellers for a nice chat […]

The Hardest Bits About UK Van Life

Living in a van in wet and windy Blighty Written by Rose & Seb @vincentvanlife Our rent is almost up, we’ve cleared out most of our worldly possessions, and we’re ready to kick off van life in the UK. We spend so little time in our old terraced house now that it’s basically a storage facility […]

19 Year Old Converts School Bus Into Her Dream Home

When we saw Lexi’s incredible photos on Instagram we couldn’t help but get in touch with her, the bus that she has converted is the perfect size for a mobile home, and what she has done to it is beyond amazing, so we thought we’d ask Lexi a few questions, and she was more than […]

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