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Overland Storage Boxes From Radius Outfitters (Review 2023)

Overland storage boxes are essential to life on the road because they provide compact solutions to store all of your van life gear. The best overland storage boxes ensure that every item you own has a home, preventing them from going missing or getting damaged. This comes from our personal experience from years living on […]

The Best Stocking Stuffers For Vanlifers Under $25

If you know a vanlifer, chances are you’re not too sure what to get them for the holidays. We’ve gathered some of the best vanlife stocking stuffers and the best part is, they’re all under $25!  Living in a van typically means that you have less space and tend to lean towards the minimalist way […]

The Most Useful Gifts For Vanlifers Under $100

As the holidays quickly approach, so does the undeniable push to buy a gift for someone in your life. Now, we are all for opting out of the gift tradition and instead, coming up with your own less consumer-based idea. However, sometimes. buying gifts for those in your life is a wonderful sentiment to send […]

The 9 Best Vanlife Gifts For The Holiday Season (Jackery, DJI and More!)

Do you feel like spoiling the vanlifer in your life (or yourself)?

Pillowpak Review – The Ultimate Storage Solution For Vanlifers And Adventurers Alike

Living in a small space comes with its own set of challenges. One of those being, storage. When we first moved into our van it felt like it was a perpetual disaster. Clothing shoved into random cupboards. Odd items sitting on the countertop with no real home. Blankets always shuffling from the bed to the […]

How to Deal With Condensation in a Van

Living in a van is 90% incredible. The other 10% of it is a little more complicated than that. This, I know from 3 years of first-hand experience. One thing that gets overlooked quite often when building and living in a van is the dreaded topic of condensation.  When I first started planning my build, […]

How to Find Free Camping Near Me in the US & Canada

So, you want to go camping, enjoy the outdoors and not spend a cent? Me too. Lucky for you, free camping has become an area of expertise for me. After spending 3+ years living from my self converted van, I can say with confidence that spending time in the most beautiful landscapes doesn’t have to […]

Van Life Cost: How Much Does Living In a Van Cost? (Monthly Expenses)

So, you want to live in a van but aren’t sure how much your monthly expenses will add up to? Well, I am going to share all of the numbers to help you decide if the cost of living in a van is for you. From insurance to gas and everything in between. I have […]

Top 5 Essential Vanlife Apps For Vanlifers, Overlanders and RVer’s

Having resources and apps to help you while living the vanlife is undoubtedly important. Sure, sometimes you stumble across a campsite without guidance. However, most of the time, there is a precise strategy behind every water fill-up, nightly campsite and fuel stop. Best Vanlife Apps for the Ultimate Trip Thankfully, there are tons of resources […]

Van Shower: Best 7 Camper Shower Ideas to Inspire For Your Build

“But, how do you shower?” That’s probably the top question that anyone living in a van is asked. When I began planning to convert and live in my van, everyone around me couldn’t quite comprehend just how I would stay showered. And, I get it, how do you manage to carry around enough water to […]

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station – REVIEW – 2023

How many times have you been on an awesome, yet underpowered adventure? Chances are it’s more than you’d like to admit. For myself, and many others, that is definitely the case. It’s easy to feel like just because you live off-grid, you too, should be disconnected. And while I am all for flipping my phone […]

Couple Purchases Dodge Sprinter Van and Uniquely Converts it for Full-time Living

I love stepping into a van conversion that emanates the feeling of home. Cozy lighting, lots of pillows, and intuitive space designed for everyday life. There is nothing like a tiny home on wheels that fills all the gaps between stationary life and feeling like a free spirit out on an adventure. That is the […]

Camper Van Must Haves – What are They and How to Choose Them

When I began thinking about converting a van into a ‘tiny-home-on-wheels’ the term “must haves” popped up quite a bit through my research. It felt like an elusive term used to get people to buy more products they don’t need for a lifestyle that was supposed to leave all that extra stuff behind.  After doing […]

Young Couple Converts Sprinter Van into a Tiny Home on Wheels

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Krys and Taylor a while ago, touring their gorgeous conversion. They are a young couple who self-built their Sprinter van into a super comfortable and functional full-time home on wheels.  If you love rustic cabin vibes mixed with fresh tidy interiors, this is the van for you. […]

DIY Van Conversion Done on a Budget for Full-Time Living

Is it a goal of yours to do a DIY van conversion at some point in your life? Chances are if you’re here, that rings true to some degree. Today I am going to take you on a written tour through my tiny home on wheels and share the build in-depth.  This home is full […]