How to Find the Best Hammock (Stand Included) for Van Life

Van life and hammocks go together like cheese and wine; there is nothing better than enjoying a sunny afternoon relaxing in a hammock. With your camper, you can make this experience even better by taking your hammock to beautiful locations.

But, it can get frustrating searching for the perfect trees to hang your hammock on — it seems that they are always slightly too far apart! And, sadly, bringing a hammock chair in your camper van is hardly an option. 

By choosing a hammock with stand, you are eliminating this worry: no matter where you are, you can hang your hammock as it has its own support system.

Hammock with a stand

Now, you may think a hammock stand adds unnecessary bulk for storage. But the truth is that portable hammock stands pack down to an incredibly compact size — perfect for those with minimal extra space in their campers.

So, without further ado, let’s check the six best hammock with stand units; we’ve got the top deals for you below.

6 Best Hammocks With a Stand

Below are 6 of the best hammocks with a stand you can find on the market today. 

1. Pikakos Hammock With a Stand

Pikakos hammock stand


Pros Cons
High max load — can hold two people Heavy frame, unsuitable for carrying on hike
Easy to install Takes up more storage space
Can be erected anywhere  

First up on our list of the best hammock with stand units is the Pikakos Hammock, a vibrant, large-size hammock that you and a partner can chill out on no matter where you are.

You can set this hammock up in a dense forest or on the beach. The steel frame hammock stand is super sturdy, and the polyester ropes can hold up to 450lbs. Now you can swing in the breeze, as a couple, and not have to worry about breaking through the fabric!

The hammock itself is 130” long. It can be packed down into any backpack and carried with ease. The only problem you might face is deciding who’s going to bring the hammock stand!

It’s probably more suitable for use near your campervan rather than taking on a hike to a mountain glade, but it’s a nice item and a great first entry in our list!

2. Vivere Cotton Hammock With Stand

Cotton with pretty edges

Pros Cons
450lbs weight capacity Bulkier than tree hammock
Highly durable cotton  
Easily adjustable height  

The Vivere Cotton hammock has many similarities to the Pikakos hammock but comes in a wider variety of colours.

The breathable cotton fabric and 9-foot steel hammock stand can hold weights of up to 450lbs, providing you (or several people) with a safe and comfortable experience. 

The hammock itself is wide enough for two people to relax together in, and the whole unit packs down into a small carrying case for storing inside your camper or taking out on a hike. 

The hammock stand weighs approximately 35lbs, so while it’s not heavy, it might become a bit cumbersome on a walk.

It can be set up in minutes, leaving you to enjoy maximum sunshine time without stressing over which trees will give you the best view of the ocean. 

3. KingCamp Portable Hammock

Best hammock with stand - woman resting in black portable hammock

Pros Cons
Lightweight at 14lbs Only for one person
Supports 264lbs Not as swingy as some hammocks
Space saving  

Be the King (or Queen) of the campsite with the next product on our list of the best hammock stand units. The KingCamp portable hammock is the first set up on this list not to have a steel stand.

It uses aviation-grade aluminium-alloy, keeping the product lightweight and sturdy at the same time. 

The whole unit weighs just over 14lbs and can accommodate people up to 6’2” tall. If you’re looking for a hammock that you can sling under your arm and carry with you on a walk, then this is the one that we’d go for!

The hammock itself is made from durable and water-resistant 300D ripstop Oxford cloth. It has a handy pouch for slotting your book and phone into, and the travel bag can even double up as a pillow. Result!

4. Sorbus Hammock With Stand


Pros Cons
Spreader to keep hammock flat Less portable option
Perfect for two people More of a bed than traditional hammock
Detachable pillow included  

The Sorbus hammock, next on our list of the best hammock stand units, is a great option for those of you that enjoy sun soaking with a good book. The UV resistant fabric will stay bright and appealing even in the hottest of climates, and its weather-resistant for use in all seasons. 

One of the things that we like about this hammock is the spreader bar. Sometimes you just want to be able to starfish out without feeling cocooned, and now two of you can stretch out and enjoy the sun in superb comfort. 

The easy-to-assemble steel hammock stand uses a ‘lock and snap’ system with no fiddly tools required. There are four colour options to choose from, and they each come with a matching pillow. Talk about comfort! 

5. Wyn Wyse Portable Hammock 

Red on the beach

Pros Cons
Variety of colours Bulkier option
Strong and Durable Heavier frame
Supports 418lbs  

At number five on our list of the best hammock stand units, we have the Wyn Wyse portable hammock, a perfect addition to any beach day. This bright hammock comes in a variety of colours that make it stand out of the crowd. 

The sturdy metal frame supports up to 418lbs, but it looks bulkier than some of the other hammocks on this list. The chunky frame also features a heavy-duty rubber base to ensure stability and remove any risk of the hammock sliding around. 

This hammock stand is collapsible, and you can set it up in minutes; however, the frame would be too large to take comfortably on a walk. Having said that you could still easily carry it down to the beach or your local park. 

6. Fold and Go Travel Hammock

Foldable and stripy

Pros Cons
More portable option Less swingy
Quick to set up, folds out like camping chair More like a bed than traditional hammock
Strong and durable  

The final hammock on our list of the best hammock stand units is perhaps the most portable. When not in use, the Fold and Go Travel Hammock folds up, like a camping chair, which you could easily carry under your arm or stick in a backpack. 

Thanks to its easy to use folding system, this hammock can be ready to go in seconds, as there is no assembly involved. This is excellent news, as you can move straight onto the fun park of owning a hammock- relaxing!

On the downside, this travel hammock is more like a bed than a traditional hanging hammock. This means although it will sway slightly, it will not swing quite like a hammock.

However, if you like spreading out a bit more than this could be the one for you, as the four securing points mean this hammock will not cocoon around you.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter which hammock you decide to get, trust me: you will not regret getting one!

There is nothing I love more than spending the afternoon with a good book in my hammock, it’s relaxing in a unique way. With any of these hammocks, you could enjoy a comfortable swing and maybe even a nap. 

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