Vintage Camper Bird House Is The Only Garden Ornament You Need

What better way to treat your garden friends, than buying them a brand new Vintage Camper Bird House? This adorable birdhouse has been handmade by a seller on Etsy, and has taken inspiration from a 1974 Scotty Camper Trailer which undoubtedly looks like the beloved classic VW Bus.The little windows are the right size to peak in, but still give the new hatch-lings security. There’s nothing wrong with just sitting this kit up on your favourite shelf to show off your handy work, too! But the best bit is when you get to build it! Camper Bird HouseThat’s right, this camper bird house is stencilled into a thin slab of wood which you then have to snap out of its flat-packed section to start building, just like that lego campervan we featured not so long ago! It comes originally in wood but there is a wide selection of desirable colour combos you can choose from, and with all of its extras you can even start adding windows, gazebos and flippin flamingos! Vintage Camper Bird HouseEach set includes over 40 individual parts – which will give you an idea of how in-depth every bird feeder can get, and the best bit is, even if you don’t want to use it as a bird feeder, you can have it in your home, or van as an ornament! Now with any stunning handcrafted ornament comes a pretty stunning price tag, each one of these rock in at over Β£25 if you want it already coloured, Β£18+ for a basic wooden version, and that’s not including shipping!

So if you’re looking for an adorable addition to your garden be prepare to pay an arm and a leg, but hey, a new house for your winged friends is priceless.

Camper Bird House

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