10 Best Camping Chairs For Chilling Off The Grid

At Van Clan we always try and bring you the best gear and van life essentials. Since no one likes sitting on wet grass which is why we’ve made a list of the top ten best camping chairs.

We’ve already looked at the best campervan heaters, best portable showers, best camper van awnings and travel backpacks so today we are reviewing camping chairs.

It’s essential to have a comfortable place to sit when you’re living in a van, especially as a large sofa is one of the significant losses when travelling in a van. While you can easily build a brilliant bench seat or lounge on your bed when you are inside your tiny home, it is nice to have a chair for outside too. This is where the camping chair comes in, a comfortable solution to sitting outside. 

When you’re buying a camping chair is one of the best van life ideas there is; they are essential to all vandwellers, especially outdoorsy people who love to spend most of their time outside. Owning a camping chair gives you somewhere comfortable and dry to sit when you’re outside. It means you can eat outside, work outside and relax around the campfire together, in style.

Camping Chairs: How we tested?

Utilising the space outside is important when you are living the van life as it makes your tiny house feel bigger, which is excellent if you have a compact camper van. However, it is important to find the right camping chair; here are some things to look out for:

  • Comfort. First and foremost, your camping chair needs to be comfortable; otherwise, you’ll be less inclined to use it, wasting storage space in your van.
  • Compact. This point is particularly crucial for those who travel in small campers as you don’t want your camping chairs to take up too much storage space. Look for something that folds up small and is easy to pack away.
  • Durable. Read the reviews before you buy a camping chair to check how durable it is, you don’t want your chair to break while you’re using it!
  • Table Height. If you plan on using your camping chairs with a table for eating or working, then make sure it is the right height as camping chairs are often lower than regular chairs.  

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So what are the best camping chairs?

1. Therm-A-Rest Treo Chair

Best camping chairs - yellow tree chair

First up on our list of best camping chairs, we have the Therm-A-Rest Treo Chair. Therm-A-Rest is an American owned company, with a second base in Ireland, Europe.

All products are made in the USA to ensure a high-quality finish and products that will last for years to come. The Treo Chair that we are looking at today is a collapsible camping chair that folds into itself and stores inside the legs of the chair. The clever design of the Treo Chair allows the whole chair to weigh just 2lbs and collapse to the size of a water bottle. As this chair is so small, it would be a great addition to any van and would be able to squeeze into the smallest space.

This chair is 13inches high and provides a comfortable seat that is easy to get in and out of. The Therm-A-Rest Treo comes in at £85. 

2. Hammock Chair 

Best camping chairs - hammock chair

Next up on our list of the best camping chairs, we have something a little bit different, this hanging chair from VonHaus. Most people wouldn’t instantly think of a hammock chair as a camping chair, but they’re light, compact, versatile and very comfortable.

This hanging chair could hang outside or inside your camper van with the use of hooks, or in the door of your van to create an indoor/outdoor chilling space. We love the design of this hammock chair, the stripes give it a cool beach vibe, and the cushions make the hammock super comfortable. Having a hammock in your van is such a feature, and this design is very eye-catching. The chair could be rolled up when not in use and stored in a small space, perfect for those travelling in a tiny camper.

The VonHaus hanging chair comes in at £35ish.

3. Terralite Portable Chair 

Best camping chairs - blue terralite chair

At number three on our list of the best camping chairs, we have the Terralite Portable Chair. This chair is perfect if you are looking for something lightweight that you could take with you on day-trips as well as store easily in your campervan.

The Terralite chair weighs just 900g (less than a bag of flour!) so wouldn’t weigh you down when out and about and would be able to fit in your rucksack, or strap to the outside using the velcro straps on the case of the chair. Although the set up on this chair looks straightforward and quick, it is not a folding chair so requires more effort when assembling.

However, this does allow it to be compact when stored. We like the look of the Terralite Portable Chair and think it would be a good option for those working to a tighter budget as it comes in at just £35. 

4. Lafuma

Best camping chairs - yellow lafuma chair

Next up on our list of the best camping chairs, we have something for the fashionable camper, the Lafuma Design Chair. This elegant folding chair stands out from the crowd with its simple but stylish design that is a far cry from many clunky, ugly camping chairs.

The Lafuma is also functional, providing a comfortable seat while on the road. However, the Lafuma is not quite as compact when folded and would, therefore, take up more storage space in your campervan. It also does not come with a carry case, so this chair isn’t as portable and may get scuffed when being stored.

This folding chair would be great for the on-trend camper and comes in at £65ish.

5. SnugBoy 

Best camping chairs - orange snug boy inflated

We’re halfway through our list of the best camping chairs and next up we have the SnugBoy, an excellent choice for those who like to lounge around.

SungBoy is an inflatable recliner, designed to be an instant source of comfort. The Sung boy is inflated by unfolding it from its bag and swinging it around until there is enough air to seal the lounger and relax. You may look a little bit silly setting the chair up, but it will all be worth it when you have a comfortable seat to chill out on.

The SnugBoy is compact as it just needs to fold up when not in use, meaning you can pop it in your bag to take with you on the go and easily store it in your van. It costs £45ish.

6. Ergolife Floor Chair 

Wooden floor chair

At number six on our list of the best camping chairs is the Ergolife floor chair. This chair is designed to provide support and a backrest when sitting on the floor, so it is useful for those who like being close to nature but want to be a bit more comfortable.

The chair is handmade out of varnished birch and canvas for strength and durability, and it looks good too. When not in use, the chair can be rolled up into its drawstring bag that is 40cms long and 10cm in diameter. The Ergolife floor chair comes in at an affordable £40. 

7. Vango Microlite Tall Chair

Vango Microlite Tall Chair for camping and van lifers

Next up on our list of the best camping chairs we have a piece from Vango, the Microlite Tall Chair. Their camping chair is assembled using a system like tent poles, where each supporting leg is held together by strong elastic and easily snaps into place.

This technique allows the chair to be packed down into a small case and is much more compact than a regular folding camping chair.

When the chair packs down it measures just 50 x 12 x 13cm, great news for anyone short on space. This portable camping chair is tall enough to be used with a table, making it a versatile piece of furniture that can be used throughout the day.

The Vango Microlite starts from £75.

8. Helinox Chair Zero

Grey henilox chair with green legs

Up next at number eight on our list of the best camping chairs we have the Helinox Chair Zero.

The Helinox Chair Zero is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a super lightweight camping chair. This chair weighs just 0.5kg and packs down smaller than a water bottle (10x10x35cm) meaning you can put it in your rucksack and still have room for everything else.

Despite being so light this chair can hold up to 120kg, so is suitable for most people. This chair is easy to set up, using a quick tent pole style system, meaning you can be lounging in minutes.

This innovative camping chair is going to cost around £75. 

9. Outwell Casilda Chair 

Black moon chair

At number nine on our list of the best camping chairs for vanlifers, we have the Outwell Casilda Chair. If you are looking for a super comfortable camping chair, then this could be the one for you.

The Casilda chair is big enough to snuggle up in with a blanket, and a good book so it would be perfect if you’re looking for something that can be as comfortable as your sofa at home. The half-moon chair is padded for extra comfort and warmth and is made from an easy to clean polyester fabric.

This camping chair folds up when not in use but is not super compact, so it is only suitable for those with a bit more space in their campervans. The Outwell Casilda Chair costs just short of £30.

10. Pelliot Camping Chair 

Grey camping chair with cup holder.

Last, but not least, on our list of the best camping chairs, we have the Pelliot Camping Chair. It is designed to be the ultimate comfort station, with slots to hold drinks and magazines. Once you sit down in the Pelliot camping chair everything you need will be close by, eliminating the need for a table when relaxing.

This chair has a heavy-duty frame that can support up to 150kgs and is durable and long-lasting. The heavy-duty frame means that this camping chair will last for years to come without needing to be replaced. When not in use this chair folds up to store away easily.

The Pelliot Camping Chair comes in at £60.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list of the best camping chairs has given plenty of options to browse and to find the best chair for you. Camping chairs range massively in price and quality, so it’s important to spend some time researching whichever chair you decide to buy.

Just remember, if you buy cheap you buy twice! Let us know what you think of these chairs by joining the Van Clan over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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